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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. ArchGeek on

      Yeah, that's what I was suggesting. A set of hero dice and a set of villain dice. Future sets could be for specific characters.

    2. Jason Tucker on

      Just added my own set of these. Jeffrey was right about the price. I paid almost twice as much for custom Arkham Horror dice and only got five. This deal makes that seem like a total rip-off. I'll also second the idea that the extra characters (Protoman, Dr. Light, Roll, & Rush) having their own sets of dice is a cool idea. However, I think that should be something for the future. For the initial set, I'd suggest half be Mega Man themed and half be Wily themed. The other characters could then get their own dice sets later on.

    3. ArchGeek on

      They shouldn't all be blue. I like the idea of blue dice with mega man extra life icons for the ones/sixes, but doing black/purple/grey with a Wiley skull would be good as well. Maybe a red protoman dice set? Dr light dice? See what I'm saying here? It would let multiple players have different colored/themed dice sets, and the master robots/Wiley have their own as well.

    4. Jeffrey Comer Jr on

      Just added two sets! Nice price!

    5. Joseph Le May

      You guys, really. Read the update. Those are a placeholder pictures. It's unlikely they'll be some color other than blue, in the end.

      Jasco, thought about a limited edition 8-bit MegaMan sculpt? :)

    6. Blugrave on

      Do we have to pay for these? Or are these included in every copy?

    7. Ahmad Khan on

      Things just got a little dicey!
      Agree with Tucker, blue with yellow makes sense.

    8. Missing avatar

      Greg Plunket on

      As much as I generally like red/black as a color combination, I do have to agree with everyone else who is saying that blue with yellow pips makes a LOT more sense for a Mega Man themed set of dice, and is what I'd prefer as well.

    9. ✩Don E✩

      I like the idea of the dice being Mega Man blue with bullets as pips. That's just me though hope they will be engraved instead of painted.

    10. Stephen White on

      Can we get a list of what we would need to back/pay in order to get the complete package?

    11. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      " Note, that these dice are not the final design, merely an indicator that there will be 12 limited edition Mega Man dice."

      :0c Perhaps they will be blue in the end?? :3

    12. Tucker T

      I am surprised to see red and black here. I would have thought blue with yellow bullets/pips

    13. Michael Merrill on

      Yeah! May add a few of these in the end!

    14. RX Maverick on

      So with all the add-ons and levels is there some place I can go and put in what I want and find out how much, what level I need to sign up for, and what add-ons?