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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Robert Bowers

      @ Justin- Aha! They snuck that one past be. I stand corrected. Thanks for letting me know :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Tremblay on

      Thank you for the information about the statue Jasco. Do you have any picture? Or maybe it's a surprise. I don't remember seeing it in a past update.

    3. Justin on

      @Robert - Scroll down:

      "Everything Board Game content related is packaged already. Sleeves, deck boxes, tins and play mats are packaged in our warehouse."

    4. Robert Bowers

      @ Justin: From Update 108:
      "We are currently working with the printer on packing each order individually in China during the assembly stage. This will make it so that we can ship to backers immediately right away from when we receive it. This hopefully saves us a little more time so we can get it to you guys right away."

      So it probably won't be here in time for the holidays, as you say, but still a bit quicker than you might think! That's what it sounds like, at least :)

    5. Snycher on

      That's what I figured. No worries...good to see it's almost in our hands after 2 years. Hopefully we'll have it first part of Jan.

    6. Justin on

      "Question is....will it get out of customs before the holidays?

      Very doubtful. Plus it still needs to travel to a warehouse then get physically inventoried, packed and shipped then travel to you.

    7. Snycher on

      Question is....will it get out of customs before the holidays?

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave MacDonald on

      @Robert you are welcome

      Looks like the boat docked this morning as scheduled.

    9. Robert Bowers

      I love checking up on these, Dave. Thanks for the updated link!

    10. Missing avatar

      Dave MacDonald on

      Oops, I had the wrong ship. Apparently there are 2 hauler ships with the same name. I had the bulk carrier not the container ship. Here is the correct link if anyone is interested

    11. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      Everything Board Game content related is packaged already. Sleeves, deck boxes, tins and play mats are packaged in our warehouse. Otherwise the orders are ready to go.

      To answer the statue question, we have had the statues in our warehouse for months awaiting this shipment ;)

      International will be shipping close to the same time. I know this had a few boats shipping at once, so we will let you know when EU and others can expect their games as well.

      If you are unsure about your shipping address, please e-mail and he will take care of your address updates.

      Thanks everyone,
      Hope that answered everything!

    12. Lauren Miller on

      So if we ordered extra stuff it will already be packaged up? I had ordered two mats and deck sleeves and stuff.

    13. Justin on

      LAX? Oh great, now we have to worry about freeway traffic and the boat going all the way into the airport!!!! That'll take months!!!

    14. R.C. Dimler on

      So, they said it's prepackaged? Does that mean as soon as Jasco gets it, they'll be shipping it out to people?

      Not getting my hopes up, but I have a friend who moved away who I was planning to play this with, but he'll be in town for New Years. It would be awwwweeesome if it pans out we get to play it.

    15. Steve Silvas on

      How can we be sure you have our latest shipping address? It's been so long since the initial backing.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Tremblay on

      Any news on that 12 inches exclusive statue for the Ultimate Fan pledge level?

    17. Jesse Follin on

      Amazing news!!!! The long and rough 2 year wait will be well worth it from everything I have seen that you have leaked. Game looks amazing guys and thanks for the updates, they are very much appreciated! A small piece of me thought just like Albert Lee that we were going to have to wait longer but this is much nicer than that.

    18. Nakano

      Got confirmation and the other boats left at the same time. More info to follow when Jasco has information on timelines regarding them.

    19. Albert Lee on

      Not gonna lie I was expecting to see something like "pirates intercepted the shipment and are holding all copies of the game hostage"

    20. Snycher on

      I can't believe I finally almost have this game. The first thing I ever backed!!!!

    21. Nakano

      It would be nice if the update wasn't US-centric only. But surely EU and rest of the world packages follow if they haven't started yet to ship from China into their fulfillment centers.

    22. Lynnvander on

      AWE YEA!! POWER UP!!!

    23. Brijo76

      Whoa. Major news. Too bad I'll be in Costa Rica when it arrives but it will be here when I get back