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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jon Hamilton on

      Please give some update on fixing the backer kit for Canadian orders, as well as a specific date that I need to get this finished by so that you guys only steal ten dollars, not two hundred.

    2. Stealthcat on

      How long is the backer kit open for?

    3. Danny Scullion on

      @Nakano Thanks. That did the trick.

    4. Nakano

      @Danny Try this Use the email you have on Kickstarter (you haven't changed it, right?). If it doesn't work, message to Jasco.

    5. Danny Scullion on

      I've not had my backerkit email yet. I've checked my junk folder just in case, but nothing there either.

    6. Brandon Myers

      @Big Cess - its like.. the last option on the backerkit. It counts as an additional Blue Bomber, so you get all the goodies with it

    7. Bigg Cess on

      Is there gonna be an option to buy a second copy of the deluxe game through backerkit? I don't see the option there although I've heard in the past that it would be a available.

    8. Michael Howell on

      It's been a few days now, and I checked my spam folder, and all, and I still haven't got my backer kit link. Is there any way that could be resolved?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jesse Anderson on

      Any updates on the Time Man / Oil Man? I'm another Canadian order waiting for those to be updated so I can complete~ thanks

    10. Missing avatar

      Christian Gilbert on

      And can you add the option to upgrade from the base game to the deluxe ?

    11. David Gagnon on

      That Card Packs don't seem to be appearing yet as add-on options for Canadian orders. I know you are working on it. Could you please post an update in the comment when it's done. Thanks !

    12. Missing avatar

      Paul S on

      I did an additional 10$ via paypal so I could get the cards for time man and oil man but only see a total for the initial pledge via Kickstarter. Will I get a second Backerkit notification for that?

    13. Missing avatar

      Leah Ferguson on

      @Bradley: My backerkit email ended up in my spam folder, so it's certainly a possibility!

    14. Bradley Zakany on

      @Ahmed No problem. Just checking because I recently was confused by something similar until I figured I should check in there. Not a very common place for wanted mail to go.

    15. Jonathan Gorman

      Like others I have not received a backer kit.

    16. Ahmad Khan on

      @Nakano: thanks, i tried but its not working, i think it might be my primary email, the once i used at the time of pledging,its changed,i send Jasco the new email,fingers crossed.

    17. Ahmad Khan on

      @Bradley: yes its not there, thanks anyways.

    18. Bradley Zakany on

      @Ahmad Did you check your spam folder?

    19. Nakano

      @Ahmad Just use the link I provided below. It should work for you, does it?

    20. Ahmad Khan on

      Didn't receive any email with backers kit link yet, Jasco Games please resend. I have messaged you via KS message

    21. Stephen Elkins

      @Jasco, I pledged for x2 Super Mega Buster Intl, will that option be added to backer kit soon? (during the kickstarter it was mentioned it would be fine to do that and I'm definitely not the only backer that has).
      The time and Oil man cards also don't seem to be an option yet either.

    22. Mykalson on

      @Jasco, I pledged for 1x Dr. Light's Creation and 1x Dr. Wiley's Castle. There's no option to include multiple pledge levels in backerkit. Please fix!

    23. RocK_M on

      I just found a slight problem w/ the backer kit.

      I'm up to the confirm address section. And even though I've selected Australia the State/Province is still forcing me to pick US territories like Alabama and the like =/

    24. Kickstarter Crazy on

      @Jasco Games When is the cut off date for backerkit? I'm waiting a little bit before filling it out so that you can address and fix any bugs or omissions so I haven't opened it yet. Thanks! :D

    25. Nakano

      Direct link is send to your email address. You can also use this:

    26. จ่าสิบเอก บารอน ซิมิ on

      We're happy to say that Backerkit has launched today, Monday, March 17, for anyone who pledged through Kickstarter.

      where's the link ?

    27. Nakano

      In addition to these:
      * Roll Card Sleeves $5
      * Rush Card Sleeves $5

      Could we also have similar Mega Man Card Sleeves and Proto Man Card Sleeves? Is it possible?

    28. Joseph Porsella on

      @Jeff There should have been an email sent to you. There's a big button in it that links to Backerkit.

    29. Atomikrin on

      Sorry, I just noticed/remembered that KickStarter comments work like Twitter so you have to read them bottom to top and you already answered that question.

      Thank you!

    30. Atomikrin on

      It looks like the option to get one of each play mat for $50 is currently unavailable.
      When do you think that will be fixed?

    31. Jeffrey Schultz

      I'm blinder than Brandon and can't find the backer kit link. Help?

    32. Brandon Myers

      @Jasco - can you please add the Super Mega Buster as a backer kit as well? I know we had talked about it before, and i would definitely like to get deluxe edition of the game at least some how

    33. Brandon Myers

      nevermind, found it

    34. Brandon Myers

      ok... i am feeling really blind... where is the link for the backerkit so i can get in and put in my values?


    35. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @The Overmatt, I'll look into it and see if I can't figure out what's going on. Stand by, as it might take until tomorrow to fix it

    36. The Overmatt on

      That Card Packs don't seem to be appearing as add-on options for Canadian orders despite the main page saying they're available to North America. I'd added enough for 2 Time Man card packs and 2 Oil Man card packs.

    37. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @Batoideus they will be synced, but aren't yet. PayPal funding will be added in a week or two while we work on migrating all that information over. We'll notify everyone when it happens

      @Lauren Miller, we're going to work on fixing that option, will probably change/be fixed tomorrow.

      @Christopher, so far so good, but we'll keep everyone updated during the process.

      @Eddie G, I'll ask Jason about seeing if we can add that option.

      @Jesse, they got left out some how, not sure why, but we'll add them asap. And Golden Guts Man for free was a huge error on our part :c

      @Michael, you still get bonus stretch goals, you don't need to add them manually to your order. The Backerkit is for people who pledged extra for extra items, like the add-ons. There is a list/graphic found on the Kickstarter project page, but it's essentially anything marked upgrade or bonus stretch goal

    38. Christopher Roulston on

      I was really confused by it as well. Reading through the kickstarter page they are all included, the $10 ones are if you want a second for any reason I think, because they are "kickstarter Exclusive" this is your last chance if you want any for collectable reasons or if you only backed 60-70 and want one of them.

    39. Michael Glenn Blunk on

      I pledged at the $130 level and it says "Bonus Stretch Goals are included at this level.' Yet when I go to pay for my backing, it appears all the stretch goals have a cost to them as an add-on. I'm very confused by this, and would like a list of what all is actually included at the level I purchased.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jesse Anderson on

      Also apparently Golden Guts Man Miniature is freeeeeee

    41. Missing avatar

      Jesse Anderson on

      Whatever happened to the Time Man and Oil Man $5 add on card packs??

    42. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      So since I backed at the 5 dollar pledge level.... (because I only wanted Dice), It actually subtracts 5 dollars from the amount I pledged, for nothing..... Lame.

    43. Eddie G. on

      I wanted to add one more blue bomber pledge. Is it possible to do that or are add-ons the only options we have now?

    44. Christopher Roulston on

      How is the manufacturing process going? Still hopeful for October or before?

    45. Lauren Miller on

      I'm sorry 1 of each mat :)

    46. Lauren Miller on

      The option for choosing 2 of each for the play mats for $50.00 is not available. Can you please fix this so I can complete the order? It was said that backers could choose this option instead of having to choose 2 of the same mat.

    47. Joseph Porsella on

      I pledged through Kickstarter but then also added on some things through Paypal. Will the backerkits be synced?