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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul S on

      So to ask again what the hell are you doing about pledges made via PayPal after the campaign for extra items? Backerkit isn't totaling these and I'm out money not wanting to pay extra and get jacked. Do you actually respond to resolve this or do I end up getting my credit card company to refund and making a complaint with PayPal?

    2. Justin on

      At least the glass isn't Apple style with a huge line right through the middle of it!

    3. Draconis on

      These like the previous ones look great Jasco!

      The only thing I'd change is to zoom out the view on each stop on the stage a bit. It's too zoomed in for my tastes. A bit of a zoom out would help greatly I feel. Granted you have to worry about zooming out TOO much, but I feel some better view of the level would help immersion and appearance significantly.

    4. Kickstarter Crazy on

      @Patrick Donoghue I think the glass effect is a nice touch. It gives the impression of seeing the original game on an old school television.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Tremblay on

      Ahh! I understand. The color of the board matches the color of the robot master suit. That's fine for me.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Tremblay on

      I'm far from being an infographic designer but the colors seems a little bit off. Shouldn't Bomb Man signature color be green, Elec Man yellow and Cut Man grey? I would've liked to see more red than brown in Fire Man stage. Just my two cents.

    7. Patrick Donoghue on

      Please, please-please... Nix (or at the very least iterate a few more times) the "Glass" bevel effect on the circles/stages. It absolutely distracts from the otherwise polished look of these game pieces. Otherwise, these look pretty danged nice!