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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Brian Artiaco

      Im super excited about the color minis. I'm glad you made this choice. Now go email like every game blog ever. gogogo

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      GlenN Montalbo on

      @Jason & David: Thanks! I had a call with Jason last night about some changes to the game. He seemed pretty open to some of my ideas, but they are under some constraints. Hopefully stuff goes well and they can take the pool of feedback from everyone and make an awesome game.

    3. Joseph Le May

      This is incredible!!! Jasco, thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    4. Lynnvander on

      I disagree with mark. I'd take some color over grey anyday. it was a good choice and I see the numbers rising. We'll hit that before 10 days are up. Timeman is the goal I'd like to see.

    5. Lynnvander on

      And you RAWK. Straight up. That sacrifice and integrity where I come from makes a fan over a customer... customers come and go... fans are for life my friend. As a proud owner of many businesses - you made a wonderful decision and I hope it works for you well.

    6. Robert Bowers

      I suspected from the get-go you might need to lower the painting threshold, but I expected $400k. I never expected you to do $300k instead. I just hope this doesn't hurt you lot more than it helps :|

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark McKellar on

      I honestly couldn't care less about "coloured figures"
      I want quality mega man models to paint, not some cheap quality plastics.
      I've already seen people backing out, and I'm hoping to see some good news in the next few days to keep me on board

    8. David on

      @GlenN- I like the changes you suggested. I currently don't particularly enjoy the gameplay vid that I saw so far. I understand that I haven't played it, but considering that I watch a game before I play it, so far it didn't appeal to me. Even reading the rules it seemed like they were tacking numbers on to make everything die based. That doesn't appeal to me. If I wanted to play a dice game, I would go play Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons. As is, I probably won't be backing for much longer, since the game doesn't seem to be heading in a way I like, which is a shame, since I love Megaman.

    9. Michael Merrill on

      The game play is obviously not finalized, and won't be before the kickstarter is over. I trust in Jasco to have a nice system in place when testing is finished, before production.

      I am honestly very surprised this kickstarter has not gained more ground. It seemed to hit 200k and stagnate. Though most kickstarters will pick up a lot in the last few days from people holding out till the end to pledge and/or increase for add-ons. Originally I thought the 500k painted figures would be easily obtained, but am now glad it was lowered to 300k, thanks for that! I like to paint miniatures but have enough to keep me busy for years as it is so the prepainted is great to me.

      I think it'd be awesome if there were more add-ons. I honestly think that's where some kickstarters get huge boosts in funds. For example, it looks like to get a t-shirt you have to pledge $1000? If you'd make it a 20-25$ add-on, I'd bet a few hundred people would add that on. Another good option would have been dice. A pair of mega man or proto man dice for 5$ or something like that. Hundreds of people would probably add those.

      It is pretty cool that so much focus is on the game and all, but at the same time I think you've missed an opportunity by not having t-shirts, dice, and other add-on trinkets and/or kickstarter exclusives. The game play add-ons are cool too though. definitely plan to get a couple of those.

    10. Jason Price on

      @GlenN: I really liked the play feedback you linked. Particularly the idea of Action and Attack die and having a mix of enemies and obstacles placed by competing players that you have to apply those to in order to "pass" that portion of the level. That just "feels" more like a Megaman game (and from the opposing player side feels more like you are building the level).

      I don't know if it was just the minion-bots they chose to for the video or what but it was definitely disappointing that playing a single enemy took up the entire point pool. I like the idea of budget for challenges to keep things balanced, but short of an all out mini-boss no one obstacle should spend the entire section's points (also, a mid-level mini-boss mechanic would be awesome: perhaps an optional high-budget card that can only be played on the mid-point of a level with optional buffs to the creature if it is placed on the thematically correct level?).

    11. Missing avatar

      GlenN Montalbo on

      @Kai: That's why I wrote up that feedback, I'm out if the gameplay doesn't get better

    12. Kaiser Kailer on

      Ok, I'll be honest. I'm contemplating backing out. The lower goal for the painted minis was a massive step in the right direction (would have definitely backed out if that goal wasn't met) but the gameplay video was just too boring and sometimes even confusing. Having said that, I read through Glenn's feedback and have to say that those changes would be awesome and would lead to a much more interesting game (especially the points about the dice and challenge tokens (back & completing)).

