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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Stephen Carnaggio on

      Why are you using the Japanese name?

    2. Brian Artiaco

      +1 to Russell Patton's suggestion

    3. Missing avatar

      Russell Patton on

      Any chance that after the dust settles and we see what all minions will be available that there could be a mega-minion add-on that includes 2-4 of each minion instead of having to purchase a 5 pack of each?

    4. Dustin Riffle on

      Cactuspy, known as Sabotall (サボットール Sabottōru) in Japan and Sabottol in some sources, is a Met wearing a cactus that appears in Mega Man Powered Up. They were designed for desert regions, but unable to bear the heat, they started to wear cacti on their heads to keep cool. They also have poor work ethic and tend to wander off a lot.

      Cactuspy attack by shooting five thorns in different directions, although on Easy mode they won't shoot at all. Their Japanese name is a combination of the words saboten (cactus in Japanese) and Metall. These spiky robots can be found in Oil Man's stage. Burning them with Fire Storm will destroy their "hats" and expose them.


    5. Stacy Rowe on

      Shotman was in Powered Up, so you can extract its model with psplamb if you want to see the back? there are probably some Rockman 2 gashapon figures from the 80s that have a back to them as well.

      If you're looking for an enemy to replace it specifically for Oilman's stage (if you're not sharing minions between stages for some reason), Oilman also has Screwdriver and Changkey Maker in it. Changkey Maker is a very popular enemy but most people associate it with Rockman 2.

    6. Stacy Rowe on

      Sabotool? Why not Bunby Heli or Crazy Razy or Screwdriver or Gabyool?

    7. Will Tice on

      I don't mind the swap, since Crazy Cannon is from MM2. (I imagine its back is dome-shaped, but who knows.)

      I'd rather have seen something more iconic than Sabottol, like Adhering Suzy. Sabottol will still make a nice miniature, even though I never played MM: Powered Up.

    8. sidney lock on

      Wow, smh at capcom.......clearly they are a bunch of clowns

    9. Missing avatar

      Greg Plunket on

      I have never even seen this type of Met before. I'm assuming it must be from Powered Up (never played that version of MM1). I would rather have seen Pickelman, Killer Bomb, Bunby Heli, or Crazy Razy, but whatever. I'm just happy to see the pledge total continue to rise. :)

    10. Josh Wilson on

      Sorta sad to see this minion go but its understandable. This little bastard used to haunt me when I first started playing Mega Man II. Maybe we'll see him in the sequel board game ! One can hope....

    11. Cyclone Jack on

      Sabottol? I'd have rather seen Blader, Flea or Spine, even though I understand wanting to bring in some Powered Up enemies.

    12. Stephen White on

      LOL. Capcom doesn't know what his back looks like. What, is some lost treasure back there? Or a map? Or a secret island of some sort? The possibilities are clearly endless.

    13. Majai of Dreams

      I am happy to hear this. Crazy Cannon was not even in MM 1 so I am fine with it.