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A pilgrimage to the city of Trang-Un & a death in the mouth of a cow. Mercury & Prometheus, among other guests, ride along.
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Jingle Bells

Posted by Eric Westerlind (Creator)

Oh baby. Checking in, checking in. Your friendly neighborhood (Santa) Spider Man.

*squick squick*

That’s the sound of a couple of web-shots hitting the wall beside you.

What’s up.

*hand wave*

I actually just saw Spidey on Infinity War, that new Marvel flick. He looked young. Iron Man kept calling him ‘kid’. In fact, everyone kept calling him kid. Guess I haven’t caught up on my other Marvel movies. I was still expecting Tobey M.

For the better? Debateable, slash, isdebated.

He was fine. The movie was fine. It was a fun way to burn up my eyes on an overnight to Kona, Hawaii.

On the way back, you guessed it, Thor: Ragnarok.

Guess that stuff hit a chord and I needed to pluck it again.

My brother was right. That movie made me laugh. Mark


said it’d be the big hulky Thor guy who made me laugh and he was right but it wasn’t all his doing by any stretch. 

Can I just say I love Jeff Goldblum and be done with Marvel reviews?



I’m in Renton. Look that up? It’s near Seattle. 

It's a bit spread out. A little (lot) less walkable then my home-base. But I have a car (huge), temporarily. I mean, I have one always, but Goldie (you know her?) is parked for a bit.

I’m in Renton, house-sitting, dog-sitting.

It’s a bit like trying on a bigger turtle’s shell. You keep poking your head out and your shoulder slips with it. ACK! Naked turtle collarbone. 


Mine eyes peek out the cavernous dark.

It’s hard to lift the whole thing, the shell, as accustomed as I am to 800 sq. ft.— so I moved into 800 sq. ft .of the house and just live there with the dogs.

We nap. (The bed’s big too.) (I’m not sure if they’re allowed on it. Sorry if not. They take too it pretty naturally.)

Me and them, are here until Friday. Then I’m off to Colorado for ten. Ten big ones. Hawaii before this was for six big ones (thanks again, Ma).


Before that is the last I touched Ugo.


I’ve talked about it with Jason Barry. He had the best of encouragements.

Johnny says ‘I would say, for certain, this book, if you keep this flow, is on course for final copy edit.’


These returns fuel me, friends. I’m taking the holidays as I can—for family—and I think most everyone is doing similar.

I want most to toss out a blessing since I don’t have much else besides some unedited pictures—a blessing or hope that you’ll take this time to touch the bonds that are thickest and down in the darkest water of yourself. That you’ll be reminded of the traditions and rituals built before you understood that they could be made. Things you thought were unbreakable promises. The promise of pizza every Friday night with a tray on your lap. The promise of waffles and cottage cheese every morning, wrapped in your red blanket. The promise of egg nog. 

These are mostly food things, aren’t they.

Then the promise of good conversation during the parts of the day you feel most prone to speak. The promise of you being difficult, grumpy, angry, accepted.

May you touch base and even rest. May your worries fall. May you quit your job if you have to. Holiday. Holy day. Sanctify the nearby. 

The book presses forward when I get back, and if you’re family, I’m in Colorado. 16th - 25th.

See you there, 

Work, these days
Work, these days
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