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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Adrian Aw-Young on

      Oops. just re-read the shipping areas. I guess my niece and nephews will get this one instead of me. ^_^

    2. Adrian Aw-Young on

      If I change from a US address to an address in Asia, how do I adjust this and the amount I need to pay?

    3. AJ on

      What is Backerkit? I don't know if I have an account for this or not... I haven't heard this term before. :S

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul S on

      I received a backerkit email for my original backing but not for the additional I paid via paypal for the boss cards that didn't make it in for free. When do you expect those to go out?

    5. The Right Hand of Doom

      When is the lockdown date for the Backerkit?

    6. Bradley Zakany on

      Follow that link. Put in your kickstarter email. You will get a new backerkit email.

    7. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Missel on

      I can not find a link to Backerkit to confirm. I remember getting the email and I did enter my address. Please re-send a link to Backerkit so that I can double check. Thanks!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Wayne Welgush

      Deleted my backer kit email a while ago and cannot remember if I put my correct mailing address in. Would like to confirm I did but have no way of checking it.

    9. Brandon Kostelecky on

      Adding to the list of others who have long since deleted their backerkit email, I'm 99.9% sure I entered my shipping info there but you never know.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nitin Navale on

      I'm not sure if I was even supposed to get a BackerKit invite. Any way for me to check this?

    11. Missing avatar

      Tim Haggerty

      I can't find a Backerkit invite. My address is;
      Tim Haggerty
      5881 Taormino Ave.
      San Jose, CA

    12. Jamie Parrish on

      Pretty sure I confirmed months ago but not 100% sure

    13. Apples on

      I also deleted mine after i confirmed my information in backerkit

    14. Tristan Ward

      I think I received the backer kit email awhile back and confirmed my address/pledge, but I deleted the email a long time ago. Is there another way to check?

    15. Mikel Miranda on

      I also do not see a Backerkit email.

    16. Jared Sampson on

      I noticed baker kit wouldn't let me put in my state, just my zip code. Is that okay?

    17. Stephan Reese on

      No backerkit here.

    18. Nathan Tamayo on

      I see no backerkit link.

    19. Josh Cooper on

      I, too, have not received the invitation to backerkit for me to confirm the email.

    20. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lee on

      Opps nevermind. I did get it. Disregard my last post

    21. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lee on

      I haven't gotten a backerkit either.

    22. Tabitha Ramsey on

      I'm 90% sure I went into backerkit and verified my address. But I deleted the email ages ago. Is there a way to triple check?

    23. Missing avatar

      John H Burchell on

      I have not received an email from backerkit. What do you need from me?

    24. Mike Prower on

      I can't seem to find the place to make sure my address is listed... where is the "Backerkit" location?