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A great day for Mega Man!

Posted by Jasco Games (Creator)

It's a great day here in the office. While most of the crew who are normally here are off at Origins game convention, at least one guy who was left behind has been working diligently with Capcom on the board game. With that, we've hit another great milestone!

That's right folks! The game graphics are now fully approved! This is a great step as we now enter the final parts of production.

Next Steps

So what’s next, you might ask? Well, that's a good question. We've been asked by Capcom to give them a pre-production sample so that they may see the rest of the insides. They did say that if it doesn't hurt the production schedule too much, so we're checking with the factory on how much of a delay that might give. Thankfully, color miniatures have already been started, and we've been handing over approved graphics already so the production has been getting underway to try and shave more time off the total production schedule.

When will we have the game?

Another good question. Due to the fact that approvals kept going on and on, we aren't able to get this out in Q2, but we're going to wait to get a final date from the factory before we start setting expectations. We have asked for that and when we get it we will let everyone know. We're hoping to have a few extra pre-production copies to show people at Gencon, and to show off the game to people who are at the show.

What about...

Let me stop you right there. I know what you're going to ask now, and let me just put this right here:

Mega Man™: The Board Game Rulebook

So we apologize for the time it took to get this approved, but because it literally has aspects of all things in the game, it had to be approved at the end of the game. After countless edits, some slight wording changes and updated graphics, we hope you enjoy and it gets you ready for your first games!

Once again...

We do appreciate everyone's patience on this project. It has been an incredibly long and arduous project, and we've learned a lot about the process along the way. We sincerely want to thank our backers for being patient while this game has taken shape. We've discussed at length how to avoid long delays like this on future projects, and while we will have announcements for other projects in the future, we're still focused on getting this game into our backers hands.

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    1. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Agreed Andrew. An update would be nice. If they were as far along as they said... I'd be surprised if they have not received a more concrete time line by now. It's been over 6 weeks after all.

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Parkhurst on

      So I bought this game for an air force buddy of mine who will be visiting at the end of October, at which point I was hoping to give it to him before he gets sent off to Mexico. As much as I want to ask if it will get here by then, I know I probably won't get an answer, so I will just ask for this: Can we get an update please? Even if you are basically are in the same spot as you were when you sent the last update, it would be much appreciated to hear from you guys. Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter Beausoleil on

      Hello Jasco, it's been over a month since your last update. I think everyone has been quite patient, and I realize that knowing won't change anything, but is it possible to let your backers have some idea when you think you'll have a release date for this game? Will it even be in 2015 at this point? Thank you.

    4. Jesse Follin on

      Are you were going to have a how to play video on any sites for those of us that have a harder time than others grasping new games?

    5. Kris Dalman on

      Was it clarified that you draw cards up to your hand size while you are playing on your turn, or as an opponent or at the end of the turn?

    6. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      @Jasco... also even if you did not help them... were you in the room during the playtest? People are a lot nicer with their feedback if they know you are in the room. Your comment wasn't too specific but I'm hoping you did numerous blind playtests... with different groups of varying board game expertise and age... and recorded the results with only a third party in the room (who offered no help) so people would be more honest. This type of exercise is crucial and should be done as many times as you can.

    7. Justin on

      I had to read through the instructions 5 times and I still have many questions. I guess I'm an idiot.

    8. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Good to know jasco and thanks for the response! How many play groups did you test with? Even if they were able to figure it out I am surprised none made similar suggestions. Either way glad to hear you are tweaking things still and keep up the good work!

    9. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      So we're going over comments in this, as we always do. What I can say is this;
      Using this iteration of rules, we were able to take this to a playtest group, give them nothing but the rules and, with no help from us, they were able to read the rules and understand the game.
      It's not to say that there aren't very many ways which we can explain things, but we did have this looked over by people and they were able to play with very few hitches.
      But we're looking over the comments, rest assured.

    10. Nakano

      Thanks @Brett and @Patrick for all your efforts trying to improve the rules. I won't be reading them now, but will be disappointed if rules are not clear. I hope the rules are written in a way that you can read from start to end and you don't have to "hop" for an upcoming page to see what certain term means. Bad rules can ruin the game so those need to be well defined!

    11. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      So Jasco. Any update on the rules after all the feedback here?

    12. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      @Patrick. I agree. The rules clearly were not play tested much with people who don't know the game or who are not very into board games. Your ivory tower description is apt (although never heard that before... but it's a good one).


      That said... if they have not done this already... and plan to send this out on Monday... I'm not confident they can do it now... so we just have to help them as much as possible.


      @ Jasco... how much would it effect schedule to hold back these rules for a little longer to clean them up? I'm sure people here would be happy to proof again once you've had a chance to refine them (both per comments here... and with play testing). I can't stress how important a good set of rules is. The better you make them... the better this game (and future expansions) will do!

    13. Patrick Bartholomew on

      @ Brett - I could spend all day going over where the rules are unclear (and I applaud you on what you've done so far), but what it really needs is some serious playtesting and a complete rewrite.

      By playtesting I mean having a group of people with varying degrees of board game experience (but none with this particular game) sit down, crack open the box, and try and figure out how to play, while the devs say nothing and just observe. Rewrite the rules based on points of confusion, then do it again with a fresh group.

      The rulebook has 'Ivory Tower' written all over it. People writing rules they already understand without the perspective of those who don't. It's a real challenge to get right, no doubt doubled by demands from Capcom to keep things internal to the company, but the book is weeks from being ready, not days.

