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Street Fighter®™: The Miniatures Game is an exciting new high quality pre-painted miniatures game!
Street Fighter®™: The Miniatures Game is an exciting new high quality pre-painted miniatures game!
9,800 backers pledged $2,052,791 to help bring this project to life.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Work is Never Over)

Posted by Jasco Games (Creator)

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game - Production Process!

For the last several weeks, we have been working very closely with Capcom and our factory to get this incredible looking product up to snuff. Jasco Games met with the factory in person last week to go over card quality samples, miniature base coats, miniature proportions and all things production. We will show you a few of our preliminary samples and explain where we are in the production process in the content below. We love that you are joining us on the wild and exciting ride of game manufacturing!

Capcom Approvals

1. As mentioned in our last update, the 3D sculpts are approved. Now we are sending pre-production painted models to Capcom USA and Capcom Japan for approvals of final physical colors. Capcom USA asked us to add Capcom Japan to the approvals process which may slow some of the approvals down slightly since we are working through 2 sources now.

2. Artwork Approval status: We have submitted all 322 pieces of original new art through the capcom approvals system. We are allowed to send 25 pieces of art, game components, boards, etc, every week and we are happy to say that all of the original artwork has been seen and commented on by Capcom. After each submission, we receive feedback and pass it on to our art team. The artist will be making all corrections based on Capcom’s comments and we will re-upload all changes into the Capcom approvals system each week. The process takes quite a while because art has to be sent in multiple steps.

Step 1 - Line Art: We are required to send comic style line work of every art piece for approval so that Capcom can approve the look and feel of the character, background and their moves. 

Step 2 - Line Corrections: If there were any edits to be made, these will be sent to the art team to correct and be re submitted (This is part of the 25 piece per week limit). Step 1 and 2 continue until the art is approved. 

Step 3 - Color approvals: Once the line art is approved, the colors are submitted to Capcom for color approvals. Capcom will be looking for details such as pan-tones matching the original character designs, faces matching their character look, checking for symbols, and iconic items, etc. and will send any corrections back for our art team. 

Step 4 - Art is approved! When we have hit complete approval of the artwork it is now OK to place into card frames, boards, rule books, box art, etc! (These items will go into approvals one more time as completed game components before production and again after production).

3. The next step of approvals for our models is the physical color sample prototypes. We will have these over to Capcom for paint color approvals before we go into full production. 


1. Our factory has given us an 8 week turnaround estimate to have all 39 plastic painted models in Capcom’s hands (and ours). We will be getting them piecemeal as they are completed so expect to see some sweet production samples during the next few updates! In fact, here is the first mini sample (THIS IS BASE COAT COLORS ONLY!  DETAILS WILL BE ADDED SUCH AS HIGHLIGHTS & WASHES. THE STAND IS NOT THE FINAL BASE DESIGN):

2. As of 2/20/2019, the Chinese New Year holiday is no longer stopping production. Our factory is now operating with their full work force again!

3. Again mentioned in our last update - Paper and packaging will come last and only take about 4 weeks to complete including a waiting period for inks to dry. The completed cards, books, boxes, dials, etc, will then be shrink wrapped and set into ship-able box containers. We have started some of our paper samples already. Check out our card back first draft sample here:

This back will have some corrections made to it. It needs some die-line adjustments and some work with the factory to ensure that the awesome Spot UV coating you see that makes it shine in specific spots will always hit consistently on the artwork.

4. Pack Out is the final stage of production where all of the games are prepared for ocean shipping to our warehouses and fulfillment centers around the world. Pack out can take anywhere from a week to several and once it is complete, shipping containers are arranged and sent to all destinations around the world for fulfillment.

5. We have received an estimate production timeline from our factory which should really narrow down our total time left to get this product in your hands. They’ve told us we are to expect a ship date of 132-220 days from today. Shipping will take a little time as well (described in the next section). This estimate includes licensing approval times. This should give us a realistic timeline to go off of from where we are now. 

Most of the major licensing issues that would cause production delays are behind us but this gives us as clear of a timeline as possible. We unfortunately overshot our March 2019 estimate due to extended licensing approvals. (For those of you following the UTS system as a whole, we have started the approvals process already on our next project to help speed that up in the future). 

