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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. James Smith on

      They probably meant 20 business days

    2. Brandon Myers

      Any word from the printer / manufacturer? They had their 20 days :)

    3. Nocturne on

      ... Looking at this update again... The "special" dice really do look pretty meh compared to the regular game dice... Would have simply preferred maybe more of the regular game dice with... I dunno, a different base color? ... Kickstarter green, maybe? *shrug*

    4. Brash Smith on

      maybe because of all the delays one might be able to throw in the remaining gold figures we couldn't reach?

    5. Garrett Crowl on

      Man... People be all entitled. Looks great. I expected to read comments complaining how it's not out yet (like every update on kickstarter) but since you said about a couple months (20 days plus weeks shipping), there is something new to whine about, so there ya go. What's next? The box isn't made from bulletproof materials? xD

    6. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      So by "Special" dice, are they talking about the "Limited Edition" Dice add on?

      Because that is nothing like what was promised during the campaign.

    7. Ikalios

      Update with dates, awesome. Thank you, that was the update I was waiting for. Great miniatures !

    8. Missing avatar

      Benjamin L Rushing on

      I too agree with alexandre regarding the "special" dice. After seeing them i would much prefer more base game dice.

    9. Missing avatar

      Benjamin L Rushing on

      I too agree with alexandre regarding the "special" dice. After seeing them i would much prefer more base game dice.

    10. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      @Alexandre. Yeah I too wish we had a complete gold set. Will be odd to only have part of it. Jasco if you ever provide the remaining ones please post an update here on how we can obtain them (as I won't be following FB etc for it)

    11. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Tremblay on

      The blue and red dice quality look really bad compared to the white ones. Are you sure you didn't just mixed them because they were cheaper to produce? To be honest, I expected dice from the base game. I don't really care about some cheap plastic blue and red dice with a megaman or Wily face on it. They've got nothing special and doesn't justify the price we paid for extra "special" high quality dice like the whites.

      Will there be a way to get our hand on the other gold robot master in the future? Or maybe protoman? It's a shame the set is incomplete. I don't want to throw them to waste because only 40% of the robot masters got their gold counterpart.

    12. Hypercoyote on

      Very nice, and nice organization, I see what you did there :)

    13. Snycher on

      Looking good. Glad to see its only about 2 months out now....Finally.

    14. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Wow. I appreciate the response Jasco but you had the box in July and are only posting the video now? That is reeeaaaallly bad and proves no one has even been looking at the comments here (otherwise this omission would have been apparent... especially when the Gencon unboxing happened). If you do KS in the future I strongly suggest you keep a more consistent presence on the comments.
      I hope you are feeling better though and appreciate the info now. Components look great!

    15. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      Yes, they were showing off all sides of dice.

      As for the post the video sooner comment; I do sincerely apologize. We had an unboxing video at Gencon that we uploaded to the Facebook but forgot to cross-post to the Kickstarter group, and that is certainly a mistake on this guys part for not cross posting as soon as possible (I was sick at the time and not thinking properly).

      For those that would like to see that, the post is here:…

    16. Tom Tjarks on

      Thank you all for sharing with me!!

      @Dietsch I think they were showing all the sides of the dice to us.

    17. Dietsch

      Why show 6 dice each when you write in the Update that it is 4 each? Which is it?

    18. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Great update. My only complaint is why didn't you post this video (minus the manufacturer update) as SOON as you got the off the line box? Seeing the components would have been great. It's baffling (and a little inconsiderate) it took so long for you to post it here for the people who helped fund it. The components look great so why wouldn't you share them?

      @Tom. Basically production will be done in about 20 days... and 3-6 weeks after that for delivery to them depending on customs... and then they will be fulfilling pledges.

    19. Brandon Myers

      Tom - 20 days till manufacturing is completed. Then 3 to 6 weeks for shipping. I THINK that is just to get the games from China to the Jasco offices. No dates or ranges given regarding time for shipping from Jasco to your doorstep.

    20. Tom Tjarks on

      Can't always watch video. Would you mind also putting timetable information as text as well? Thanks for the update, hope to find out more later when I can watch.