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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Nathaniel Yamaguchi

      Really? The minion minis serve zero purpose? So...the only stretch goals left that actually influence the game are getting the cards added to the Deluxe Edition for free?

    2. Missing avatar

      Molster on

      Minion models are for fun- they replace the token - that's it

      Jasco said 5-7 to replace all the tokens - they do Not change gameplay

    3. Pineapple Steak on

      My big question is how many would be needed. I understand that they're just a stand-in for tokens. With each unlock, we get a single minion. I understand that. A later SG will have extra minions. Are those extra minions for ALL of the current unlocked ones or just the ones pictured? The Add-On price for five of each minions is $17 a box. In order to get a box for all of the minions, $136 in addons are necessary. That's a big chunk of change.

    4. Nathaniel Yamaguchi

      Seconding any information on how the minion miniatures affect the gameplay.

    5. Missing avatar

      Molster on

      @vid the minion figures are just for looks and replace the minion tokens

      ( same thing just instead of a token you can use the model)

    6. vid Strickland on

      Every time something new is unlocked, I'm left with a general sense of mystery as to how it actually effects the game.

      Without all of these additional game pieces and card packs, will the game still be a solid product? Does adding all of these pieces completely change the game balance? Is it important to have five Sniper Joe pieces or will Deluxe backers be fine with just the one?

      I'm very excited about production, I just think I'm losing track of what the items that are being unlocked actually do in the context of the game,

    7. ArchGeek on

      Looks like oilman was unlocked too?

    8. Justin on

      He looks great!