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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Will Shipley on

      Really starting to get PO'd at you, Jasco. Every single bonus goal (sans colored pieces, surpringly enough) has been added to the deluxe bundle. How about throwing a bone towards us who can't afford to drop $140 for the DX bundle?

    2. Hsun-yu Vuong on

      Thank you very much for answering my question! =)

    3. Joseph Porsella on

      @Hsun-yu he minion pieces are just fancy substitutes for the minion hex pieces (or fancy holders that you can slide the hex tokens into, that's still being discussed) that are purely for aesthetic reasons. They are in no way required. However, if you do like them a lot more than tokens it's possible to get enough that you can always use them. Jasco has said that 7 is the most of one minion you would ever need a token for, and only in very specific situations. They said 3-4 minions should be enough if you always want a minion, but if you're fine using the hex tokens when there's lots of minions on the board there's nothing wrong with that.

    4. Hsun-yu Vuong on

      These miniatures are really cool, but I was wondering how do they come into game play? Is one of each enough?

    5. ArchGeek on

      What a "cool" miniature!