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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. RX Maverick on

      Is this the same mat that was at GenCon?

    2. Justin on

      The best way to do it would be to make another kickstarter only mat. Otherwise they run the risk of people taking back their $30.

      And no, not all swords have two sharp edges ;p

    3. Omar Needs Coffee on

      Swords need edges.
      Why not make this special?

    4. Justin on

      That's a double edged sword. Lots of people don't like that.

    5. Clinton Murray on

      you should put kickstarter backer on the mat and make it more special for the backers, I for one would like that.

    6. Justin on

      Chad, click manage pledge and raise your pledge amount by $30 but stay on the same pledge tier. So you're over pledging by $30. At the end of the project you'll specify what the extra $30 is for. You can do that for any addon. Just keep adding them up and raising your pledge.

    7. Chad Bosquez on

      How do I add one to my pledge?

    8. Carlos Oliveira on

      Yea I'm talking about the mats

    9. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @Justin, 14x24

      @Eric, there are many examples of card playmats, and ours is similar. The underside is a special grip rubber

      @Lauren, there are no plans at this time.

      @Carlos, are you talking about the playmats?

    10. Eric Appleguy on

      Thanks Bass!

      I wish there were more info on the material and manufacturing of the playmat. I've have many mousepads curl up (at the sides and corners) and die on me, and they tend to trap dirt a little too well for my liking.

    11. Bass on


      It could be used for such, yes. But it's mainly used for card games (Jasco does own the UFS TCG)

      I've been looking for a mat for quite a while now, and this is it right here.

    12. Eric Appleguy on

      Is this a glorified mousepad?

    13. Juan Melendez Jr on

      When can I buy this. Is it an add-on we can get to our pledge? If so how do I add it?

    14. Lauren Miller on

      Any chance this may become a bonus goal or free gift if we get more backers?

    15. Justin on

      What are the dimensions of the mat?

    16. Carlos Oliveira on

      Does it make sense to have one for each player or just for the center of the game where cards are placed?

    17. Bass on

      Getting this for sure!