Shipping (repeated from our last update)

1. Freight: All of the games come to our fulfillment centers and warehouses first by ocean liner. We can expect up to 3 weeks of ship time here plus a hold for customs, inspections and further ground shipping once it hits the port of about 1 to 2 more weeks. 

2. Shipping to your door: Once our centers have received the product, we expect 1 to 3 weeks to fulfill the games to the backers and late pledges. At this stage is when you will get your actual and current shipping invoice. Because shipping prices change drastically over time and can end up costing us huge losses if we miscalculate, we have decided to give everyone actual shipping on this campaign which also means you get to take advantage of our bulk shipping discounts. Shipping will be sent at this time once your shipping invoice is paid and completed, so keep an eye out for that e-mail when the time comes. 

SHIPPING NOTE - We will not have shipping estimates until we have the general size and weight of the games from our factory. At that time, we will provide some general pricing in case you are interested in adding additional content to your order at that time. All over stock of product produced will be available (as supplies last) to our backers and late pledges first, so please keep that in mind if you are looking to take advantage. Remember this is a Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE product and you will not find this game in general retail. Extra allotment will only be sold at conventions and special events. 

Game Status

1. We are still waiting on artists to complete our rule book layouts and hope to show off the first draft very soon! As soon as we have a working PDF, we will share it with our backers! We count on you to ask us as many FAQ style questions as possible at this time so we can clarify and update our rule book before production. We will also be keeping a live PDF available after production in the case of inevitable FAQs over the lifespan of the game.

2. More Videos: Angry Joe has patiently been awaiting his color samples and board/terrain samples from the factory to start showing you all the game in all of its glory! As mentioned above, all of the models “should” be in our hands in the next 8 weeks. That is most likely the soonest we can expect full game play videos to begin consistently. Before that time, we will be doing updates and potentially some update videos to keep our fans and followers posted.

Next Steps

The following weeks we will have quite a few things to show off on all sides of the project. We plan to continue posting updates periodically as significant content comes in. 

Thank you all again for your support and we look forward to sharing our next update with you with tons of new game components!


Your Jasco Games Team 

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    1. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      I expect delays from 4 to 6 months so I'm not surprised at all, and not disappointed because seeing things getting closer to reality makes it all the better :)

      Waiting can often be fun :D

    2. Jasco Games 5-time creator on


      You should be able to do this in the Pledge Manager. If you have lost access to the Pledge Manager then please use the following link:

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt Drugan on

      I've moved since backing this and can't find anywhere to update my shipping address. Will we get an email asking for shipping address confirmation before these ship or where can I update my shipping address? Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jake Volz on

      DAAAMN!!! Holy shit these are looking awesome!!! Can't wait to play!

    5. Missing avatar

      Terrell Civil on

      This is gonna be so awesome. I don't mind the delay, just means everything is perfect

    6. Greyskull

      Wooow 1 year delay... just out of the blue..,

    7. Missing avatar

      Linus Gustavsson

      I suspect 25 pieces of art is just their promise and commitment with how many resources they have to offer for this process. It isn't like Capcom would drop all they have to put their entire staff on a board game art jam. It is probably 1 person who has to in detail verify 25 images per week, 5 images per day, and give concrete feedback on what needs to be changed (to avoid having to re-do the same feedback again).

    8. Bryan Hinson on

      WOW, the pictures look amazing! It's going to be hard to wait for the final product. It stinks that you can only submit 25 pieces of art every week though. I understand that they don't want to get overwhelmed, but wow that's slow. Best of luck!

    9. Cortney Sauk

      @Thorlight: As much as I'd like to agree with you, it's hard to pay people to sit around and do nothing for a few months while they wait for shipping to complete... I totally agree they shouldn't start a Kickstarter while still working on a project, but if they've completed the project then I see no reason to move on. Base your pledging of a second project on how well they've communicated, how well they've shown off their work in progress, and so on. If you have any doubt then don't back their next project. Personally, I feel as though these guys have done an outstanding job showing us the work in progress and telling us point-blank how things are progressing and the road ahead.

    10. Missing avatar


      Capcom feels the need to add Capcom Japan to the mix?
      What the heck ? I'm guessing someone at Capcom USA needed to cover his rear end.
      The 25 pieces limit is another bit of corporate procedure I don't understand.
      Best of luck to you, because it looks like any delays can be blamed on Capcom.

