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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Jose R. Cordero Ladner on

      They dont answer messages after campaign... Figures

    2. Garrett Crowl on

      Gonna get a sound effect for a party I'm having when I get it. The sound of Megaman dying, and play it whenever he dies! Bew-bew-bew-bew-bew.

    3. Bigg Cess on


      Looking forward to playing it and to the expansion of Mega Man 2!!!

    4. Juan Melendez Jr on

      Awesome guys! Way to go! *eagerly waits by email box for address*

    5. Victor on

      Good job Jasco!

    6. Missing avatar

      C. Rexford on

      Congratulations! A project well done!

    7. Ryan Snider on

      Darn no alt Proto Man.

    8. Iconography on

      Thanks, Jasco (Jason's Company?)

      It was fun. Can't wait to see what's in store!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jakob Hulcy on

      Congrats Jasco!!!! I've been thoroughly impressed by yalls want to make this a great game and listening/responding to the fans in the comments! It's good to see that the blue bomber was put in the hands of someone that will put in that much effort! CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY IT!

    10. Jeffrey Kahn

      Congratulations Jasco!

    11. Justin on

      WOOHOO!!!! Congrats Jasco!!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Seth Fezatte on


      All my love guys. You've got a backer for LIFE

    13. Scott Allen Bergren on

      Fantastic job guys. Just Fantastic.

    14. Dustin Riffle on

      Kudos and well done!

    15. Senor L Roboto on

      @Jordan: Seconded. You guys are awesome!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for the future!!

    16. ArchGeek on

      Can't wait. This is going to be epic!

    17. Thomas "Why Not Both?" on

      Congratulation on the success of this Kickstarter, Jasco Games. It was a mess, really. You should now have a lot of lessons learned, like having the game play video in a timely manner. Your communication was spot on though. Overall I give it a 'B-' grade.
      Now comes the interesting part about figure production and finalizing the game play itself. Hope it go as good as well hope.
      Through out all of the kickstarters I have watched. It seems there should be a typed tutorial on how to pledge written by the project makers on the first post, because no one reads the Kickstarter "how to pledge."

    18. Jordan York on

      Thank you for a great kickstarter! I look forward to more from you in the future :)