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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Justin on

      Lauren, I think there's some confusion here. The only "cards" that we have to pay extra for (for shipping) are the playable Robot Master cards from stretch goal 400k. These were a free addition to the game. They screwed up, didn't get them printed and are getting them printed now. You can either hold off on all your items and get them all together at a later date or get everything but the cards now and pay extra shipping later.

      The card packs you bought have nothing to do with this. You will get those with everything else.

    2. Lauren Miller on

      "All backers will be getting the playable Robot Master cards in digital form through kickstarter" So what about those backers who bought the card packs then???? I did the Add On.

    3. Lauren Miller on

      Nowhere in the updates that it says backers have to pay for shipping for the Robot Master Card packs. Then I read the comments and you guys say that because you are getting the card packs at a later date you want us to either pay for shipping for them or have everything sent out all together. This is insane. I paid $17.00 for the card packs, I will not be paying extra just to get them! It's your fault that the card packs are shipped out at a later date, not the backers! So either send out the packs as promised or give me a refund of the $17.00!

    4. Lauren Miller on

      I still haven't gotten a shipping notice yet...

    5. Justin on

      Stephen Carnaggio, the 400k stretch goal was for "cards". It says nothing about "digital cards". I'm guessing they flat out forgot about it and now we have to pay for it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Molster on

      Just got an email from UPS with my tracking number! WOOOT

    7. Justin on

      David, can your buddy relay HOW it was sent? USPS, FedEx, UPS???

      Thanks for the update!

    8. David R. Williams on

      Updated on Facebook. 90% US orders fulfilled. I have not been notified of mine.....yet. I'm the 10%. Of course! But it'll happen soon. My buddy in Vegas texted me a pic of his set so it's legit!

    9. Snycher on

      No one knows yet....It's Jasco, so anything is possible. I would say they'd update when shipped, but...yeah. I'm hoping to have it soon. I'm still very excited, but not as much as I was. Now I kinda want it just so I can have it already.

    10. Marcus Felgenhauer on

      Has there been any update on the shipping status? In one of the facebook posts it was mentioned that shipping was going to start on Wednesday but I have not received any tracking info showing it is on it's way. Just curious because I am hoping to have it by next weekend to play with my friends in town.

    11. Justin on

      Wait a minute...maybe I missed something but something just clicked.....

      "We are happy to send physical cards with your order but it will take 3-4 weeks to get them to us for them to ship out. "

      So you want to hold our games until the cards come in then you'll send them all out together. Ok, makes sense. However this means you are GETTING THE PHYSICAL CARDS.

      Shane wants to charge us $10 in shipping from the factory directly to us. Why? Why wouldn't you let us PAY YOU money to ship them from Vegas directly to us?

    12. Nakano

      Or are non-US packages also going to the USA first sinve you previously wrote: "Everything Board Game content related is packaged already. Sleeves, deck boxes, tins and play mats are packaged in our warehouse."? And my order has sleeves so is game packaged in the USA and after that all orders shipped to EU together? If this is the case, on behalf of all EU backers you could slightly delay the delivery to get the Robot Master cards added to every order and then ship them EU friendly way.

    13. Nakano

      I doubt waiting is an option to international backers or does extra $10 cover robot master cards shipping anywhere (that's rather high quote compared to Mantic shipping of Adventure Companion reprint), but first waiting for news where non-US packages are currently going.

    14. Kris Dalman on

      Like they said you don't have to pay for it to be shipped to you could wait another 3-4 weeks as they said and get it all the physical stuff at once.

    15. Stephen Carnaggio on

      Just to be clear, I want my game ASAP, and I will pay the shipping for the robot master cards

    16. Stephen Carnaggio on

      I dislike the fact that we have to pay shipping for the physical Robot Master player cards, but I have sent the email, anyway. I am nearly 100% certain that during the campaign, you talked about how everyone was going to get digital versions of the cards, and the physical was a stretch goal. Does any one else remember this?

    17. จ่าสิบเอก บารอน ซิมิ on

      @ben buechler DIGITAL playable robot master cards.

      what does that mean ? which stretch goal got change to digital ?

    18. Bern Buechler on

      I had high hopes this would reach me by my birthday in 2014. Nope.
      Then I hoped Christmas 2014. Nope.
      Then, after delays, I saw it at Origins in Columbus, OH, and some half-wit working the Jasco booth told me it would only be a couple more weeks, and again, my hopes rose. Nope.
      I thought, maybe by my birthday in October of 2015. Nope.
      Christmas 2015? Nope.
      I've got friends visiting the second weekend of January, 2016. One of them is as big a Mega Man fan as I am, but couldn't afford to be a backer, so imagine my excitement when I heard everything was arriving in Las Vegas this week! Nope.

      Also, nowhere in the stretch goals did I see a mention of DIGITAL playable robot master cards. I am sure everyone, EVERYONE, thought they would be physical and a part of the game contents.

      Jasco, you're leaving a very bad impression on your target audience here.

