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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ryan Hicks

      These are so much better! The board will now look much more colorful!

    2. Missing avatar

      Giulio Capriotti on

      One thing I really dislike about these boards, is that in the games you always progress your character from left to right, but for some reason, here the level is going the opposite way. That just seems weird, when the door could just attach to the other side and it would be correct. Other than that, I like the aesthetic design.

    3. Erik D. Lewis on

      Holy crap, these are AWESOME.

    4. Alec Fraser on

      Stellar upgrade!

    5. Missing avatar

      Greg Plunket on

      Definitely like the new designs. Well done!

    6. Kyle Bixler on

      I really like the new boards. They feel a lot closer to the levels that we all love. Great job!

    7. Alex Bass on

      Great job, guys!

    8. Josh Ditchey on

      These new boards are a significant upgrade! Love the changes so each place feels more dynamic and separate from each other. Theming is so important in board games. Well done!

    9. Justin on

      Samuel, that was discussed in length in the main comments section. There was a very huge misuse of the term Production.

    10. Ryan Mauldin on

      Very glad to see this. I almost didn't support the Kickstarter based on how generic the boards looked before. This is much better!

    11. Paul Davis on

      Sorry for double posts, but I just looked back at what the pieces used to look like and WOW, this is such a huge aesthetic improvement. I really like the inclusion of the Dr. Wily doors at the top of each boss. That's such a huge consistency throughout the games, no matter which one you play, you're always faced with that door that lets you know about the upcoming battle!

    12. Kris Dalman on

      I like this new board designs!

    13. Paul Davis on

      Personally I like these a lot better than the hexagon prototypes. The color schemes used look really sharp, with iconic pictures of the bosses in the center to top it off. If I had any critique, it would be that the images inside the circles seem too large in scale. I felt that if you showed more of the level within each circle it would be more meaningful as the cramped shots leave me feeling a little...confused. Great job guys!

    14. "Fallout" Joe

      I like the new shape and the central character art. The individual space screen shots... not a fan.

    15. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @Ikalios, so far it's looking good. We'll update everyone if this changes.

    16. Missing avatar

      MEGAMAN on

      I love it. It looks original.

    17. Ikalios

      Just a little question, do you still think you will be able to finish the game for october ? Not pushing, just asking. Keep up the good work.

    18. paul woodard on

      looks good. though i would love to see the background of the section itself, instead of being black have an image of the boss room imposed onto it, but not enough to detract from any information needed on the board

    19. Hypercoyote on

      Wow, I like these. I mean, technically they are still hexagons since they have 6 sides, it just isn't an equilateral polygon anymore. I really like the stage specific designs, that was my only design request concerning the board, it gives it more variety. I'm happy with the changes.

      @Samuel - I might've missed it, but I don't recall reading that. I just remember the release date was supposed to be in October.

    20. Bradley Zakany on

      I liked the hex design. I like the art more of this version, but preferred the layout of the hexes. Just my two cents. I am happy either way.

    21. Esper on

      I like them, these have a lot more flavour :)

    22. Victor on

      I like the new artwork! Keep going with it!

    23. Samuel Adams on

      Wait, a change in design? Wasn't Jasco saying this game was slated to hit production in March???

    24. Nakano

      I am not too sure about having Mega Man in the images as players can use other characters too. Some images could use more variety. For example, the two last ones in Ice Man stage seems to be repeats (partially). The last one could be the robot image if the stage has one before the door.

    25. ✩Don E✩

      Awesome new designs are leaps of progress from the original. Glad they are more aesthetically tailored to each boss. I think Jasco this is definitely closer to the right direction. Wouldn't mind seeing more of their elements in each board to further set them apart from each other.

    26. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Agreed with Sleet. Zooming out on all the windows to show more of the stage would look even cooler (maybe even adding images of megaman to them as he runs through the stage?)
      Particularly for windows like the last one in fire mans board... or the middle 3 in ice mans...

    27. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys, the new design is looking nice. The pictures of the stages do look a little too zoomed in, and I think it would be nice to see a little more in each one, but other than that it's great!

    28. Jordan York on

      That looks much better! Good job :)

    29. Adam Tierney

      One of the things I noticed in the gameplay video is that you're moving your character around on the board very little, which potentially diminishes the excitement a bit. Have you considered a cyclical board design for these, where you move between spots in a circle, over and over, until you earn the right to hop into the center spot (Wily)? Only moving 5 spaces total per boss board seems like it might be a little low-thrill.

    30. Paint'Riot Studio

      Really better than first design !

    31. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      @Matthew. True. They might be doing the same system and just not having them be hexed shape... if so, that's cool but I really hope they are working on those circles that you draw to see what dice rolls/checks you need to do to move forward on the board. Alot of people shared my sentiments on wanting to see them revised (which is why I made that suggestion I linked below)
      Either way this is a promising sign :- ) I'm very excited for this game and look forward to October. Keep up the great work Jasco!

    32. Matthew

      @Brett: Same way as before? You can see the arrows on the board. You move from the upper right hand corner clockwise to Robot Master at the W circle. The fact that the stages are circles instead of hexagons shouldn't really have any impact on the gameplay.

    33. Nakano

      Nice idea to have in-game graphics. Some images could have a slightly more interesting pictures, though, like having enemies of stage. By quickly looking, are the images in the right order taken from the game? I just roughly watched Gutsman stage and this seemed to be the case. Great job if yes!
      I don't know if every board needs to read a word threat, but hmm... what else interesting info could there be?

    34. Iconography on

      Very nice, Jasco. It looks great and I love the "W" doors at the end of each stage.

    35. Missing avatar

      Christopher Primozic on

      Love the level segments on the pieces. Very nice touch and attention to detail.

    36. Missing avatar

      Charles W. Forsythe on

      I really like the redesigns! The original one was nice but this ones incorporates more of the picture, which I like very much. I'm really excited about the game and I can't wait to see what's next! :)

    37. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Really liking the way this looks. That said... I'm more interested in what this means for how you progress through the stage. You said you are moving away from the hex design... so how will we proceed through levels now?

      I obviously still like my old suggestion to fix hexes (which included using actual art from the game levels so kudos there!) which I linked here again

    38. BabylonLabs on

      I'm thinking that I can't wait to sit down and have a Mega Man party when this game arrives. Love the new look. I would agree that seeing a little more of the level in some fashion would be awesome.

    39. Zachari Dahran

      I like the design a lot, although I'd like to see more of the level in the circles, either by making the circles larger or making the images smaller inside the circles.
      I think it would help give context to where you're fighting.

    40. Joe Steeloak on

      Love it! This is exactly what I was kinda hinting at a long time ago, I'm totally taking credit for this idea (not)! Incredible work guys!

    41. Alex on

      Huge improvement :)

    42. Nocturne on

      I like it! I definitely think the new art works well, too.