      I know that there are only 10 days left, but if there isn't a massive change in the gameplay I'm out, sadly...

    13. Matt R on

      This is the update I was waiting for! Great news! I would put the colored pieces stretch goal banner closer to the top of the main page. That should be a bi draw. Also, once the goal has been cleared, I would replace all of the non colored figs found on the main page with colored figs.

    14. Mark Chan on

      With the stretch goal lowered for the painted minis I'm definitely going pledge more to help get the total to 300k! Thanks Jasco!

    15. Missing avatar

      GlenN Montalbo on

      @Hypercoyote: Here is my feedback in pastebin form. I sent them a doc so it probably is a lot easier to read for them.

    16. Missing avatar

      GlenN Montalbo on

      @Hypercoyote, Jasco: Done the first pass, it's a little over 4 pages. I'll just do a proof read and then send it.

    17. ✩Don E✩

      @Jasco, That is great news thanks Jasco. Any chances on possibly getting the ART of the Character Boards and Boss Cards more personalized to each character? Possibly as a stretch Goal. It be great for them to be unique to each boss similar to the video the way each stages are.

    18. Jesse Follin on

      If the pledges reach at least $295,000, I have an idea. (just a thought and I am sure I am not the 1st to think of this.) Maybe, just maybe, the individuals who pledged enough to get the Deluxe Bundles should get painted miniatures. I really would approve this, especially since I have Dr. Lights Creation. Just an Idea, would be neat.

    19. Logan O. on

      Thumbs way up!

    20. Missing avatar

      Peter Beausoleil on

      Phenomenal news that the pieces will now be painted at a much closer stretch goal. That was the biggest reservation I had about the game. THANK YOU @Jasco for listening to the fans!

    21. Missing avatar

      GlenN Montalbo on

      @Hypercoyote: I'm typing a list now of whats I think is wrong with the mechanics and why. Plus adding additional feedback of how to fix it. It will take a bit since I'm going through the video bit by bit. Once I'm done, I'll share it with you.

    22. rocketnia on

      @Jasco: One of my favorite upcoming stretch goals was the Roll card pack (, but it doesn't seem to be there anymore. I'm glad to see there's an Oil Man card pack in the list now, but I hope Roll's lurking somewhere beyond the current list. Any confirmation? :)

    23. Hypercoyote on

      @GlenN I'd like to see the suggestions myself, actually. I've played a few of what I would consider advanced games like Days of Wonder-style games (Ticket to Ride, Colosseum, etc), and it seems like this is a pretty advanced game to me. Without playing it myself, it'd be hard to offer much feedback but I liked what I saw in the video. Right now, the most I have to say is that the design of the board is kind of plain, but that might be something they are thinking about spicing up in the production version.

      And yea, Deluxe is the way to go.

    24. Missing avatar

      GlenN Montalbo on

      @Hypercoyote: It's deluxe or bust for me man

    25. Missing avatar

      GlenN Montalbo on

      @Jasco: You have 2 rantings on boardgamegeek right now of people who have not played it. I work in games too and I understand it can be hard to listen to negative feedback from other people when you have a product you "like." Great designers are never satisfied with what they have and want more. I'll give you a full list, once I get the e-mail but the main concerns is theme and poor mechanics.

    26. Missing avatar

      GlenN Montalbo on

      @Jasco: I have been commenting on the other thread my concerns and possible solutions, I will make a full list and possible solutions and e-mail them to you though. What e-mail address should I send them to?

    27. Hypercoyote on

      @GlenN technically the game itself is $60 as that's the minimum pledge to get it. I've yet to watch the gameplay video but will here shortly.

      @Jasco - where should we email you, via the Kickstarter contact link? Also, THANK YOU for bringing the color game pieces goal closer. I've been concerned about getting uncolored pieces for a while now (pretty much my only concern), so that makes a big difference to me.

    28. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @GlenN: You should e-mail me your concerns about the game. In fact our response on Board Game Geek is pretty good post game play video. I have to say the heavy judgement for game play when you have not played doesn't help us when you don't offer us advice on what exactly we can improve. We do listen to fan feedback and we are still in 2 months of testing before production.

