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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      And in addition to individual miniatures, we will likely be adding some bundles of multiple minis together eventually.

    2. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      Pemrich T: The bundles are not new terminology, just an additional add-on option. Instead of buying 1 pack of Fire Man cards, you would be able to get all of them for a bulk discount price. This is pretty much only going to affect non-North American buyers at t his time, as the $5 packs will cost more than that each to ship (even when grouped with the game).

      We will have updated graphics soon and international early birds tomorrow.

    3. PemrichT

      I get how this benefits everyone, but must confess that this project page is not easy to understand. Between different versions (deluxe v. basic), add-ons, figure packs, card packs, stretch bonuses, and now bundles. This is a mess and needs some charts and such to fully explain.
      I am just putting in for what I can afford and leering you send me stuff at this point. I know it won't be what I want, but it will be cool and it avoids the headache of deciphering your system.
      Good luck guys. I hope I can get items from your site after the KS is done so I can build up my missing bits after I see what I actually get.

    4. Missing avatar

      Greg Plunket on

      When will the kickstarter page be updated to reflect the new add-on prices so that we know how much we need to spend to get different things?

    5. Justin on

      In the main comments section Jasco said they would change everything that's going to be changed on Monday when they do the international changes.

    6. Solitaire Shamus on

      Could you make a bundle of every card pack that "Dr Light's Creation" or above doesn't receive for free? Maybe also make a figure bundle?

    7. Lauren Miller on

      Same here, other then the Deck Boxes and Sleeves nothing else was changed so far. I thought the card packs were suppose to change....

    8. Fletcher on

      Nothing I had as an add-on appears to have changed. I assume this effected the deck boxes and sleeves and nothing else, but it'd be nice if you could confirm what did and did not change.

    9. Justin on

      You were going to ship everything individually? Why? That seems very inefficient. Ship everything together in one box. Are they coming from different locations?

      As for the changes and people not seeing them in time, it's a non issue folks. Just ask them to use something like backerkit then it won't matter if people change their pledge on time. Everything can be hashed out after the kickstarter.

    10. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      The add-ons we are referring to are the card packs. The other add-ons should be fine, but we plan to bundle card packs together (at a lower cost) so that we are not shipping so many individual items at $5. The fees just don't make sense. We are discussing keeping them available in the US, but it will likely still be a better deal to buy the bundle. All other add-ons we expect to stay the same.

    11. rocketnia on

      Here's why people will be upset:

      If people don't learn about this change until after the Kickstarter, some of them will be upset, because their pledges will be too low or too high. Even if people learn about this change when they still have time to adapt to it, some of them will be upset, because they'll fear the specter of what would have happened if they hadn't found out (or what will happen if they ever let their guard down from here on).

      I'm glad Jasco Games is at least aware of this issue, but I think the most responsible thing to do is to not make these changes in the first place, even if that means add-ons are a net loss. Anything less than this would be perceived by some as a lack of accountability, or even a shady business practice, depending on to what degree they think of themselves as "pledging" or "purchasing."

      I'm here because I want the game to entertain and inspire people for a long time to come, not just because I want some physical artifact on a tabletop. That means the idea of offering add-ons at a loss isn't very attractive to me either, because it may limit the viability of this product. So Jasco Games, I have the following elaborate recommendation so you can build a happy fanbase:

      - Offer all the existing add-ons, even if they're at a loss, since some people will feel very entitled to that. However, you don't have to make these available outside North America, since I think you haven't technically committed to that.

      - If someone does choose all the add-ons that would be part of a bundle, upgrade them to the bundle automatically. Make it clear you're going to do this in the "choose add-ons" form instructions, because some people may be disappointed when they don't get individual boxes (e.g. as gifts for two people).

      - As a corollary, try to make the bundles such an enticing deal that people will almost always prefer to take the bundle rather than the individual add-ons. This way the automatic upgrade actually makes sense, and the above complexity is limited to relatively few backers.

      - Of course, continue looking for better distribution deals, better backer incentives, and other ways to keep your budget afloat. :)

    12. Stephen Cowart on

      Would be nice if the main page was updated with the new information. Even more so since you're telling a large number of backers they need to somehow change their pledge and yet we have no idea what changes we need to make.

    13. SFG_Dooley on

      This KS is a mess.

    14. MeMiMouse on

      I see where they are coming from, though. Shipping smaller, cheaper items is becoming less and less affordable these days.

    15. Justin on

      "some backers will be upset with the changes"

      Bwahahahahaha! That's an understatement. People be trippin!

    16. Antonio Garcia

      This benefits EVERYONE. How is this hard to understand?

    17. Samuel Adams on

      Bundling add-ons that people were most likely purchasing together to save backers money not making sense? U so silly

    18. ✩Don E✩

      Doesn't make sense....just like any of their previous decisions.

    19. Harpuia - No. 10527 on

      I figured as much. I'm here for mats and sleeves so this is pertinent information lol

    20. paul woodard on

      they probably haven't updated the new page yet to show the new bundles, since i dont see anything different at this point

    21. Harpuia - No. 10527 on

      I'm also confused as to what has changed

    22. C. Cooper

      I'm not quite clear on what's changed ... also, could you make the "Guide to the Blue Bomber" link work? Right now the image isn't a link.