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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. alraz on

      @Sean Sandefer
      Thanks for the info. I also have a UPS tracking number but no package. Was worried sick that my package got lost. UPS told me that the package has not been received by them... sooo....
      just gotta wait I guess...

    2. Ivan Reyes on

      still got no notice or anything, i'm dying to have the game but this isn't going well and hoping i'm on the delay list

    3. Michael Howell on

      I have been extremely excited about seeing this game become a reality, but at this point, I have no clue when I am actually going to get it. Not only that, I ordered the playmats, and I have STILL not received them. I was under the assumption that I would get them alongside all the other stuff I had coming to me (despite the fact that a local comic book/gaming store nearby had the playmats and tins available to sell within a few short months of the Kickstarter closing), but apparently, I was mistaken. And as added frustration, I am getting posts on my Facebook feed stating that the game is now available to purchase for anyone.

      So, Jasco has failed to keep those of us who backed, but have nothing in hand about what issues might be delaying our backed products, or any related backer rewards. They have decided, for some bizarre reason that it is in their best interests to create shipping labels for products that they DO NOT HAVE ready to ship weeks in advance (at least, two in my case), and have made no effort to let us know why we are being notified about these phantom packages. I'm not nearly as pissed about how this is being handled, by comparison to the Palladium Robotech debacle, but I am not exactly happy about this either. I hope that I get some much needed information from Scott, because this is slowly becoming a problem.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lil Keezy

      I understand wanting to get the deliveries right. But they shouldn't be creating shipping labels for deliveries they know they don't have the components for. UPS bases their delivery dates on this, they assume the package will be sent to them within a day or two from when the label is created.

      Seeing the delivery date come and go without Jasco even sending out the package or communicating with backers to disregard it, it just leaves an even more of a sour taste to a lot of people who are already impatient and irritated over the endless delays and overall lack of communication around the whole campaign.

      Couple that with all the stories about damaged or missing components, and it really ends everything on a low note. Instead of a victorious "After all the wait it's finally here!" to "Thank god this mess is finally over and done with."

    5. MightyDork on

      @Stephen Carnaggio. A lot of the orders are waiting on components. I don't know which components these are, Shane didn't specify. I had a lot of add-ons to my order though. Shane did say they should be shipping out next week.
      Seeing all these stories of the shipments that went out 2 weeks ago missing pieces, hopefully Jasco is taking this extra time with the late shipments to verify all the contents.

    6. Stephen Carnaggio on

      Contacted UPS. Apparently "ready for UPS" means that Jascogames hasn't even given it to UPS yet. Of course, its been about 24 hours, and no word from Shane.

    7. Stephen Carnaggio on

      I'm having the same issue as Patrick Machense. It should have been here on the 14th, but the tracking number says "ready for UPS"

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Taylor on

      @Pat Slocom

      I had this exact same issues with several corners of the primary game board being bent in several corners when I opened it up. I am pretty bummed out about it as I am a huge Mega Man and Board game nerd and want to keep this game in pristine condition. I e-mailed yesterday but haven't heard back yet and was just curious if you, or anyone else, has gotten ahold of him regarding this issue.

    9. Missing avatar

      patrick machense on

      So i got an email saying my package was coming a week ago and would be received yesterday, but the tracking number has stayed at "Ready for UPS" all week. What the hell gives?

    10. Kris Dalman on

      @hypercoyote Yes you are correct.

    11. Jamaal Christian on

      Where do you even get the tracking number?

    12. Griffinman01 on

      @Rich Loesch
      The UFS tins were shipped out over a year ago so you might want to talk to Jasco if you never got them. The Art Print is in the board game box (it's the same image as on the box and is single-sided. The Protoman figure should have been in the Stretch goal box with the rest of the figures so you might need to e-mail Jasco about that.

      Your guess is as good as mine regarding the stickers, but that seems reasonable.

    13. Hypercoyote on

      So these little colored stickers in the core box, are they supposed to be for sticking on the identical Megaman figures to tell them apart?

