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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Dave MacDonald on

      @ Justin you will need to get a hold of Jasco directly. I would recommend hitting up the facebook page and email, hopefully they will reply to one of them.

    2. Missing avatar

      Justin Repole on

      So i';m not sure if I did backerkit or not, i THINK i did but I'm not sure - I cannot sign in through backerkit however because my original kickstarter e-mail no longer exists - I've since changed my kickstarter e-mail via kickstarter options BUT backerkit still reads my old e-mail.

    3. Jesse Follin on

      hopefully by Christmas, just saying. Would be an amazing surprise for my friend, he has no idea that I even backed this for him haha.

    4. Snycher on

      Did they just get it or have they had it? I need more answers!!

    5. James Smith on

      Who is Angry Joe?

    6. Vazzaroth on

      Angry Joe already has his! Soon!!!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Dave MacDonald on

      16th of November here we are, I am anxious to know if the games made it to the boat toady or if it will be closer to the end of the week?

    8. Missing avatar

      John Speigel on

      Just updated my shipping address in Backerkit, since I moved a few months ago. It's been a long wait on this one (although I understand the delays were beyond your control); I'm looking forward to finally having the game in hand!

    9. Itthi Mongkolwat on

      Hi, Where is the primary source to send the game? in China or USA ?

    10. Nakano

      Thanks @Jasco Games!
      @Adrian The easiest and the only way is to check BackerKit: Check also that your delivery address is right.
      Or maybe try to find email which header is: "Your payment has been processed for Mega Man™ The Board Game" (not sure if you got one, I get since I added something extra during the pledge manager).

    11. Missing avatar

      Adrian Ludwig on

      How do we know if we did the backer kit? Where can I find it..

    12. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @Lyall Alfred - Yes we are working with UPS in the USA as of this point and they have a step by step tracking app that we will make available to you upon domestic shipping.

      @Mike Flury - We are looking to get it to our warehouse around 3-4 weeks from ship date.

      @Nakano - Yes we will be shipping to our EU location for all EU and Middle East backers.

      @Snycher - It looks like after enough winters, it eventually cools off down there ;)

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      @Nakano, Thanks!!!

    14. Massimiliano Luisi on

      If you it hit my house on my brithday (1st Febbruary) i would be very happy.
      Can't wait.

    15. James Smith on

      @Mike: Expect something more like end of January.

      "Week of Nov 16" = Nov 20/21
      "Wait for a boat" = several weeks
      Shipping on boat = roughly two more weeks
      From boat to your doorstep = several more weeks

    16. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Where do I go to fill out this survey? I don't remember If I ever did or not.

    17. Mike Flury on

      So, assuming that everything ships from China on time, we should have the board game in our hands probably around what, end of November-2nd week in December?

    18. Nakano

      In other words, are you able to ship directly from China to EU fulfillment center to save some time or is the route China -> USA -> EU fulfillment center (so we avoid customs and VAT) -> backers?

    19. Snycher on

      Hell finally froze over!!!! Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Lyall Alfred on

      Query: Will it be possible for you to provide us with ship numbers? A friend of mine just recently got Blood Rage and was able to watch his package make its way into his arms via some cargo ship tracking websites.

      I know I'll be max hyped to watch my box of Mega Men finally make it's way across the sea to me!

    21. Nakano

      Just checking: You have all the logistics and EU friendly shipping plan well thought out already?

    22. Daniel Marek on

      Can't remember if I changed my address. Would I see this in the backer kit?