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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Alexander Travassos

      A friend and I toyed with the games rules and mainly kept it the same, with tweaks here or there. So personally I feel the overall game is solid and very satisfying.

      @Jasco are you planning in the future to make a Mega Man 2 expansion and/or the like at some point?

    2. Gareth Davies on

      I never received anything from this Kickstarter so I can't really comment on the game's length!

    3. Leo "Blake" Dumas, Master of the Forge on

      The board?
      I thought it was more the wily players and the boss battles.

      Usually cut out the wily players turn altogether or the player to the left gets to play wily cards.
      Also cut down the health for bosses and mega man.

      Seems everyone has their own variant..

    4. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @Russel If you have not received anything please contact and he'll resolve any issues as he is our shipping director.

    5. Missing avatar

      Russell Patton on

      Soooo... About those robot master cards? I feel I've been pretty dang patient and seeing how ya'll are using this campaign to pimp yet another project and I still haven't received mine I'm a little vexed now. Can I expect that this promise will be finally fulfilled since you guys feel the need to message me through this campaign? And now you're suggesting we pony up more scrilla in the future to fix the game?

    6. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      That is a very fair and good response Jasco. I'll believe it when I see it... but I'm hopeful something will happen. Still I think it will take quite a revamp (and if you want it to work with these new SF minis which is what Jasco discussed years back during the megaman campaign... then new minis) so we're likely looking at a whole new product not just an update pack. Hopefully you'll offer some discounted rate for returning backers.

    7. Justin on

      I agree with Brett. Lots of people have been pointing new backers of SF over to here to see the dumpster fire and this update just reeks of....oh well, we're still the good guys and are willing to make things right. You guys had PLENTY of time to make things right during the campaign and you did NOTHING. There was tons of feedback and you all threw it in that dumpster and lite it on fire. We're supposed to believe that 4 years later right when you are doing a new campaign that you now want to fix this? I wasn't born yesterday. Sadly, based on some of the past comments with this update and the last update I guess some people actually were.

      You've had tons of feedback DURING THE CAMPAIGN to make the rule book more understandable.

      You've had tons of feedback DURING THE CAMPAIGN to make the game feel more like a video game.

      You've had tons of feedback DURING THE CAMPAIGN to make the components better/correct.

      You did none of it and you did none of it when it would have been the cheapest and the RIGHT time to do it.

      Honestly, none of this surprises me. I knew this was all going to go to hell when I met Jason in Vegas and he blew me off like I was some kind of peon with a contagious disease.

    8. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @Brett I'm sorry that you have perceived this post as nothing more than a PR Statement. I personally have not been with Jasco Games long and was not around in the Megaman days, I've begun collecting feedback about the Megaman game and will be pulling information from board game geek as well as from other sources. So if you have feedback there I should be able to find it, but I believe you already emailed me your feedback, which I do deeply appreciate it. I hope to have a game update out soon to show you this isn't just a PR statement, but until then I appreciate all the support you have given when the project was live, and the support you still are giving through your feedback.

      @Nakano We had discussed a second Megaman Board Game with updated rules and new content, but we were concerned that it might slight those who were not pleased with the current Megaman Board Game. I cannot say for a fact it won't happen, but I personally would rather update this game first before publishing a second Megaman Board Game.

      @MightyDork We're glad you enjoyed Megaman Pixel tactics, we learned a lot about Kickstarter and Board Games from this project, and card-based games are Jasco's special utility, just look at UFS our flagship game for proof we know how to make cards. We are open to using the Megaman IP in other products, who knows you may see a Megaman UTS Kickstarter someday, anything is possible.

      @Samuel I understand your disbelief, I hope we here at Jasco Games will have an update soon so you can see it, and believe it.

    9. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Also what the heck was going on play testing wise during the lengthy delays on this project? Feels like there was ample time to address any issues and just seems like no okay testing was done. I know I was constantly asking you all to base the levels off the game levels and even made mockups for the concept (during the campaign). There was plenty of time to figure this out.
      Sorry this post riled me up. I saw the title and thought we were finally getting some news (even if I knew it was just because of the new SF KS). Instead I found a pretty weak PR attempt with basically a “sorry cant do anything”

    10. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Yeah I am not buying this. I appreciate the update (finally) but the fact that it only came during your new KS is convenient timing (anyone else find it funny the image they used has a big dollar sign in it?). Further, while I agree many things can’t be done as components are locked in... there is plenty that COULD be done without touching components. I (and likely others) have emailed you detailed feedback. The BGG forum has tons of it. Things could be done.
      This just reads as a carefully crafted PR statement to save some face during your new KS and try to address one of the bigger concerns with the new KS. I truly hope you do something to make things right for this game and the backers here... but this post is not very believable.

    11. Deku Lord on

      The game is too long for it's rules and WAY overproduced. In order for the game to be enjoyable it needs deep cuts, like the boards, the miniatures, Health, probably even the player decks. The game is a dice chucker, so let's make it a 1/2 hour dice chucking game rather than a 4 hour one.