    29. Missing avatar

      GlenN Montalbo on

      @Jeffrey: Yeah but it should not have to be a stretch goal it's the actual product. I understand this is free and that they are doing this to get back some of the money lost from releasing the gameplay footage. Colored minis will make the product better and stand out more, but I can't justify spending $130+ on a game that has gameplay that looks like it was designed 10 years ago. I'm just hoping they show some great improvement in the gameplay over the next 10 days. Thanks for you input though, it helped me to clarify my posts.

    30. Missing avatar

      Blake Zeigler on

      I hope everyone tosses a few bonus $ towards Jasco for listening to the fans. I understand the cost could be hard. But if you do make expansions you can count me in for them all!

    31. sidney lock on

      THANK YOU Jasco! I will definitely be upping my pledge now! You just won yourself an international fan's appreciation & respect for listening & willing to work with us to make this project great.

    32. Jeffrey Comer Jr on

      @ Glen: Gotcha. You have an excellent point there, lol. I agree the gameplay doesn't look like anything too amazing, but it fits Mega Man well enough, I suppose. However, it seems like they aren't going to be doing much to change the gameplay model from here on in. I guess what i'm trying to say is, I don't see the "Better Gameplay" stretch goal anywhere on the list, unfortunately. So, i don't feel like we really had to give up anything for this.

    33. Azure on White on

      I believe this was a good decision on the long run. Thanks a lot!

    34. Missing avatar

      GlenN Montalbo on

      @Jeffrey: I'm not saying the game will go down from this, I'm saying the gameplay is already low in quality. I'm thinking if this was posted on baordgamegeek as is it would probably get a 4 at max. I'm all for having nicer pieces, but it means nothing if I never play the game.

    35. Jeffrey Comer Jr on

      @ Glen. It doesn't look like the game will suffer, only their initial profit margin. I didn't see where or how exactly they reduced the quality of gameplay because of the mini's. They just lowered stretch goal amounts. So, it's still "Mega Man the Board Game" but with nicer pieces. No gameplay was harmed in the making of this update.


      i was going to paint mine anyways but this saves me some time!

    37. Daniel Marek on

      Pretty awesome of you. I'll be bumping my pledge to buy some extras I wasn't originally planning because of your good gesture.

    38. Josh Rose on

      Very exciting news

    39. Brian Wallis on

      VERY excited about this. I was just looking at the page last night and feeling bummed that we might not hit the $500k mark. Reposting the link on my Facebook page. WE CAN DO THIS!

    40. Missing avatar

      GlenN Montalbo on

      I'm on the other side of the fence but kind of for a different reason. I'd rather have the actual game be good then have colored mini. It's not called megaman the minis collection, it's megaman the boardgame!

    41. Missing avatar

      Schuyler Kreitz on

      I may be one of the few people on the other side of the fence on this issue but I could care less if the figures were colored or not. Perhaps I’m just used to pre-painted miniatures looking I don’t want to say bad but more meh and would rather just do the work myself. But since all the figures have a rather simple color palette I don’t think it will be an issue but it would be nice to see a finished colored figure and maybe given an option then of colored or not.

    42. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @PajamaHero, We've thought about it and we can't find a way to make it financially make sense to order a run of uncolored miniatures and a run of colored. The way that we're going to color the miniatures is through ink-injection, meaning that players will still be able to prime and paint over without an issue

    43. Liam Briggs on

      @pajamahero - Jasco have stated that they will be inkjet colouring the figures so that they can be easily primed and re-painted for people that are looking for that

    44. Missing avatar


      Wow, that is very generous! I will be upping my pledge to your kickstarter.

    45. Jeffrey Comer Jr on

      You just won my money back, and maybe a little more. Good Form.

    46. Dustin Riffle on

      This is excellent news!! With 11 days left this is a very attainable goal...might have to up my pledge in appreciation :D

    47. PajamaHero on

      I was thinking it might be worth considering offering colored miniatures as an upgrade. Some fans will undoubtedly be from an table top gaming background and part of the fun is painting your minis. I for one would love unpainted MegaMan minis to paint in different weapon color schemes. Just a suggestion that might save you guys a few bucks and please people in both the painting and non-painting communities.

    48. Jeremy on

      Amazing! I was definitely tracking that goal as it's best goal possible. Thank you very much!

    49. "Fallout" Joe

      Would the Mega Man figures be different color schemes to reflect the Robot Master upgrade he is using? and If so... would the base game need a seventh Mega Man?