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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Justin on

      I don't recall there ever being any.

    2. yusuke on

      Where is the rule book data?

    3. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      @Justin. While I doubt it will be to that extreme... I have to admit I scaled back what I purchased on backerit (from what I had planned) due to lack of updates on the gameplay. For how good Jasco was during the campaign I am finding the communication afterwards less than ideal. Still very much looking forward to this though :- )

    4. Justin on

      That's ok, lots of people feel that way Fred. Personally, I'm ok with it if they post immediately after it goes live so existing backers can get a jump on limited slots. In this case they missed the boat by a mile but at least they tried to notify people prior to it going live.

      I'm pretty upset at the lack of GAME updates regarding Mega Man. Seems to me this entire project is turning into nothing but a miniature campaign. I feel like people will be getting their package, putting all the minis on a pedestal then throwing out the board game as being nothing but excess packaging.

    5. Angelbane on

      Personally I find it to be in bad taste to be hocking other projects while timelines for the existing projects are slipping. I'm sorry if other people think I'm being trollish... but it feels like a money grab.

    6. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Man I need to proofread before clicking submit... I meant to put...

      * For any that remember ... that was my main focus back when the KS was live.

      (man I wish KS let you edit comments... even if just for a few minutes after a post)

    7. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Also agreed with the other commenters... I'd love an update on the game play and other elements of this project. Not just the minis. I understand the project will be late at this point since you had to get approval from Capcom on everything... but I would hope there has been lots of progress elsewhere which you could share :- )
      For example I'd love to know how the tiles have been tweaked. for any that... that was my main focus back when this KS was live. I even posted prototypes of a different scheme using the actual levels as the basis for them.

    8. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Hey Jasco!
      2 things
      1) I'd avoid doing updates for other KS unless you also give an update on this project. It rubs some people the wrong way (not me... but I've seen it with other KS... notably all Queen Games KS)
      2) I posted my thoughts on this already in the comments section for this KS... I think the front page image being a scantily clad woman is not helping you... I think you'd pull in a lot more if you focus on the star wars mats and have a front page image representing that.
      Also the May shipment date seems odd to me. If you already produce mats... and have the art squared away... is there really that much involved for them? Order proofs (which could even be done now)... then when KS is done order them assuming the proofs are up to snuff. I wonder why the long lead time (although I admit I have no knowledge of producing playmats and the lead times involved). If they could get these by xmas I think it would help things a lot too as I could snag a couple of these as gifts for friends who play the x-wing game.

    9. Ikalios

      Updates about the board game would be appreciated. It is cool that you do another project but october is soon and the megaman game doesn't look close to be ready. How goes the board, the gameplay with the robot master, the painting of the miniatures, the shipping contracts ?

    10. Justin on

      Any updates on the board game part of mega man and not just minis?