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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @Allen on all future projects, we're making sure that every piece is approved ahead of time. That involves taking on more financial burden up front, but we want to avoid a lengthy approval process so we can get the project to the printers on time.

    2. Allen Edwards on

      Honestly how can you be expecting us to look forward to your other projects when this one is taking so long past your original anticipation date please focus more time finishing this project for the people who have spent their well earned money before focusing on other projects lately even updates would be appreciated I've donated to other kick starters and when the dates go past they provide some kind of thank you for an extended wait. Please don't be a company that tries to take my money and run

    3. Ikalios

      Thanks for the update. A timetable would have been nice with it however

    4. James Smith on

      There's 5's up to you to spot the differences!!! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      sidmonk on

      Seems like the update got cutoff halfway through. This story needs a conclusion, and there's only 2 pictures there, but I assume should be 5 different shots.

      You've received retail boxes, but are those different from what we should expect? If not, while I certainly appreciate the inside look at old updates from the printer, perhaps some focus on delivery dates, printing dates, assembling dates, shipping milestones would be in order.

    6. Hypercoyote on

      Love the inside-look updates. The boxing instructions is kind of cool too, I guess that's for the factory workers.