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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Timothy Randall Woodward Segotta on

      I agree with Josh Brannon. A Gold Wily and Protoman would be much preferred to two of the eight Robot Masters being gold. I'm slightly sad the Goldies are KS exclusives. I would have loved the chance at a complete gold set. Still, the Yellow Devil is awesome.

    2. Deansy on

      @Ben, you do win, "With nearly 6 times your $70k goal, I would think you could extend a bit of goodwill to those of us who contributed at lower levels" - you get full color figures!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Josh Brannon on

      This has been a fun ride! I was surprised to wake up and see all the updates, how we've gotten so far.

      I do see a few valid points here, though. I'll have to say that I've seen many successful campaigns throw out an extra freebie or two at the lower level backers towards the end. It's in good faith, not everyone can afford higher tiers, but everyone's contributed somehow.

      Secondly, I also don't see much point in a single golden robot master, or even two. The final card pack unlock would be fantastic, but even if Jasco isn't willing to compromise that far, perhaps we can get golden Protoman or Wily instead, please? It would make far more sense, especially for us with OCD ;)

    4. Iscariot on

      First, just want to thank the guys at Jasco for this great campaign. Second, I'd like to ask that Should we unlock Gold Cut Man(seems pretty likely), Jasco should do a poll of backers to see if the majority would rather have the Time/Oil Man card pack. I can't imagine many people want only one gold Robot Master.

      Either way, thanks again! Can't wait to play!

    5. Eddie G. on

      @Ben Olsen- You shouldn't be annoyed bro. Jasco has already improved the game at the lower teirs from the start of this KS. You get all the robot masters from MM 1 and they will be colored miniatures. You can't expect more without putting in extra money.

    6. Ryan Snider on

      Protoman please. He's the best.

    7. Nakano

      @Ben I am not sure whether the playable Robot Masters for the 6 first robot masters is included for you, though. I'd recommend getting the deluxe at this point, it's worth it! Or print the player sheets of other characters when playing to get more variation.

    8. Alec Fraser on

      WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, Jasco on a great kickstarter! :D I hope the game is a resounding success!

    9. Missing avatar

      Ben Olsen

      I'm a bit annoyed at the flurry of project updates lately telling me all the cool swag that people are getting for free, but only if they contributed at the deluxe level or above. With nearly 6 times your $70k goal, I would think you could extend a bit of goodwill to those of us who contributed at lower levels - there are 243 backers who are getting a copy of the game, but ZERO cool add-ons. That's about 20 feel-bad moments for each of us in the last 48 hours.

    10. Benjamin Koontz on

      THIIIISS. But the 3,000 backers would make the package feel complete. Post-Release?

    11. Missing avatar

      James Weis on

      Extra Yellow Devils as an add-on?

    12. Lauren Miller on

      Alt Protoman, the last two card packs but I don't think we'll reach them. Still this has been one exciting kickstarter for sure!

    13. Nakano

      3000 backers goal, alternative poses, Golden Wily and Golden Protoman (would require swap to be in the first golden row).

    14. Nicole Persram

      The alt sculpts mean more to me then the gold figures, but those are way too far to achieve. Also the oil/time card packs are too far as well. :P So... nothing, I guess.

    15. Iscariot on

      Wish we could get 400 more backers as the Time and Oil Man card packs are the only thing left that I feel is really a requirement, but it seems unlikely at this point. I'd much rather have those than gold cut man though.

    16. ArchGeek on

      This game is complete!

    17. sidney lock on