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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Justin on

      "We believe UFS will be in the top 4-5 trading card games very soon."

      I'll have to keep an eye on that and NOT open my tins when I get them ;)

    2. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @Denis Madalena - In regards to your deckbuilding comment. There are no random packs in Mega Man the board game. In fact the packs that exist are not required in any way.

      Justin said it the best on how to maximize your free card packs. You have a perfectly fair game if everyone at the table only adds 1 robot master card pack to their deck. This way they are strong on that stage and also great at defending it. That is probably one of the best ways to play anyway.

      As for LCG model (Trade Marked FFG) - That is a great model for Fantasy Flight Games who is an excellent board game and RPG publisher. They tried the CCG model (Kingdom Hearts, Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulu, and UFS) but they simply were not set up to run collectible games. In our experience however, the CCG model is great if you are built to handle it. We like both models but certain games work better depending on their design with either/or.

      Also, Universal Fighting System has a great market right now and is only growing. We have seen 20% attendance increase every year at all major events since we've started in 2010. We believe UFS will be in the top 4-5 trading card games very soon.

    3. Samuel Adams on

      >No beta rule book

      To be fair, you're right they SHOULD be put up on the main page.

    4. Denis Maddalena

      I disagree... I find it irritating there's no video, no beta rulebook, anything out there. Jasco are decent guys, but they're outdated in some respects. UFS is dead except in very specific regions because the LCG model is just... better. They may have a certain fan base, but to get the game back to its state six years ago, they really need to hop on the ease-of-access model. Right now playing in the elitest meta requires either a very specific knowledge or deep pockets. That said, despite being a MegaMan fan, I worry about the possibility this game will feel archaic or just become another cash troll... I love expandability, but if the word "collectible" comes into the book at any time, I'm out. There are too many other great games out there that deserve attention, even at the cost of my deep rooted inner fanboy. I've gone expensive on this base game in good faith, but I do pull money if a company is pretty obviously ignoring rational thought. If the game is complete, post beta rules. there's mention of them, so maybe I'm blind and can't find the thing, but ... hey, put it on the main page, make it easy to find. If you want backers, give the existing ones what they want. I sold UFS back in the SF01/SC01 days based on the "it's a Street Fighter/Soul Caliber crossover!", but what kept people playing was the tightness of the rule set. Similarly I'm sold because it's MegaMan, but we're probably at maximum capacity based on "ain't that cool" value.

    5. Justin on

      Yeah, but money is money.

    6. Dietsch

      I disagree. Those are the people that were never in it for the right reasons to begin with. Anyone that is a Mega Man fan wi stick this out til the last day then decide. People who drop out of Kickstarters before the end crack me up. Your money is safe until the final hour. Just keep track of it via a calendar or your Kickstarter profile.

    7. Justin on

      Except for all those people who left, unchecked the reminder and wont ever be back because they never saw a video. People get kind of pissy like that. Those are people who aren't generating buzz, aren't putting in dollars, aren't getting their friends excited about the game and in turn THOSE people are......blah blah blah.

      There's no way to know of course but I would wager that we could easily be in the 300k's right now had a video been posted right away. Ah well.

    8. Dietsch

      I'm ok with the delay on the video. Do it right is better than rushing it.

    9. Justin on

      Same here. Not a fan of them at all. But in this case I'll make an exception. Depending of course on the play through video. As long as the mechanics are fun I'll go for it. But man, them not having that video is killing them! Sit at a table, press record and play. They need to just do it. They can work on making it all pretty later.

    10. Dietsch

      Agree. I'll be waiting right until the last day before I add on a ton of things for the complete set. I'll be honest, I'm a little turned off by the deck building portion of the game. But it's f%#king MEGA MAN! So I am all in no matter what.

    11. Justin on

      Dont get me wrong, I totally get that. At first I thought maybe you wanted everyone to have at least 1 of each card. But yeah if you want everyone to have 3 of everything then you are correct that would be 18 of each. So you would need 5 more of each pack.

      I'm probably going to play where each person can pick a pack and play with those additional cards.

      But before you try doing all the math you'll be better off just waiting until the end of the project to see what the Deluxe box does or does not get for free.

    12. Dietsch

      Put it this way, my friends call me "All In" at home on these things. Lol

    13. Justin on

      If you're trying to balls out max out everything then yeah. They simply set and upper limit. You don't have to reach that limit on everything.

    14. Dietsch

      Yeah just debating what I want for my group of players. I'm not all that keen on deck building games for our group because the last thing I want to spend time on when friends come over is building decks instead of playing. I'm trying to determine the proper amount to spend on the decks to allow my group to be competitive with each other without having to implement drafting.

    15. Missing avatar

      The Illustrious Q on

      @Dietsch Conversely, since there are going to be at least 8 Boss Card Packs (one for each Robot Master) and 8 Decks in the Deluxe version of the game, you could add one Robot Master Per deck and have the deck match the RM.

    16. Dietsch

      @Justin - but it states a deck can have up to 3 copies of a single card. That would mean I would need 18 of each card for 6 people.

    17. Justin on

      @Dietsch - if you are trying to stack every players deck the same way then you would need to order 1 more of each pack. They come with 3 copies each so you would need 1 more pack of each for 6 copies total (3x2=6). That way for a 6 player game, all 6 players can have 1 each of every card. don't really have to do that. Not all players need every single card. But you certainly could if you wanted.

    18. Dietsch

      So to understand clearly, as a deluxe backer I will get 1 of each of the current 4 packs. To have a fair playing field for all the players at the table, I will need another 3 or 5 (4 or 6 players) sets of the packs for all players to be able to make comparable decks?

    19. Justin on

      Yeah but right back up again!

    20. Michael Irigoyen on

      LOL! Someone backed out, back to 1999.