    19. Justin on

      "Around $10" to have the cards shipped to us.

    20. จ่าสิบเอก บารอน ซิมิ on

      already sent message to shane
      still don't get any answer.

    21. Ikalios

      All of this make me scared that non-us backers will get crazy customs fees with this ....

    22. Justin on

      Are you going to answer how much the shipping will be for just the cards?

    23. Missing avatar

      Molster on

      Hey Jasco,

      can you let us know how these are shipping, UPS, USPS, or fedex?

      also that is a massive let down with the play as the boss cards :( will send an email I guess

    24. Denis Maddalena

      Core gameplay or not, it's a potentially fun variant ... I don't expect the game to be one you could take seriously anyway. It's certainly no deep euro title. Just a fun time killer.

    25. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @Brettt Macdonald - Sorry again for this, it has been a 2 year process, and this one was a mistake on our end. We will definitely be taking several lessons from this campaign and we are noting all of them down to make everything moving forward go more smoothly.

      As for getting phyiscal cards for the playable robot masters, we are still fine shipping your entire order out now and shipping the cards 3-4 weeks later if the backers cover shipping (e-mail for this request) or we can hold the entire order for the cards to get in and ship them all together for free shipping. Otherwise, the digital cards will be made available to everyone.

      Note: The Playable Robot Master characters were done solely on request of the backers during the campaign and are just a for fun item. They are not intended to be any part of the core play of the board game.

    26. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Well that is another good kick in the pants. My gaming group already treats this project (and me for backing it) as the butt of many jokes. Now I have to tell them it will be another month late... After telling them it was al out here? Sigh. Jasco how did you not know about this sooner? Seems kind of jerky to sneak that in this update and not be clearer about it. I still think the final game will be worth it but you really need to step it up for your next KS campaign.

    27. Counterpane

      Email sent.

    28. Eileen Lee on

      Yay. Now time to wait for tracking number and the game itself.

    29. ArchGeek on

      I guess I'd choose to wait and have them shipped, but if it's a couple bucks to have them shipped later that works better.

      Tried to sneak that tidbit of info past us huh? Should have been more upfront...unless you JUST found out.

    30. Nathan McCullough

      email sent, kinda weird this wasnt mentioned before since we've had such a long time between updates. but oh well.

    31. Mitchell Lord on

      E-mail sent! E-mail sent!

    32. Charles R Sorrell III on

      So what kind of shipping cost are we looking at for the 8 robot master cards? I honestly can't see it being more that 2 or 3 bucks as they could ship media mail in a rigid envelope.

    33. ocelotlrama on

      Wait, does this include the card packs and boss card pack, as well? The ones that were charged $5 a pack and $17 for the whole set? Or the cards that were supposed to come with the game?

      Either way, that really blows. I was expecting physical releases regarding any cards that were supposed to be released. Count me among those who don't want to wait and don't want a digital download, either. I also don't mind paying a few extra dollars to have them shipped to me.

    34. Denis Maddalena

      So... can we just pay the shipping charge for the physical cards when you get them? They were listed as a stretch goal (as cards, not digital copy) so should be sent regardless, but I understand the extra costs you'd need to pay are pretty huge and you're trying to find a cheaper way to deliver. I don't want to wait for the game, but don't want to settle for pnp either. Paying a few bucks for shipping seems alright.

    35. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      Unfortunately we had a communication error on the playable robot master cards. We are happy to send physical cards with your order but it will take 3-4 weeks to get them to us for them to ship out. It is an extra $18,000 to ship them separately so unfortunately we cannot just have them shipped out by themselves. If you do not want to wait, they are not official game cards so they can be printed out, and we can also ship them if you don't mind covering the shipping for 8 cards to your door from the US factory.

      Again, we apologize for the confusion here.

    36. Snycher on

      What if I want my game now and they can ship the cards later? I'm probably just gonna go to Kinko's and do it myself. I can't justify waiting another month for something they just now gave us deets on. Shouldn't be be too terribly expensive....I hope.

    37. Jason on

      Just saw this answer on their facebook page
      "The Robot Master characters are novelty cards and were not intended with the original game design. If you are interested in getting physical Robot Master character cards, please e-mail and we will hold your order and ship in 3-4 weeks when we can get physical cards shipped to us."

    38. Jason on

      Wondering same as everyone else. Robot Master Cards.

    39. alraz on

      that's one big truck! :O

    40. Philip Campbell on

      Gonna say the digital only masters cards is kinda a kick in the junk after repeated kicks in the junk.

    41. Vigaman on

      "The shipments will include all add-ons and stretch goals."

      Including the $160 "Super Mega Buster" add on and all of its stretch goals correct?

    42. Nathan McCullough

      digital? hmm, i'm confused about that as well

    43. ArchGeek on

      Playable robot master cards are physical AND digital right? Or was I confused...

    44. Snycher on

      HELLS YES!!!

      Disappointed in the digital playable Robot Master cards though....but...whatevs....