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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. RockmanNeo on

      You need to be original on your suggestions, guys!
      What missing from the box art is Rush and Roll.

    2. Stephen Carnaggio on

      looks like you could use a few more characters, like Rush and Roll. I mean Proto Man wasn't in Mega Man 1, so having Roll wouldn't be that much of a problem, right?

    3. Missing avatar

      MEGAMAN on

      Roll, Rush, Eddie and beat would be nice.

    4. ocelotlrama on

      What everybody said.

    5. Brian Chisholm on

      Not sure if anyone brought this up yet, but Rush and Roll would be nice. :p

    6. safyrejet on

      I would love to see these box sides large enough for decent desktop wallpapers. I don't know if you can do that though. They look great.

    7. Joseph Le May

      Needs Roll. One girl in the game and she doesn't appear on the box? Rush I care less about.

    8. Ikalios

      Kind of want rush and roll too if possible

    9. Brash Smith on

      yeah needs Rush and Roll

    10. Joel Hobbs on

      Thought the same thing: needs Rush and Roll to look more balanced with the other side. Good start though.

    11. Iconography on

      I sixth Rush and Roll on this side.

    12. Ricardo Sánchez Villa on

      Rush... Roll... Beat... Eddie... Auto... Even bass n treble?

    13. Ricardo Sánchez Villa on

      Rush... Roll... Beat... Eddie... Auto... Even bass n treble?

    14. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Yeah... it seems odd to not have Roll and Rush on this image... especially considering how crowded the other side will be (it looks great though). This side almost looks empty.
      I'd consider adding Rush and Roll to this.

    15. Keavin Hill on

      Yep, Rush and Roll. I wasn't quick enough to be original.

    16. Blugrave on

      Lol I knew I wasn't the only one thinking it. Where's Rush and Roll at?

    17. Ryan Cheng on

      Looks great! No Rush and Roll?

    18. Nakano

      You forgot Rush and Roll, but there are 2 more sides left.