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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Missing avatar


      I agree with AnotherHorrorFan. This really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Don't make us unlock add-ons we have to purchase. Even better, don't have them at all; I'm already dropping $130 on your game. Get rid of these useless art prints and just give us more game.

    2. Missing avatar


      Unfortunately this is a big turns off for me. You shouldn't have to unlock purchasables. Stretch goals should be stretch goals. I hope I don't see much more of these.

    3. Jason

      @Jasco so you get us at the international shipping...
      And know with the Strech goal....
      The first 24h.... You make such a chaos...
      And deleting comments on Facebook just to keep nice reviews....

    4. Stephen Cowart on

      Agreed with George. If they're add-ons list them as such or tell us AHEAD of time. Not when we get to it.

    5. Missing avatar

      George Wendt on

      Unlocking ways to spend more money isn't a great motivator to me.

    6. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      Add-ons are purchased, and not considered bonus stretch goals.

    7. Brent Tyler on

      Agreed, this seems pretty clear:

      "NOTE: The (pledge level $130 and above) receives ALL unlocked BONUS stretch goals!"

    8. Stephen Cowart on

      That's what I'm hoping AnotherHorrorFan but this makes it look like its ONLY an add-on which means EVERYONE has to pay for it.

    9. Missing avatar


      Judging by the pledge levels I believe you have to pay 5$ for the pack (if you want it) if you are below the Dr. Light's Creation pledge level.

    10. Jason V on

      I am hoping that this is included in the $130 + levels...

    11. Stephen Cowart on

      Agreed with those asking the question, do I get this since I am at the $130 level or do I have to pay more for it?

    12. Samuel Adams on

      >5$ Add-on
      >Bonus stretch goals are included at this level

      Which is it..?

    13. rocketnia on

      In the higher pledge ranks that include stretch goals, is this one of the stretch goals that's automatically included?

    14. ✩Don E✩

      @Jasco I am at a loss. O_O

    15. Kenneth on

      Is this add-on included for all the pledge levels ($130+) that say include all bonus stretch goals? Or is this just unlocked so everyone can purchase it as an add-on and not included for those pledgers?

    16. Nicholas E. Kelsch on

      Whuuuuuuuut? 12 cards for 5$? Are we really gonna have to shell out 5$x8 masters to have a complete game now?