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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Will Tice on

      Woo! I had been hoping for Octopus Battery. It's such an iconic enemy that it's impossible to leave out!

    2. Jonathan Gorman

      Completion it's should also have the other card packs not in the Dr Light sets.

    3. Michael Merrill on

      I would like to see a '1 of each minion' add-on. Or the ability to add single minions.

    4. Matt Cruea on

      Will we be able to pick up add-ons after the Kickstarter is over? My pledge level is gonna hurt my bank account as it is - it'd be nice to be able to pick them up when I get paid next month.

    5. Mark Chan on

      I posted on update #51, but maybe here might be better. Does the pack come with a total of 400 or 500 sleeves? If the Mega Man and Proto Man Deck Boxes have sleeves in them then I count 500. Can anyone clarify?

      400 wouldn't be enough to cover sleeving all the cards.

    6. Ahmad Khan on

      Justin : all for the 'rush' my 'wily' friend ^_-

    7. Justin on

      You're on a 'roll' Ahmad!

    8. Mykalson on

      I agree with stuart. In fact, I'd agree even if I have to pay extra for it.

    9. Stuart Hayden on

      All the gold figures before the yellow devil really bothers me. I'd rather have one of mega mans most iconic bosses than gold versions of figures I'm getting.

    10. Ahmad Khan on

      this update shocked me

    11. Mykalson on

      I like this set, but it would be nice to have an add-on that is *just* one of each miniature too, for those of us that one seven of each to fill things out.

    12. Christopher Dyson on

      Well you can take my money for this lol

    13. Troy Coberly on

      There should be a minion bundle. I would like to have 5 of each. But, I don't want to pay $17 for each set if I'm getting one already with my purchase. Like, an add $50 to get 4 additional minions with your deluxe set.

      Also, are the last boss decks going to added?

    14. Justin on

      Not sure I like this one on a stick....Hum.....

    15. Nakano

      So those confused how addons are added, it works like this:
      1) Click Manage Your Pledge
      2) Keep you pledge level (e.g. $140)
      3) Increase the total amount of pledge with the addon cost you like ($140+$65=$205 for "completionist" pack)
      4) After Kickstarter you get a survey where you tell where that extra money is spend for.