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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Denis Maddalena

      It's not exactly the most well laid-out main page, for sure.

      But with the conversion to real dice instead of relying entirely upon the cards themselves, I'm actually excited about this game now. The gameplay video helped a lot in the decision (even though the audio was a little low). It's an interesting mix of push-your-luck and gives you a lot of decisions. Jasco, for some reason I keep thinking there was talk about a format using entirely deck dice? Might be an interesting tournament format, anyway, to really enforce strong deck building.

      Is there any way you can post an update explaining more in detail the deckbuilding aspect? For example, I'm going on assumption the player decks are all the "bad guy" decks, while the character card and power-up cards form the "good guys". Are there any robot master cards that can help you wish a challenge? Maybe I missed that part of the video somehow (multitasking while watching it, but deserves a little in-depth attention if it was easy enough for me to miss), and maybe that's why the cards have two sides.

    2. Missing avatar

      BMP on

      I'm seriously blind, ignore my comments

    3. Missing avatar

      BMP on

      Okay I see that there are three different types of stretch goals, which in itself is pretty confusing at first glance.

      However, I'm not seeing where it says backer number stretch goals then covert those add-ons to deluxe bundle add-ons. Can anyone point me in right direction?

    4. Joseph Le May

      Earlier stretch goals add these card pack as an add-on/part of the boss pack add-on.

      Backer number stretch goals then convert those add-ons to deluxe bundle bonuses.

    5. Missing avatar

      BMP on

      I'm confused, why wouldn't this be include in the deluxe bundle? It says all stretch goals are included at the Blue Bomber level, which should include this.

      Does it specifically need to say stretch goal in the title? If so, where are you reading this will be included part of the deluxe package if there are 2500 backers? It may very will be that I'm blind.

    6. Missing avatar

      Bluemage, Agent of the Obsidian Order on

      @Richard: Not yet. If we get 2500 backers, they add it to the Deluxe.

    7. Bradley Zakany on

      @Richard Not until we get enough new backers. 2,500 backers is the stretch goal for cutman pack to be included.

    8. Senor L Roboto on

      @Richard: The Guts man and Cut man packs will not be included until we hit 2500 backers. When we hit that mark those two packs will be included.

    9. Richard Chan on

      This is not included in the Dr. Light or higher deluxe bundles, right?