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$1,106 pledged of $10,000 goal
By Kat Powell
$1,106 pledged of $10,000 goal

Update #5 The Kickstarter Stricks Back!!!

I want to thank everyone of my Backers, the first ten are now viewable on my kickstarter. It only updates every ten, so lets hope I get passed 20 so the next set can show up. Only 19 more Days!!!!

Here are my Backers thus Far:
Donovan and the Dark Side
Bonnie Derrick
Beth Dolgner
catherine rocque
Ann Pruett
Shawn P. Derrick
Belinda Hillmer
Joe Pavlenko
Matthew Perniciaro
Adam F. Goldberg
Maire Bourke

Progress: Just bid on the sheets that make up the vans curtains on ebay. Hoping it doesn't get too expensive, because I haven't been funded yet. I still want to be committed to the project anyway though. Still looking for the van, but I know I will find one on this side of the world soon.  I've been labeled as spam on facebook so there will be little posting there for the time being. I am thinking about starting my own website and blog, therefore you could donate through paypal instead of Amazon. My Project proposal video has had over 196 views, and then 12 on Youtube. I have over 125 likes and counting on Facebook. Peter Meyhew, Swampy Marsh, Jabba on Board, the 501st, MMOpinion all have either retweeted or shared my post which I am very excited about. As well as all the individuals who retweeted and shared my link. Thanks for not only believing in my project, but also supporting it. Only 19 more days, lets make this a popular kickstarter!!! and raise the funds.


Kat Powell and Slave 2: Bucephalas

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Update #4: A New Hope of Get more Pledges

I would like to thank Ann Pruett for contributing to the cause and all of my others contributors thus far. We have over 100 likes on Facebook!!!!!

Update #3: Revenge of the Van

Just got my youtube Channel up and running. It has the same video as the one that is located on this sight. Though this youtube channel will also be the future sight of the construction of Slave 2. I would also like to thank my contributors Kristina Sharbrough and Shawn Derrick. Every Little bit helps in making the goal and getting this project officially kicked off!!!



Update #2: Attack of the Vans

It's been a heck of a week looking for a van; If anyone has any leads on a 1984 Chevy Van, let me know. I would like to Thank Belinda Hillmer and Joe Pavlenko for contributing to the project. Hoping to launch my YouTube this week. First video up will be the pitch, then new videos should be poping up in the next few weeks. Hope everything is well

Update #1 The Slave 2 Menace: Facebook and Video

The video is now up on both the Kickstarter and his Facebook page:

Please Like him on Facebook and help support his journey from the screen to reality!!!! The project is moving along very well; I have had support from Adam Goldberg(writer), Cory Lorenzen(Designer of the Van), and Dan Fogler(Actor who plays Hutch). I want to Thank all of them as well as the backers that I have had. The video will also be loaded to this update along with a picture from when the movie came out of me, Luke Skywalker, Darth Nihilus, Kyle Newman, Cory Lorenzen and Dana Brunetti after a panel at the Paul A. Biane Library


Kat and Slave 2

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