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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Samuel Adams on

      I for one find it amusing how in every single other boardgame Kickstarter I've ever backed that had cards had EVERYONE clamoring for card sleeves and play mats even though the project leaders say it's way too expensive and cost ineffective to do custom sleeves/mats.

      And here people are given the option for it and they cry too expensive! Granted, yeah, they should be sets of 60 sleeves, but cmon~

    2. ✩Don E✩

      I think the consistency of responses from this section should serve (hopefully) to tell Jasco. How far off their stretch goals ideas are deviated from what their audience (backers) really want to see. I know not everyone can be satisfied but at what point will you start to reflect and step back recognize that some of these efforts need re-calibration? This campaign has the potential to be amazing like Kingdom Death, Robotech, Myth, Shadows of Brimstone and Zombicide. But it sure seems unfortunately, that the primary framework that has made these games successful is lacking with this campaign.

    3. Aidan Cavanaugh on

      Some of you need to understand the economics behind this. They're trying to get money to make the game, not to just give you the game. These add-ons will add additional cost and just handing them out devalues the entire idea of the project.

    4. Joseph Le May

      Yup. These are too expensive for how unnecessary they are.

    5. Senor L Roboto on

      @Mark Chan: I was thinking the same thing. My plan was to sleeve all of the cards in these, but considering the number of cards and the price I don't think I can do that.

    6. Mark Chan on

      It would be awesome to have these card boxes and sleeves but once the kickstarter is all said and done... currently I count 328 cards (200 from base + 80 from expansion + 48 from various boss unlocks). So it will be close to 400 cards by the end and that's an additional $80.00?! That's an extremely steep price. MAYBE if they were $5.00 I would even consider. Lastly, I think some of the additional add-ons need to be better... I'm only interested in spending more money on elements which change or make the game better. ($30.00 for a game mat? Outrageous to me)

    7. Dustin Riffle on

      This is cool, but I'm really feeling the nickel and dime approach is not the way to go here. Starting to feel a bit cheated, especially given how expensive this project is so far...

    8. Terry Chang

      no thankx
      most of your SG is paid add-on
      the more you did this the more i hate this project

    9. Jeremy Gentry on

      I was really excited about these...then I saw 50 sleeves...most likely have to pass. $20 to sleeve 1 deck (since most games require 60+) is more than I can afford...but you guys did a good job on them, they look really nice.

    10. Missing avatar


      Can there be an option to buy additional sleeves without box as well? I don't know any games that need any less that 60 sleeves.

    11. Preston Poland

      I'm with Rocketnia. Isn't 60 cards pretty standard in most card games? If I can't sleeve a UFS deck, or a Magic deck, then why do I need these?

    12. rocketnia on

      I liked this idea in theory, but these come with only 50 sleeves? That isn't even enough for a 60-card UFS deck.

    13. ✩Don E✩

      No thanks, Mayday Premium Sleeves are adequate enough for me.

    14. Melancholy Hill on

      Another overpriced item that the deluxe backers aren't getting for free? Woo hoo.

    15. Ropya on

      I second the idea of being able to just buy the boxes without the sleeves.

    16. victor etherington

      No thanks...

    17. Laura Cristina de Almeida on

      I like the box designs, however, having to shell out $60 for 6 sets in order to have sleeved all the cards coming with the deluxe pack (a total of 280 cards, since there's 5 player decks in the regular, plus 2 decks in the expansion) seems too much =/

      I'd like an option to buy only the boxes separate, since I can just use ordinary, non-illustrated sleeves in them, but having a box to separately store each deck is nice.