    11. Thorlight

      @Marcel: Yeah never belived the timelines to be that good. Hopefully we get in endish 2019 but no wirries here is early 2020.

      I do hower think they should not start another KS before this one is on the boat so to speak. I whent all in and then some so hard to put in more cash without seeing a product.

    12. Marcel Zehnder on

      Great update, thank you! Never expected this before 2020 anyway. With the amount of stretch goal and extra content added alone. I guess mid 2020 could be realistic, but lets see how the whole capcom approval comes along.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ionut Andronache on

      +1 for getting this in Q2 2019.
      This seems more realistic considering that the approval process is still going, getting more complex and have no deadline behind it.

      Minis look great though but a possible delay of 1 year is not so good.

    14. DarthDavy on

      That art work of Cammy is an actual card right? I love that art work.

    15. Simon

      The hype is real.

    16. Nathan Wallace on

      @ Jasco. Am I concluding the estimated arrival time correctly? 132-220 days = up to 32 weeks + up to 7-8 weeks to ship starting in containers and then finishing at our doors? That should put the "estimated" arrival of the product early to mid November?

      Also those two photos are slick! Keep 'em coming!

    17. Nathan Wallace on

      Patience isn't always easy, but I appreciate Jasco/AJT being committed to giving the best. Being transparent about the process assists the supporters to maintaining confidence - thank you Jasco for that.

      Waiting for new gameplay videos isn't obviously exciting either, however we all should understand that when we were active in the campaign and kept in communication with Angry Joe the majority wanted to wait to see more completed models (or almost completed) with the gameplay. The delay in the gameplay is the fulfillment of our wishes to have a REALLY AWESOME update and gameplay video!

      I just call it all an opportunity for delayed gratification. Waiting is frustrating, but the reward will be even that much better!

    18. Missing avatar

      Daniel Sullivan on

      every time i see an update i get even more excited to get this game and even more glad i bought into it. The models ALONE feel worth the price!

    19. Missing avatar

      Bondage Games on

      Like the look so far, look forward to seeing the rest

    20. Anderson Gomes on

      Great news. A little bit sad that we'll have to wait a little more for it in our home. In the other hand, it's good not speeding up since it's for a better quality. Anxious waiting for news.

    21. Missing avatar

      Taylor Cox on

      Appreciate the transparency but a little disappointing. Joe kept saying he'd do some videos on the game but hasn't mentioned it in like a year. I would recommend he not try to sell his fans ANOTHER board game until this one ships as I would not be comfortable spending more money when I haven't even seen the original product. That miniature does look hot though.

    22. Glenn Low on

      @Jasco Games my friends are so envious of me right now. Will you guys be working on Mortal Kombat in the near future?

    23. James Alexander

      This was a GREAT update. Lots of info. Can't wait to see more mini's too. The card back looks pretty dope as well. I like the black on black gloss sheen. Will there be something showing off the before changes and changes pre Capcom US and Japan?

    24. Matthew Caudill on

      So both good and bad news. Super happy with the way the product is looking and can’t wait to get my hands on those minis.

      Bad that now Capcom Japan is involved in the approval process.

      Was hoping from the last update we’d have the optimistic release on late summer, but with this update it looks like late winter :/

      Thank you for keeping us all in the loop!

    25. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @Christopher Reeks - There is not a retail version of this anywhere being sold for $29.99. You may have seen the Street Fighter Exceed game (which is a card game only). That releases in May.

      @Shipping - We will not run out of products for your pledge. The only thing that could sell out are extras before production. Shipping cannot be given without just a guess until we know dimensions and weights (and then locations).

      @BreezingThrough - The Pledge Manager will close when we are nearing ship time from the factory.

      @Card Back Questions - These are a common UV coat back on all decks (it is always Ryu).

      I hope that answers some of the major questions!

    26. BreezingThrough

      Any hint or idea when the PM may close?

    27. Crabbok on

      Wow holy crap that's REALLY good for just a base coat! And the cards look great too! This is looking to be one of the most beautiful games of 2019!

