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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Matthew Zaksheske on

      If you could even give me a rough estimate; are we 35 % there, 65%, Will we see it by the end of the year?

    2. safyrejet on

      Yeah, I know, some backers are gonna be mad about this post and some have said so. Just pointing out that there's also some like me who see this post and basically *shrug* and move on. I don't consider it "spam" since like 2 or 3 "ad" posts out of 100+ doesn't seem spammy to me. And then there was that actual game update from not even a week prior, and updates coming monthly on various project progress points so it's hardly like Jasco is ignoring us and we've all known the project is "late" for months so no biggie.

    3. Charles R Sorrell III on

      How about instead of pushing someone else project. You press the printer for some info like a rough estimate of the completion date, or even better yet how about a production time table. So we aren't sitting here watching you promo your other items and the items of others while you leave us with pictures going " look how cool this is".

      Your lack of communication is starting to border on the level of the Robotech Kickstarter. And rather than going "hey we screwed up and didn't plan enough time for your consideration we will be producing 'X' items and sending them free to the backers" you instead give us no info to go on.

      I would really like for you to show where you changed your statement about backer additions being added to the stretch goals to where they don't. I have yet to be able to find it in any form.

    4. Ikalios

      Would have liked at least one information about the mega man project indeed before the shootout.

    5. Kris Dalman on

      Where is the update on this game? not at all what I expected.

    6. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      KS lesson for future reference. Posting just to advertise for another project gets some people mad (and might be frowned upon by KS). This is doubly true if your project is late and you have not been very forthcoming with information.
      Putting a shoutout at the end of an actual update does not anger people usually and sometimes makes people think better of you for helping out other KS people (I love Level 99 games and hope people go support them). So next time just give us a cool update AND throw out the shout out at the end.

    7. Diggeh on

      How about you support our pledges with a finished product?

    8. Eddie G. on

      Good one Jasco. You had me fooled. I saw an update for Megaman the Board Game and was thinking it was going to be some exciting news like "Production is completed!" or "We will be shipping Megaman at the end of September!" but alas it was a SPAM post :(

    9. Missing avatar

      Tien Le on

      This is in no way an update to the Mega Man Board Game. Updates to the project should not be used as marketing for other unrelated campaigns, especially when the project is already 10 months past its estimated delivery date.

    10. Roy Wilson, Jr. on

      Can you please not spam your backers with other KS campaigns? That would be awesome.