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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Justin on

      Jason, go to a game store (not a toy store) and check out the $200+ games. This is cheap.

    2. Jason on

      Why is a board game so expensive to begin with?

    3. Andrew Patten on

      I'm excited, but I'll be honest, if I don't get, or have the ability to get all 8 Robot Masters and all 8 Robot Masters Add-On packs, I will be disappointed. Enough to even back out. I really hope this gets the funding to hit all that, wherever that may be. The game play looks really fun, but yeah, I need all 8 or my OCD will flare to unreasonable levels.

      I do think this game is on the pricey side, but licensing Mega Man can't be cheap. Still, people need to see more value in the box to pay the prices asked here. I look at my Gears of War game, and that has way more pieces, for about $65, retail. I'm not saying that all games are created equal, but still, I'm certain people would be more excited if they saw more included in the $90 pledge box. We need more stretch goals to happen, less add-ons. Add-ons should be at the end of the campaign, in my personal opinion. More things included in the base value begets more people buying the base game. More add-ons only gets those already committed to buy more. $5x8 = $40. $90>$40. :-) Plus, more base committed means more potential for add-on sales.

      Also, those of you comparing this to Zombicide are off by roughly $500,000 so yeah, they are gonna be VASTLY different.

    4. Mike Youtz

      If this game makes it to regular online retail you're looking at 20-40% off of MSRP plus many places offer free shipping for orders over $100. Generally the only reasons to pledge a kickstarter are 1) to genuinely help 2) to get exclusives 3) to get it first. If enough freebies are tossed in then you can do pretty well in a KS, the downside is the company's post-KS sales will suffer if there are too many exclusives. Would anyone want to pick up a system post-KS with a ton of exclusives that they now have to pay a fortune to get on eBay. I skip these systems (Zombicide, I'm looking at you)...speaking of Z, advertised at $90 in the KS, pledge was $75 (with a couple promos)...$72 at MM

    5. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      @Brandon - did you get the deluxe version? If not, then you won't get the same stretch goals for free. They are trying to move more people to the Blue Bomber level. If we get 2,000 backers, all 4 of the extra card packs will be free. If you didn't get a deluxe level, then you should understand that many of the stretch goals/ addons will cost you more. They're letting you pick and not forcing you into anything. But, if you want the most for your money, the $140 level is going to be it.

      @Jason - you're going to pay more if you wait to get this in stores. So far in the deluxe game you get ElecMan, IceMan, GutsMan, FireMan, BombMan and Dr. Wily. You also get TimeMan and OilMan as part of the expansion. So far, the Elec and Fire extra card packs are free. If we get 2,000 backers then the Ice & Bomb extra cards will also be included for free.

      Getting to 300K isn't unrealistic so you can almost guarantee Cutsman will be included as well. But, if you think buying the game in stores is going to be cheaper down the road, then GOOD LUCK, cause it'll be $200 or more for the same stuff.

    6. Jason on

      For a board game this mighty expensive. I might have to back out and wait for the final release after kickstarter. I'd much rather have complete 8 masters set to play with at a cheaper price.

    7. BFast20 on

      Yey for Nickel and Dimeing me to death with add ons..