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A pilgrimage to the city of Trang-Un & a death in the mouth of a cow. Mercury & Prometheus, among other guests, ride along.
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To the East Coast

Posted by Eric Westerlind (Creator)

Friends friends— dare I say Patrons? 

May I say something plainly first, and perhaps double back to explain it’s significance later? 

(Thank you.) 

I have another book bubbling in me. 

I can feel it here on the train. 

The hell? What does a bubbling book feel like?

It feels like the events in my life are tied to something larger (a big, invisible whale swimming nearby.) 

Examples just now:

The couple writhing in the bus stop like they were the last two people alive; 

the man at the top of the escalator singing up into a glass corner;

things I don’t understand, friend! 

That’s why I write them down. If I turn them into a story, at least one of the myriad of understandings is given life, and I feel a touch less a cork bobbing in incomprehensible mass, and am instead a cork tied to a whale moving through incomprehensible mass.

Wait but Eric—you haven’t given me the first Book. Where’s Ugo?

Ugo's here: 

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And here: 

And here: 

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These three have it. 

Oh.—But you want to write another?


Before you finish the first? 

I don’t know. I don’t think so. 

I think Alyssa and I are going to South Korea and I’ll write it there, because. 

That’s in January most likely. 

In my dream scenario, the book is edited and done by—sorry, edited, designed, printed and shipped, by the time we get out of here in winter. 

So what’s left, I ask? 

Well, about $5,400. 

I know that’s answering the question a bit differently than you intended, but I can’t resist certain urges. 

See, Patron, we had $6,300 to start this mad campaign. 

I spent a bit of it to get back to the island to write, and a bit of interest has come in. 

But with finishing my own edits on the book, it was high time to lubricate the passing of the thing: I’ve bought the font for the book. (That's a big deal, yo: I don't buy stuff like that usually (I steal it))

[ My trip to Kinko's to get it printed. ]

I’ve printed two copies in a nice big font weight and shipped them to the East Coast for readings. I’ve included small pkgs of cash (the Guatemalans might say paquetes de pisto) to Matt and Johnny and Brett who will all be adding a certain magic to the thing that will, Patron, land on your doorstep.

So in all, $5,400 is left. And as far as tasks remaining—

1) consider edits 

2) design interior, 

3) send to printer.


Thanks for your patience. The fact that another book bubbles now is a magnificent sensation, suggesting something in me has let this go in a way.

And, in the tradition of these update, a small biography of recent times:

I started a YouTube channel with my family. We renamed ourselves the Bongos and we've got big plans.

Then I started a personal YouTube channel at someone's encouragement. Many fewer plans there. That's like one big long personal extended joke. 

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I went and saw Ma for her birthday while Alyssa went to hang with her twin in Colorado for theirs. 

A seaplane! 

Me and Kylie, my cousin, planned a reunion for our family down in Galveston, TX, where none of us live!

A ferry ride through Mordor, replete with dolphins who are doing their part to clean up our oil spills.

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I mean... 

Honestly I've just started video-taping a lot of things. 

And I'm window-washing with a guy called Boaz so I'm outside, and I'm bussing tables like a fifteen-year-old me, only I'm not fifteen, I'm twice that now. 

But I'm happy and my grandma said to me once, succeeding in life is just being willing to do whatever it takes that doesn't land you in jail.

So here's to Grandma, eh?

And here's to you, again, one more time. I raise this Pokemon I found in your honor.

Thanks for keeping the lights on. 

Love you,



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