    12. Nakano

      If you're planning to make a new game at some point, the current minis would suit well with Mega Man Legends dungeon crawler. -> Card set to use MMBG minis in it.

    13. MightyDork on

      My gaming group spent eight hours playing this, and only one of us made it to Dr. Wily's castle. A big part of that was how the rules both under- and over-explain things at the same time. Mega Man has become the benchmark by which we compare all other bad games. "Yeah, Pittsbugh '68 was horrible, but at least it wasn't Mega Man..."

      MM Pixel tactics was a great game. If you can find another IP to skin Mega Man onto like that, go for it. I'd love to see a Mega Man Boss Monster.

    14. Justin on

      We didn't even finish a single play through. It was unanimously determined to be horrible.

    15. Stephen Carnaggio on

      It has been so long. I haven't touched this game after the first month.

    16. Samuel Rodriguez on

      I’ll believe it when I see it.

      I love love love street fighter. I play the game, play at tourments and watch the streams of tournaments all the time. I would have backed the street fighter board game but seeing you guys are involved made it a HUGE no.

      You guys have really tarnished your own reputation. You let a lot of people down, we trusted you, we supported you and we waited for a very long time to get the pile of crap you created. And the game itself showed a lack understanding the source material, a lack of game design and a lack of playtesting.

      The quality of the miniatures does not justify such a crap game.

      I’m not the only one that thinks like this. I assure you that because of all this I’ve stated you have lost many people that would have backed your street fighter game. You lost people’s trust and you’ve lost money.

      You can say “oh but this game is designed by angry joe! We’re just providing the license and helping with the distribution!”. And honestly for a moment that did make me want to back it, but ultimately I’ve decided not to, nothing against angry joe but you guys being involved have ruined it.

      That’s my 2 cents wether you care or not.

    17. Griffinman01 on

      I've used a few house rules that have sped up the game without the need for changes to the core components, these might not be totally balanced, but they do cut out some time with the game length:

      Mega Man Board Game House Rules:
      - No Wily Player Turn - The first Wily player no longer plays a card from their hand. They flip the top card of their deck and discard it. The Wily side is played (if able). If the card can't be played due to an illegal target or due to cost, nothing happens and the Wily turn ends. If the card is played and there are points left over, the next Wily player repeats the process by discarding the top card of their deck and checking if it can be played. This continues until either all points are used up or a card cannot be played.
      - Roll all threat at the start of your turn - At the start of your challenge phase, roll all dice as indicated by your threat. You may then use any number of those dice to pass the challenge, kill minions, or gain health (any negative effects of the challenge are triggered ONCE regardless of the number of faces shown. Example, if a Wily Head means you take 2 damage, you take 2 damage if any number of Wily heads are rolled). Any dice that had an effect in the challenge (positive or negative) are removed from your pool (if a dice had a negative effect, only ONE die is removed of that type. In the above example, if you rolled 3 Wily Heads, you take 2 damage and one of those dice is removed from the pool). The remaining dice are then rerolled for the next challenge as above. Weapon energy may be used to reroll dice as normal. This continues until the challenge is failed or the player decides to stop.
      - Boss/Minion Trophies - Upon killing a minion in a challenge, you take a minion token and keep it in your play area (just like you do with Boss Trophies). The rules for trophies are now as follows:
      Minion Trophies - Minion trophies may be discarded by Mega Man players on boss fights for two different effects:
      1 Minion - You may reroll one of your dice (this may be used before or after weapon energy is spent).
      2 Minions - You may set one of your dice on the face of your choice (this may be used before or after weapon energy is spent).
      Boss Trophies - Boss trophies may be discarded by Mega Man players for any of the following effects:
      1) May discard at any time to reroll any number of your dice in a challenge/fight.
      2) May discard at any time to set 2 of your dice on the face(s) of your choice.
      3) During a boss fight you may discard to play an additional card from your hand this turn.

    18. Philip Campbell on


      And follow me here...

      Sell the property to someone else and allow them to find a solution; or buy a solution from someone else and modify it into your game. It isn't just the board that is problematic. The games rules are... sometimes wonderfully written and sometimes: atrocious. Many people tried to help when they first came out and it got much better than your original postings but if you want proof people have been trying now since the game came out to fix the rules check out bgg.

      They have tried to make this game better. You have told us how you worked on considering solutions but several very good ones were available for free by the community and you moved on to your next cash grab.

      Be happy with your newest properties and allow this to move to a company that can actually fix your issues. I'm sad this game was awful. Mega Man is one of the three game series I will always try to support when I see it places. You have made me second guess that and anything you touch after this game was so bad. You make incredible (and I do mean it) miniatures. If you release minis for something but not a game? I'm there.

      Consider that. Use the license to at least do something awesome.