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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Ben on

      Interesting. I'll keep an eye out for that update.

      I do appreciate you guys sending me out those boss cards recently after so long of forgetting about them.

    2. Hypercoyote on

      Interested to hear the answers to the questions below. I didn't hate the MM Board Game, I actually really enjoyed it, but I agree it had many serious flaws that were never addressed. I echo the sentiment that I'd be willing to buy a 'fix' for the first board game and that it would be better to address that prior to a KS for a 2nd Board Game.

    3. Luke Fletcher on

      So weird that you're doing it as a new game and not as an expansion pack. Any reason?

    4. Justin on

      Just to hit this one home, fix the first one BEFORE you attempt to raise money for the second. Not after and don't even try to pull any "during" it nonsense. We already fell for rules being worked on during the campaign once. Not happening again!

    5. Solitaire Shamus on

      You folks could have updated the rules a little earlier. You know, 2 years ago. At the very least, please make it so that you can finish the game within 3 hours at worst. I honestly haven't played it much, as no one else is willing to, so I really can't assess the quality of the game (though even a short look through the rules and a basic game design knowledge raises several red flags). As such, since you ARE updating the rules, would you kindly also make a single player rule set? I do love the game's components and think there can still be good rules made from it, the rules just need a complete revamp.

    6. Samuel Rodriguez on

      Well, isn’t it convenient though that they’re making plans to “update” the megaman board game at the same time they’re starting an announcement for a megaman the board game 2?

      Had they never decided to do a sequel we wouldn’t be seeing this “we’re going to update it for you guys” news.

      In short, they know they screwed up but didn’t want to do anything to fix it before (and they’ve had years since the release of the game, which is plenty of time... PLENTY of time) but now that they want to do a sequel they want to fix the first one to try and fix the bad blood they created so that they can get our pledges again.

      They don’t care about their customers, we’re just dollar bills to them. A good company that cares about their customers is on top of their product, listening to complaints and trying to find ways to fix them, providing answers and support. The community itself on boardgamegeek tried to save this game more than the creators. That’s Ridiculous.
      This was just a cash grab for them and we were the dollar bills (as they see us) that fell for it.

      Shame on you Jasco.

    7. Nicole Persram

      I haven't come on here to voice my disdain for this project yet because, well, it's unproductive and doesn't get me anything. But now you're thinking of redesigning it.
      This game was the worst thing I've ever played. If I could give it a negative score, I would. My first play we heavily used house rules; start with a power, no redrawing of hands till after the players turn was over, use less spaces around the board, fight less bosses, yellow devil is a restart spot. Sure, it helped the length of the game (we quit after 3 hours when someone got to but not beat Wily). But none of that mattered because it wasn't fun to play, even for the person winning. If one person got ahead, they stayed ahead. If one player got a better power, they got ahead. We randomized powers and because some are better against certain areas than others, players were forced with fighting one specific boss or basically handicapping themselves. There was little to no choice. Nothing exciting to look forward to. Players played on not to press their luck but because if they didn't, then they'd never catch up, and thus playing the game was pointless. Player elimination would have been more humane. I was really looking forward to the game.
      The concept of a MegaMan 2 Board Game is baffling. Your core audience won't buy it because they've been burned. Other board gamers wont buy it because it's initial release has such a crappy rating, and it's obviously overproduced. I'm just... shaking my head. All that said, if you release an update to this game that we can print and play - and it is >= good - I would consider buying an upgrade pack. But don't do this at the same time as you start your KS for MM2, proving you care more about new backers than your existing ones. You won't get me then. Have your 'new game' ready well in advance of your KS and win back your core audience. You've got a lot of ground to cover.

    8. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      To be fair they did mention updating this one too at same time. I will believe it when I see it but I certainly hope they fix this.

    9. Samuel Rodriguez on

      Mega man the board game 2?

      Wow, you guys have no shame.