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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Chad Bosquez on

      I would suggest engraved dice opposed to dice with painted/printed numerals on them. The printed dice that came with Krosmaster arena were horrible which ultimately lead to the upgrade of the engraved dice.

    2. Laura Cristina de Almeida on

      Yay dice~
      Now think of a black dice with digital-like numbers painted yellow - doesn't it resemble that bomb-platform which countdowns when Mega Man steps into it?

      Of course, you could go and make the dice a regular dotted one, but I can't help but think this suggestion would be a nice dice =D

    3. Nicole Persram

      Yay, Dice!

    4. Stephen Cowart on

      Now I would like blue dice with Megaman's head and red dice with Protoman's head.

    5. Samuel Adams on

      I'm interested in seeing how this change plays out. While I still don't feel like this game needed a dice roll where it did I liked the idea of the dice roll being on cards, since it added another level of depth to the deck customization. I warmly await both the updated rules and gameplay vid!

    6. rocketnia on

      I think this was a good change to make. If dice numbers were on the cards, I think it would make each card a little less grokkable, since it would have an almost arbitrary number to memorize. When it's easier to remember a card's details without looking it up, it's easier to ponder those details while opponents are staring you down.

      I understand each card has both a Dr. Wily effect and a Mega Man effect, and I hope those manage to be grokkable together for the same reason. I played the MapleStory TCG one time a few years ago, and it had a similar mechanic which I found confusing... but for all I know I'm just easily confused. :-p If I had tried it a few more times, I might have gotten the hang of it.

    7. paul woodard on

      Whatever the end product im sure it will be great regardless