    28. Christopher Reeks on

      I received an email that the Street Fighter Miniatures Game would be sold for 29.99 in sets of four. I thought we this was a kickstarter exclusive. Please let me know if someone emailed me a joke with Street Fighter Miniatures, I would have never backed it if it was not Exclusive to the Angry Joe Kickstarter. I await your public reply.

    29. Brent on

      @Michael Long, pretty sure they will all have the same back, otherwise production and approvals would take even longer. Plus, it's good for home brewing decks if you want to mix character moves etc :D

    30. Thorlight

      I have a question that is very important to me at least. I have seen no mention on how these freaking awsome minis will be packed/shipped? I must assume in like standard vacuform plastic trays or u will have some serious replacment issues on youre hands.

    31. Michael Long on

      Will all the cards have a Spot UV Ryu outline on the back, or do the cards for a given character have their outline on the back?

    32. Missing avatar

      Victor Ramirez Martin on

      I hope that those shipping costs are not too expensive ... XD
      google translate

      Espero que esos gastos de envio no sean demasiado caro... XD

    33. Majik

      Awesome update. Glad to see everything outlined and what we can expect in the future of production of this game

    34. Manny M on

      The worst bit of news here is the introduction of Capcom Japan into the approvals process. I think the impact they will have to delays is understated.

      Awesome update. Really transparent and upfront. You guys certainly have your work cut out for you. Hoping you have an ace project manager on this to minimise time wastage.

    35. Shaun D on

      I love that others have worked out the timetable for us in the comments. You don't want to give another ETA in case you fail that too. I do not regularly use kickstarter so I am not used to paying a massive amount of money and have the delivery date be sonething that can be fobbed away as "Oh well March was never gonna happen so no worries". At least its a detailed "come back later" and the model looks amazing quality, its a rabbit hole we're all going down now.

    36. Missing avatar

      Just Passing on

      At this rate, I think it's more likely we'll be seeing a 2020 release. My bet is around March 2020.

    37. Saud

      Sweet, sweet, SWEET update!

      That Dhalsim miniature pic over a Mortal Kombat X sheet, though. 😏

    38. Steven Egley on

      I still want to know what the plan is for the replica arcade cabinet...(crossing fingers for a dice tower)

    39. GeneralGrundmann on

      Thanks for the honest update and hoping for October or November arrival but a Christmas delivery would also be a nice surprise! :-)

    40. Matt Archer on

      Crazy amounts of work to do.. hope Japan doesnt introduce further delays.. it would be good to know what work streams you are going to run in parallel as it is starting to sound like dates keep getting bounced by months because you are running things in such a linear fashion. Also be good to get an absolute commitment to ship this year to keep your team on track. Appreciate the transparency. Good luck

    41. Adam Jorgensen on

      Great to finally get some news!

    42. Ed Leech on

      Thanks for the update

    43. David d'Aquin on

      The delay allows me more time to watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo so I can actually fit all this stuff in my house.

    44. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      So basically by the time you finally get us some realistic shipping quotes, and they turn out to be favorable enough that we would want to add stuff to the pledge, not everything might be available anymore? That's maybe the biggest BS I ever heard in a KS campaign. Why can't you just give shipping quotes like pretty much every other KS campaign out there does?

    45. Lance Banson

      Figured March was a severe underestimate, so nbd. That's just how it goes with big budget board game Kickstarters.

      Here's hoping for holiday season, but expecting Q1/Q2 2020

    46. David d'Aquin on

      Hey whoaaa:

      > (For those of you following the UTS system as a whole, we have started the approvals process already on our next project to help speed that up in the future).

      Super psyched. Im very much here for the crossover :)

    47. Ben Blackford

      132-220 days, then 3 weeks, then 1-2 weeks, then 1-3 more weeks. That brings the range to 167 to 276 days, or August 6th to November 23rd. That's a hell of a range and that's just the estimate. I figured you would have it by Christmas this year but that doesn't seem like such a slam dunk anymore. (And of course a far sight from March, but I never believed that one...) Got your work cut out for you...

    48. Mike A. on

      Appreciate the transparency and honesty on delays.

    49. Zachary Apps

      Yeah, Id be happy with that sculpt as is, even without any highlights or wash. I’m sure the final product is going to be just amazing...

    50. Alex Bass on

      In other words we should expect fulfillment around Christmas 2019, correct?