    14. Hypercoyote on

      @Lil Keezy What was the debacle? They only delayed it to not rush the product. You always run the risk of delays with Kickstarter because you're usually dealing with something a person/company has never done before. They actually handled things really well and delivered a solid product.

    15. Hypercoyote on

      @Rich Loesch They mentioned the deckboxes and sleeves would ship separately, so I imagine the tins are the same way. I didn't get my sleeves or deckboxes in my first shipment, I'm awaiting them now.

    16. Missing avatar

      Lil Keezy


      I'm in the same boat as you. Got a tracking number on the 7th. Based on that UPS gave me an estimated delivery date of the 12th. Here it is being the 14th and UPS still doesn't even have the package.

      I'm trying my best to be patient and understanding. But truth be told, my patience for this entire debacle of a Kickstarter ran out about a year ago.

    17. Missing avatar

      Rich Loesch on

      I just got my shipment but it does not appear to have the tins, the art print, or the Protoman. Are those shipping separately?

    18. Hypercoyote on

      Just wanted to say to Jasco that everything looks great! The mini figures are very good quality, the packaging is great, it all looks so nice. Capcom made a good decision when they chose you guys to take this on. Having followed your posts, you've put a lot of work and effort into doing things right and it definitely shows. I look forward to this being successful in stores as well!

    19. Griffinman01 on

      E-mail Shane directly:

      Shane Duckworth (

      I had a couple of pieces that came damaged as well so I e-mailed them and submitted pictures of the components. They said that they would replace them when their container of replacement parts reaches their warehouse (they didn't have an ETA yet).

    20. Pat Slocom on

      Just got my box today. Super excited to check it out. The figures and everything look great, but I do have one issue. The large game board piece was inside the game box at a weird angle and so a few corners/edges are mangled a bit. Any chance I'll be able to do anything about that? I know you guys just shipped and so I'm assuming it's unlikely to get a replacement of a single piece, but it's a bummer to open a game I've been excited about for so long to find some damage like that.

    21. Hypercoyote on

      @Griffinman01 Thanks for the info. Sounds like I will still have to break open the clear plastic deck to get the character cards out then as well as the Boss Card pack to get Oil Man & Time Man.

    22. ocelotlrama on


      I am in the same situation, only instead of a cancelled shipment, mine was never shipped to begin with. I was supposed to have gotten everything yesterday but turns out only a label was processed. I got an email back from Shane and this is what he told me:

      "Hello, if the tracking says that it has been processed but not shipped, that means that we made the label, but the package itself is waiting on a component or two so that we can send you everything all at once."

      Wonder what those components are that are causing this delay. If it's the RM cards, I remember specifically asking for those to be sent LATER with the game sent right away, not wait 3 weeks for those damn cards and have everything sent all at once. It's really exasperating seeing others get their game while looking at the stupid UPS tracking number and seeing it hasn't even been shipped yet. It's beyond frustrating.

    23. Griffinman01 on

      All the action cards in the clear wrapped deck are in the boss card pack as well. There should be 4 copies of 3 different cards for each element found on Ice, Fire, Cut, Elec, Guts, and Bomb in the clear shrink wrap pack. The boss card pack has the same stuff, but it has 4 copies of the 3 different cards for Oil man and Time man as well (which didn't get unlocked as freebies).

      As for the Protoman card, it should have been in the clear shrink wrap deck along with the cards for Rush, Roll, Dr. Light, and the alternate Mega Man poses. The only stuff that's in the actual game is what you'd find if it was on the shelf at a store, so you'll get the 6 basic decks (all are identical), 6 copies of the same Mega Man pose/cards, and the tokens for the minions.

      Try e-mailing Shane at:

      Shane Duckworth (

      He's been on top of any customer service issues since the game shipped so he's your best bet.

    24. Hypercoyote on

      @Dais - Did it show it ever left the warehouse? Are you in the US or International? The email address above is missing the top level domain, probably for spam circumvention, you will need to add '.com' at the end of it.

