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Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game Launches April 4th!

Posted by Jasco Games (Creator)

Greetings Everyone!
Back in 2017, we updated you on some of our upcoming games to be released in 2018, and we are proud to announce Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game is making its debut on Kickstarter April 4th at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time! This is a hybrid miniatures-board game that uses high-quality pre-painted miniatures to replicate the intense iconic fights of the Street Fighter universe.

Let us get a detailed look at one of the fighters included in the Core Set!

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game uses a unique size, the brand new "Collector's Scale"! This giant-size has your models large and in charge from 65mm tall all the way up to 85mm tall on some characters all on a standardized 58mm base! We will be offering this scale for all our future Universal Tactics System Games.

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game supports up to six players in Versus Mode, Free for All, Team Mode, and Boss Mode! Stage maps have 3D Destructible Terrain that you can knock your opponents into for extra damage!  

The Universal Tactics System will be cross-compatible with all future UTS games. Thank you for all your time, and we hope to see your support for this project and future projects.      


 Your Jasco Games Team!


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    1. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Luke email sent! Hope it helps. Happy to discuss it further if you like.

    2. Paint'Riot Studio

      Nice ! can't wait to see the kickstarter ! i hope the price won't be too high...

    3. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      @Deku I think that will be tough as any future one I imagine will be done to the new standard shown on the SF campaign. So much larger scale which would require new minis and boards.... and the current cards suuuuuck. And the dice aren’t great...

      So yeah basically everything. Hopefully they give a steep discount for returning backers but it still won’t be cheap given the standard of the new minis etc.

      The plus side is the tactics mini game they said this would work with might become a thing again... currently it definitely won’t since the minis etc are completely different scales.

    4. Deku Lord on

      @Jasco Games
      If you do make a second edition of Megaman TBG on Kickstarter, please, for the love of basic customer service, please offer an upgrade kit.

    5. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Sounds good Luke. I’ll dig it up and resend tomorrow. I hope it helps.

    6. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @Brett MacDonald Personally I wasn't with the company at the time of the Megaman Kickstarter or directly after it so I can't give you an answer without talking to the team in the Joffice. I personally would like to hear your feedback, so if you still have the email or a word document with your feedback send it to I can't promise anything beyond that I will read it and it will be in my mind if we approach a second Megaman board game. I personally have no problem with feedback that might seem harsh if it comes from a honest place, and you seem like you care strongly about the game and the IP so you want to see it done justice, that's something I can respect. I can also understand if you don't feel comfortable supporting UTS, but I recommend if you are a fan of Street Fighter to keep an eye on the Kickstarter, you might like what you see.

      If Street Fighter does well Mortal Kombat will be next, and with Mortal Kombat there should be no doubt in the quality of the rules and miniatures, so if you're feeling concerned about the product you can always wait till Mortal Kombat, though I do hope that you'll like what you see the first time around.

    7. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      @Jasco I appreciate the response. Any reason why you have not tried to post altered rules or anything in the past few years? I understand it cant be truly fixed without a reboot but i never understood why nothing was done. What is currently an awful game could have easily been improved with just new rules to a mediocre one.
      I know I sent you my feedback and thoughts on a revamp before but feel free to hit me up if you need it again. This had so much promise but feel very flat. Maybe some day it can be what I know it could have been.
      I know my feedback is harsh but I also think honest feedback is the best I can give (both for your future endeavors and for other customers). Hoping this one goes well for you even if I do not think I can stomach supporting it. It looks promising but this project still lingers for me sadly. I'll be checking out SF tomorrow either way and make my decision at the end of the campaign.

    8. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @Brett MacDonald, Angry Joe is the lead designer on the UTS system of which is his own creation that he has worked on for two years with the assistance of other Game Developers, so if you were fine with supporting Pixel Tactics due to Jasco Games being only a vessel for the licence you should have little concerns with UTS regarding that.

      Jasco Games has learned a lot about the Kickstarter platform and learned a lot about board games since Megaman, look to Buffy the Vampire Slayer a game that has done well commercial to see what we've learned in board game production.

      Personally, as an employee of Jasco Games, I am sorry that you have had such a bad experience with Megaman, but I appreciate you caring enough about the game and the Megaman IP to voice your opinion. Internally we've discussed the issues with Megaman when talking about a second Megaman Board Game. Some possible fixes to the base game that we discussed would be starting with a random robot master power or moving two spaces instead of one. I hope those suggestions might increase your enjoyment of the game as they speed up the game or make the first robot master a bit easier.

    9. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Well I am honestly surprised backers here are still on their side (and I was an avid supporter back in the day. KS comments here prove it). This was an absolutely awful campaign and shows lots of bad business practices by Jasco. I will agree the minis were good but little else. Very glad you got your money back Alex but I'd feel bad selling this to anyone so I have not.
      @Jeffrey. I agree the gameplay on Street Fighter is significantly better. The gameplay video shows that. That doesn't mean I want to support Jasco who has done literally nothing to correct this crummy game they shipped out. They didn't even try and post updated rules which would have cost them nothing but some man hours (no physical components). That does not sit well with me and is not something I want to support further. They had years of delays to test and develop this further but instead appear to have done almost no playtesting, ignored good backer feedback, and sent out an awful game.

      I will keep an open mind though and see how the KS pans out. I backed Megaman Pixel tactics afterall but that was due to my faith in L99 and knowing Jasco was mainly involved because they own the IP. For this one Jasco will be fully involved... so my concerns are back although Angry Joe has alleviated the gameplay concerns. So I will consider it but this would be almost an instant back if not for Jasco.

      I just dont understand why people AREN'T concerned Jasco is involved. I get having faith in Angry Joe and that's fine... but how can people not acknowledge Jasco had significant issues on this game and a bad KS history... They have this game... 2 failed projects... and then the one game L99 basically ran for them that went well.

    10. Denis Maddalena

      Angry Joe spends so much time talking about stupid stuff ... can't even listen to the guy.

    11. Alex Bass on

      I don't know why people are so upset. I got my money's worth from the Mega Man project. Played the game several times and sold it on eBay for what I paid for it here. The rules were weak, but workable. The minis were awesome! I'm definitely backing Street Fighter. It was designed by Angry Joe, so I have utmost confidence that the rules won't disappoint and Jasco's miniatures are good enough already.

    12. Jeffrey Kelso on

      Street Fighter is done by a completely different designer. He has already posted multiple gameplay videos, which should give you a good idea of how it will be.

    13. Justin on

      HELL TO THE NO!!!! I am NEVER giving Jason another dime.

    14. Samuel Rodriguez on

      Well, I was excited for the SF board game and I was gonna back it but now knowing Jasco is involved... NOPE. You ain’t strong my money. You guys suck.

    15. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Jasco I likely would NOT have done this given how this project went. Likely going to rile up a lot of people.

      On the off chance you actually read these comments please consider updated rules to fix this game. I know components are locked in but updated rules could at least be done to help some of the significant issues this game had...