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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Jason on

      Wondering if anyone in Canada has received their shipping information yet.

    2. Tom Northrop on


      Thanks for the clarification! I wouldn't mind paying the extra shipping cost when that option becomes available. Though I've still yet to see my order shipped. I'm assuming it's one of the ones being held. Can't wait to try this game out with my friends when it finally makes it's way down here.

    3. Stephen Carnaggio on

      Played with a group of friends yesterday. Didn't finish it, as the game takes forever. I think the main problem is that the Robot Master fights take way too long. There are a few out there who have abilities that just cripple the speed of the game. Bad rolls can also lead to rounds upon rounds where RM and Mega Man do zero damage to each other.

    4. Justin on

      Tom, only the EXTRA Robot Master cards were going to be digital. They are now giving the option to get them printed at your own cost of shipping.

    5. Tom Northrop on

      Wait, I'm still confused. What's the deal with having printable cards and such? Did I back a physical board game where I have to print my own cards once it arrives? Or am I misreading this?

    6. Stephen Carnaggio on

      I'd like to also add I'm interested in the copy Time Man and Oil Man. Right now it seems to be the best bet to go after both of them before going to Wily, because you wouldn't get them in the castle

    7. Jorge Medina

      Yes, the robot master copy cards for Time Man and Oil Man seem like a glaring omission

    8. Stephen Carnaggio on

      So if we want to order physical robot master cards, but didn't hold back, we'll get a lower-quality product than those who held back?

    9. Missing avatar


      Thanks for presenting where everything is at so clearly! Even if it's not always great news, it's nice to understand what's going on!

    10. Hypercoyote on

      Hope to see a great retail turnout for the game. I've enjoyed it!

    11. Grady Bailey on

      Good to hear that everyone is still working hard! Despite all the trouble this Kickstarter went through, the finished product is still pretty great to look at.

      Can't say the same about it being fun to play though, but it's good to hear that you're working on some updated rules! I highly recommend trying to develop a co-op version of the rules, in which a team of heroes works to defeat ALL the Robot Masters and Wily. I put together some house rules for such a thing and it works pretty well, but I'd love to see an official co-op variant in the future.

    12. Justin on

      "For those of you who had your orders held, we are printing your cards in the US at a higher cost/higher card paper quality. "

      So my earlier fear about these cards not matching the other cards is true. Ugh.

      Anyway, what about all the other missing cards? Did I miss something in this update?

    13. Willennium

      Thanks for the update. I appreciate the wealth of info. Sadly I haven't had a chance to go over my shipment and should probably do that to make sure nothing is missing.

      As far as playable robot masters, I wouldn't mind paying extra for those in order to help offset costs for you. These campaigns are difficult sometimes for the producers, and what seems easy and cost effective can balloon unexpectedly. I think every Kickstarter has experienced that.

      So yeah, I look forward to the Robot Master cards, and would love to get them on similar cardstock as the game if possible. Again I don't mind kicking in for that.

    14. Aaron Redd on

      I didn't have my order held. I never had an option, it just hasn't shipped yet and I don't understand why.

    15. Nakano

      "We are looking into having cards printed for all backers as well, as it was our lack of clarity in this product being digital that confused our backers and fans, but they will not be able to print until after the Chinese New Year (end of February)."
      This is very nice. Maybe the best to deliver with the missing Mega Man character cards and possible missing items from the first order.

    16. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Awesome update! For MM2 expansion PLEASE consider going to larger challenge cards and basing them off of the actual video game levels. Refer to my prototype from years back (when they were tiles but could easily be done in card form instead).……

      The above links are from when you were using tiles but the concept is easily applied to cards and Jasco has plenty of experience with card and card layout from UFC. You want these cards to be big enough that everyone can see them when placed on the table and not have people passing them around (except to stare at the awesome art based on the real levels in the game!). Even if they have to be as big as a planechase card (from magic the gathering) so be it. This will make the game so much cooler and nostalgic and will likely draw even more players to the game (from the old video game crowd). You have such strong source material here which you used well for the UFC cards. Why not here too?

      Also this might help clear up the confusion on playing minion cards on them if you tweak/update the layout more (this would also need updating the rulebook).

      It'd be great if it also included cards for the MM1 game to retroactively upgrade it. Would be amazing!

    17. shizknight on

      What about the robot master copy cards for Time Man and Oil Man??? These keep not being mentioned in the updates(I only ever the see the protag cards mentioned). Were these supposed to exist or are they intentionally left out?

    18. ArchGeek on

      Just sent Shane an email regarding my held back pledge and the Playable Robot Master Cards.


    19. Brandon Myers

      Mega Man 2 for the win and Robo Dragon model for the win

    20. Albert Lee on

      End of Chinese New Year is mid February (around the 15th). Not to be nitpicky but I work with Chinese manufacturers (about 2 dozen) and they are all returning on the 15th.