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We're filming a feature-length love letter to science fiction — with puppets!
We're filming a feature-length love letter to science fiction — with puppets!
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Stalled but not dead (or forgotten)


Hi all! 

I know it's been forever since I've posted anything about this project. I just wanted to let you know that it (as well as me) are still alive. It's amazing how things like this take so much longer than you think they will -- and how life has a tendency to throw you curves that you don't think abut.

One of the reasons I haven;t posted here is that I didn't want to post  lot of bad news regarding this project, but I should probably have kept you guys in the loop. Two big things that happened since the last update were that we lost out original shop for 9 months and the set and all of the the tools I used to build everything ended up in storage. Once we got the shop space established and I started setting everything up, someone broke into the new shop and stole two of the puppets for this project. Sam and Ralph were never recovered and insurance refused to pay for ether one.

The good news is that I've been ab;e to rebuild Sam. Ralph is about half rebuilt. Since I basically work on this project when I have free time and I didn't want to dip into these funds for rebuilding the puppets, things get stalled a lot. I also was able to rebuild and improve substantially the Mayberry puppet. It's all a very slow process.

Anyway, as long as I keep kicking and am able, I'll continue with this project. As a freelancer, I never really know what my day-to-day workload will be, so I have to find time where I can. Currently, I am part of another Kickstarter project for Alien vs. Musical. Even though I am an active participant of the creative staff of that project and am building all of those puppets. that is a more structured project with a clear timetable that is managed solely by my friend, so these crazy timetables will not factor into that one. Heres a link to that project in case you want to see what else I'm doing to put puppets into space. 

Again, sorry about the crazy long delays and my lack of updates. Not a day goes by that I don't feel an enormous amount of guilt about it. Eventually it will get done. In the meantime, here's a pic of the new Melonpool puppet. He's been pupping up in a few places online, such as the "Pinguino/Mayberry Super Fun Ebay Mystery Show" on XSN, a home shopping network show that runs on XSN thru meltdown comics. 

So at least that's something.

Making Puppet Movies takes Longer than you Think!


Hi All!

I know it's been forever since I added any kind of update. Basically, I had a really weird -- yet pretty great -- year that delayed production almost a year. So, everything we planned to get accomplished in 2013 pretty much got pushed back to 2014. And everything we wanted to do in 2014 most likely got pushed back to 2015. The good news is, I should be able to hand deliver the 2015 editions of "Melonpool: The Motion Picture" in my flying DeLorean. 

So, here's what happened: In a nutshell, my wife and I split up at the beginning of the year (amicably, thank goodness -- and she's still going to vice/puppeteer Roberta) and I had to move in January. In February of that same year, we had to move the puppet shop where all of the sets and puppets are stored one door down. Unfortunately, the new studio is less-than-ideal for filming, so only the puppets got worked on. They're all almost done and they look great! We also have spent none of the Kickstarter money (other than what we used for the initial Premiums), so we're still well on budget for what we want to do. We're also moving to a brand new studio space around February that will be more conducive to filming. 

Now for the really good news: 2013 was a stellar year for me. For over half the year, I was able to support myself financially through puppetry (the first time I've been able to do that). I designed about half of the puppets in the Thanksgiving episode of "Glee" and even got to perform in it (I was the hands of the drummer, Ryder). Also, I worked on three American Greetings e-cards and a number of other cool projects. Since "Melonpool" has always been a passion project of mine, it sometimes has to take a backseat when work beckons. But that's a great reason to be delayed.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you. Sorry it took so long. It's really hard to remain positive when things seem to be crumbling around you, and I really didn't want to bring any negativity to this project. When things started picking up in June, I was so busy I rarely had time to write anything up. Hope everyone is doing well! I'll be better about posting here and the "Melonpool: The Motion Picture" website. 

Thanks again for your support!



Sorry I haven't thanked everyone sooner for all the support you gave us in our "Puppets... From Space!" Kickstarter campaign. Because of you, this film is going to be spectacular -- or at least, will get done!

I'll be sending out a survey soon so I can start mailing out some of the perks. Anyone who pledged more than $60 will be receiving one of my hand-drawn comic originals from the 10-year run of the comic version of Melonpool -- signed and suitable for framing. I'm so overwhelmed by the support ou've shown, I want all of you to have something prior to Christmas -- especially if you're going to have to wait a year or so for the film to be completed.

As for now, I'm finishing up the long-awaited book "Melonpool VI: Better Late Than Never" and the coloring book so that those of you that are awaiting those perks will have them around the second week or December. After that, it's back to the puppet studio -- we plan to start shooting in February!

Thanks again for your support!

Steve Troop, Jon Stout and the rest of the Melonpool cast and crew

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful Redux!


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Added Incentive!

I've decided to include one daily comic strip original of my choosing to anyone that's pledged $60 or more to our Kickstarter Campaign as a special thank you for your support. Written and drawn on Bristol Board in India Ink, I typically sell these strips at conventions for $30-40. I'll even sign it for no additional charge!

Just 6 days left to reach our stretch goal of $10,000!

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