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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Dustin Riffle on

      @justin I like the cut of your jib bro

    2. David on

      @Lauren- Protoman is considered a standalone figure for the purposes of their counting, since you can buy it separately on here.

    3. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @Lauren: It just means he's not included in the calculation (probably because they didn't include him in the non-deluxe calculation)

    4. Lauren Miller on

      What does it mean Not Including Protoman? I thought all Deluxe Bundles come with the Protoman...

    5. Missing avatar

      Justin, the Anti-Social Worker on

      Thank the Creator no one was around when I stumbled upon this kickstarter. Something about a 30 year old squealing in joy makes me think therapy would be needed....Backed!

    6. Alec Fraser on

      At last! The final component to the core game has been unlocked! Congratulations on the kickstarter, guys. :) It's been a great run so far!

    7. Nathan K Silva on

      Good Morning Cut Man. Glad to see you could make it to the party. :)

    8. Bigg Cess on