    25. Hypercoyote on

      @Griffinman01 - one other question, is there any cards in that clear-wrapped deck that aren't in the Boss Card pack? I noticed I didn't see the card (it's mentioned on the pledge-list grid on the main page) that was supposed to come with the Protoman figure, but I haven't opened the actual game yet, so I didn't know if it might be in there.

    26. Dais on

      I am very confused and upset. I Recieved a tracking number on the 7th that was supposed to arrive today and instead I got a notice that the shipment had been cancelled. I tried to send an inquiry to the email posted above only to discover it was not a valid email. The Jasco games website also has no contact email leaving this as my only method of contact. I have been satisfied with this campaign up until now but the lack of service has soured the experience at the 11th hour.

    27. Hypercoyote on

      @Griffinman01 - Thanks for the info. I'll just open one of my boss packs then and leave the clear wrapped deck alone then. On the playable Robot Master cards, should we really have to pay the shipping for something that was supposed to be included? It's not that big of a deal, like you said just a few bucks, but I've pretty much always seen things ship free if they were included in the goals.

      On a random note, did anyone else's box smell like river mud? I dunno if mine soaked up the smell of the cargo boat crate or what, but the boxes smelled nasty. Thankfully the items themselves were okay. I have a blood hound nose though, so I might've been the only one to notice.

    28. Griffinman01 on

      The six packs (ie, everything but Time and Oil) we unlocked via stretch goals were in the shrink wrap that had all the other Player cards (the alternate Mega Man, Dr. Light, Roll, Rush, Protoman). The Playable Robot Master cards were delayed a month or so according to Jasco. They'll be providing digital copies at some point but you can get in touch with them regarding the printed ones if you're willing to pay for the shipping (no cost just yet but it shouldn't be more than a couple of bucks).

      Regarding the two retail boxes of Boss Packs, I also ordered one at $17, but ended up with two of them. Not sure if this was an error.

    29. Hypercoyote on

      Trying to figure out what's what in this I got the Boss Card Pack addon x1, but I ended up getting two retail boxes of Boss Packs, was that on purpose? Also, this deck sealed in the clear plastic outside of the core game box, that is the stretch goal Boss Card Pack cards+Robot Master Protagonist cards? I noticed a few extra items slipped in there as well (Golden Fire Man was a surprise). I basically only bought the Boss Card Pack add-on because Time Man/Oil Man's cards didn't get unlocked. Before I open anything, can someone who's already opened theirs tell me if Jasco ended up slipping in the Time Man/Oil Man cards into the Kickstarter included set (the cards that are not in a retail box but are just wrapped in clear plastic)?

    30. Mark Chan on

      @ Pizzor - I sent Shane an email and this is what I was told. "The Canadian shipments are on hold until we receive word from our Canadian freight forwarder. If everything goes as planned, we can ship all of the games to Canada from Canada."

      No ETA... just have to hold your breath in anticipation.

    31. Pizzor on

      Any update on shipping Canadian packages yet?

    32. Griffinman01 on

      Everything else was shipped in the same box. The stretch goal items are in a smaller brown box within the shipping box while the LE Dice is in a separate retail style box. If you ordered the full Boss Card Pack (had all 8 robot expansions for $17) it also came in a separate retail package. I'm not sure how the individual packs will be packaged, but it should all be in the same box.

      The only concerns were regarding the sleeves, which I'm sure they got shipped separately due to the fact that those likely didn't come from China with the rest of the games.

      @Jasco - Any idea when the sleeves will be shipped or have they already been shipped out?

    33. Albert Lee on

      I was a Dr Lights Creation backer, but I also ordered additional items with the backer kit (Time Man Card Pack, Oil Man Card Pack, Limited Edition Dice) will they be in my shipment or shipping separately?

    34. Missing avatar

      Christian Gilbert on

      What about canadian shipping ?

    35. Digclaw on

      This is the only of 4 kickstarters comming right now that actually sent a shipping notice, so I keep open boxes expecting megaman and finding other stuff. I guess I could read where it was sent from, but I am so excited for Megaman ;p

    36. Hypercoyote on

      Thanks guys, I'm sure it was worth the wait. You are the first Kickstarter I've invested in so far to get your product in my hands lol