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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. rocketnia on

      @Mark Chan - There are only 400 sleeves in the Completionist pack add-ons. A deck box add-on contains one deck box and one corresponding 50-pack of sleeves, while the Completionist pack add-on contains two deck boxes and eight 50-packs of sleeves. (Source:

    2. Mark Chan on

      Is there a way to get some clarification on this?

    3. Mark Chan on

      @rocketnia: The Mega Man and Proto Man Deck Boxes each come with a pack of sleeves (50 each). I could be reading it wrong but that is what I assume.

    4. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @Greg: The funding rate usually increases significantly in the last 48 hours and has already started to do so, so don't give up; we might get the Yellow Demon yet.

      @Adam: Just add the amount of the add-on to your pledge, you'll be able to sort it out later with the pledge manager.

    5. The Right Hand of Doom

      More Proto=More Bidness, wish they could raise enough for the Alt Pose.

    6. Nakano

      I am also mostly interested in gameplay stuff especially playable robot masters and yellow devil but also the card backs that were previously revealed. Would be interested in Roll+Rush+Dr. Light+Proto Man card pack addon. The gold statues could be rearranged to the bottom of the list if we haven't anything else to unlock. Same order as now.

      @Adam You keep your pledge level and add $65 to the total pledge.

    7. Nicole Persram

      The gold will probably be 'metalized', which in my opinion is just as good. If it's just gold coloring then meh. I don't really care about the gold either way, I care more about the stuff we don't already have, like the alt poses, the yellow devil, and the robot master hero cards.

    8. Adam Ghazi-Tehrani on

      How do I add the completionist add on pack? I don't see it listed when I click "manage pledge"...

    9. Missing avatar

      Greg Plunket on

      I'm confused about the gold pieces. Are we talking legit metal gold, or is this some golden-colored plastic piece? If actual gold, then, okay, that's kinda neat. Otherwise... why?

      Also, I now only care about one stretch goal being reached: Yellow Devil.

      I hope there's some sort of frenzy of support at the last minute, because if pledge increases continue at the pace they've been increasing the past few weeks, I honestly don't think we're going to reach much past the $350k mark, if that. :/

    10. Jason Leisemann

      I'll admit that I've been confused about something for a while now - are the Boss card packs the same type of cards as the Boss cards that come in the game? Or are those packs a separate set of cards?

    11. rocketnia on

      @Mark Chan: As far as I know, each sleeve pack has 50 cards (as announced at ) so that would add up to 400 sleeves if the Rush and Roll sleeves are unlocked. Where did you get 500?

    12. rocketnia on

      Awww, I was hoping to see the Roll card pack add-on that was in the stretch goal list before the Jan 8 stretch goal update. Ah well.

      Anyway, it's nice to see the sleeves bunched into 2 packs each. If we had only 50 sleeves of each kind, that would be pretty cruel. :)

    13. Mark Chan on

      If I count that correctly that would be 500 sleeves and would be enough to cover all the cards in the game??

    14. Missing avatar

      Russell Patton on

      Still would like to see an add-on that is more minion focused, assuming we hit the 355k goal we'll be getting 2 of each minion? Can we get an option that'll have 2-4 of each minion?

      And pricing for this completionist add-on?

    15. Marco on

      This is a sweet add-on. More UFS add-ons are always nice. Just getting into the UFS game after backing this project.

    16. Justin on

      Contains a bit more then I need but if I go with Dr. Wily's Castle and sell the extra game then I would have 5 minions each (provided we hit the 2X goal) then I could included all the stuff I dont need in the sale.

    17. Missing avatar

      Thomas Nguyen on

      Are the new stretch goals just to tease us? Considering we might not even get the first gold piece, I doubt we can raise another 200k in 45 hours.

    18. Brent Tyler on

      This add-on is relevant to my interests.