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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Brian Ferguson on

      I like the video a lot. It makes me feel much more confident about the game for sure. What I want is more character cards! Will Proto man have his own character card for those of us that get him or is he just a game piece? I think Mega, Roll, Light, Proto, and Rush would be a nice start. Would love to see a Bass too though one day!

    2. John Garay on

      love how the mechanics are flowing but having 5 stages per boss seems like it would push the game completion into the 4+ hour time frame. 3 to 4 stages might be better.

    3. Missing avatar


      The game looks really cool, especially the boss battle (and I love the idea of being able to choose whether to bet on a harder to pull off major attack with fives or sixes or going for the sure thing with lower numbers), but it looks like it could take ages with a lot of people playing.

      It would be really cool if the game could be played co-op (maybe as teams racing against one another), both because it sounds fun and so you don't have to wait for five other rounds to be completed before you get a turn to do more than toss in challenges.

    4. Joseph Le May

      I'd have to disagree with the simplicity of your argument, Jonathan, in that the re-rolls, increases to rolls, differing difficulties, and additional dice change your odds significantly. This game is more about the cards than the dice tbh.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      This video was really not convincing... Seems to be a game of "hope to always roll 5s or 6s because everything else sucks". There are some cool concepts here and very minor luck mitigation, but the core of the game seems to be all about hoping to roll high enough to be able to do any damage/pass any of the skill checks.

      The decision to not back this anymore and just grabbing it from an online store once it comes out for 15-30$ less than the KS is getting more and more tempting. I still want it just because it's Megaman, but I don't feel the need to back it on KS anymore. Good news for you is that you still have 11 days to convince me otherwise.

    6. Missing avatar

      Cody Lenhart

      I would win first player each time since I have a tattoo of Megaman fighting Metalman on my arm

    7. Massimiliano Luisi on

      the game look more complex than what i expected.
      the most cool part of the game is boss battle.
      i would have prefered to have the entire game played like that, like on a map (like on heroclix) where you can defeat met and finally the boss.
      but, anyway, as showed this seem a good game

    8. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      All good ideas. Remember that you could always have your own house rules! :)

    9. Alec Fraser on

      I think it'd be awesome for the person who has any kind of Mega Man apparel or accessory on their person (shirt, keychain, etc.) automatically goes first. If there are two or more, pick the one with the most. lol

      And great vid, guys! The sound is a little quiet, but the gameplay looks solid. I'm enjoying the boss battle mechanics and am curious to find out more in regards to the cards and boss fighting strategy behind drawing more cards.

    10. Nakano

      @GlenN Funny idea. Rules could state that or throw the die if you really want.

    11. Joseph Le May

      Awesome video! I think I am really going to like this game a ton!

      @Jasco, I really hope you consider making an 8-bit MegaMan sculpt as a bonus or add-on! That would be super rad!

    12. Ahmad Khan on

      Who ever can wall-jump while throwing stuff with one hand gets the first turn.

    13. Jorel Levenson on

      who ever has the most robot parts on their body goes first

    14. Missing avatar

      GlenN Montalbo on

      This is a small thing, but instead of randomly deciding who goes first figure out a more creative way that ties into the megaman theme. I don't have a very good suggestion though. Maybe the person who wearing the most blue? Very happy to finally see the gameplay though.