    14. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      bah i missed my own if, then statement below... still you get the gist Jasco (and I don't have time to proofread etc... in fact I spent too much time as is... I'll check back in later)

    15. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      So how about this after addressing Patricks comments. That said... Jasco can you confirm that if you pass a challenge to move onto the boss square... you may immediately fight it if you have enough threat? In that case I assume you can use all your threat dice for a normal boss battle correct? That is how I worded my suggestion below but it could be wrong as again it is not 100% clear.


      "Lastly, check to see if you passed the challenge.


      If you managed to roll all of the requirements listed on the
      Challenge Card without losing a life, then you have passed the challenge and
      move on to the next space of the robot master stage board . If this space is a challenge space , then if you still have Threat available you may choose to flip over another card and face
      the next challenge, or you may pass your turn. If it is a boss battle space, then if you still have Threat available you may immediately start a boss battle (refer to pg XX). In both cases above, if you have spent all of your Threat, then your turn is over and you may not perform another challenge/boss battle.


      If you have failed the challenge, then you do not advance to the next space, immediately discard the challenge tile, and your turn automatically ends. If you have no lives remaining respawn (refer to Lives on pg 12). Otherwise, on your next turn you may draw a new challenge tile and attempt to beat the challenge again"


      Also a similar note should be added to the defeat section on pg 13. It should read
      "If you failed to defeat the boss, you lose 1 life and your turn
      ends. If you have no lives remaining respawn (refer to Lives on pg 12). Otherwise, your piece remains on the boss space, and you will attempt to defeat him again on your next turn."

    16. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Good point Patrick. I was assuming it was discarded and a new one is drawn... but that is a valid point and could easily be added to the section.
      If you see any other cases like this please share them. It will only help the rules improve after all!

    17. Patrick Bartholomew on

      @jasco - Yes, but that doesn't clarify what happens on your next turn when you hit the 'Reveal a Challenge' phase. That was my point. You've failed the challenge. Your turn is over. Now what? Is the challenge discarded? Is it kept for the next turn? When I get my next turn do I draw a new one? The turn sequence, as written, says "Flip over the top card of the Challenge Deck.", but nowhere states, 'unless you already have a challenge card for the space', or 'discard challenge cards from the previous round'.

      While someone with a good grasp of English and game mechanics can muddle through the rulebook, so many of the details are scattered around the pages or completely missing.

    18. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      @Jasco. I do agree it is covered but this leads itself to one of my bigger comments on the rules... a lot of important pieces are in odd places... or should be in numerous but are only in one. These rules need to be easier to follow.
      Also for this specific example... the whole section could be clearer... here is a quick attempt myself (I imagine people could do better with some more thought/revisions as I literally am writing this on the fly)
      "Lastly, check to see if you passed the challenge.


      If you managed to roll all of the requirements listed on the
      Challenge Card without losing a Life, then you have passed the challenge and
      move on to the next space in the robot master stage board . Once on the next space, if you still have Threat available, then you may choose to flip over another card and face
      the next challenge, or you may pass your turn. If you have spent all of
      your Threat, then you may not attempt a new challenge


      If you have failed the challenge, then you do not advance to the next space
      and your turn automatically ends.


      This is much clearer in my mind. Also... just a pet peeve of mine... but every time you use IF... there should be a THEN. This is missing in quite a few places but maybe it's a necessary omission for spacing etc. as the intent is still clear without it. Not sure.

    19. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      @Matt - Contact us via messages and we can go about with the update to your address.

      @Patrick - In the anatomy section, it says that a challenge must be passed in order to progress, however, the actual full part is on page 9, section 5 last few sentences:

      If you have failed the challenge, you do not advance to the next space and your turn automatically ends. If you have spent all of your Threat, you may not attempt a new challenge.

    20. Justin on

      "As for the part about challenges, in the challenge card anatomy it says what happens if you don't pass a challenge."

      The Challenge Card Anatomy Section is page 6 and it says nothing about failing a challenge.

    21. Patrick Bartholomew on

      @jasco I don't know if you're looking at a different revision than we are, but the challenge card anatomy section does not describe what happens if you fail a challenge, nor does the example card displayed, nor does the entire 'Challenge Phase' section, except to say you must respawn if you lose all three lives. So the only way to end a turn is to either complete a challenge and decide to stop, or die 3 times and respawn? It's not clear. The whole rulebook is unclear.

      An example from the end of the book:

      Stick: If an ability says “Stick” it means the die that sticks
      cannot be re-rolled for any reason.

      Rule 1 of writing a definition: Don't use the word your defining in the definition. "The die that sticks"? What does that mean? From looking at a card example that uses the mechanic I believe the definition should be:

      'If the face of a die rolled matches the one listed under "Stick: " that die cannot be rerolled for any reason, during that ... (I assume during that action, but it needs to be clear)'

      I hate the idea of this getting delayed even further, but the rulebook needs reorganization and many clarifications.

    22. GeminiX6 on

      How do we update our address for shipping this? I've moved since I filled out my survey. :)

    23. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      **********7th page**********

      In the note on energy pellets add "and players life cannot go over their max life shown on their character card"

      The jump die explanation is odd. What do you mean by "and falling past obstacles"? Sounds odd. I'd just say "This symbol represent Mega Man jumping to avoid pitfalls and obstacles on the stage"

      For Dr.Wily.... why are you saying Dr.Wily faces? Sounds odd and is not used in other die roll explanations. Change faces to symbol like the other ones above.

      Okay... so each minion has a special ability... how is that relevant? I feel like the rules in general would be clearer if these anatomy type sections were done as you explained the processes in the gameplay section.

      Threat referring to dice roll sounds awkward. I would remove this term... and replace most instances of spending threat with rolling dice... or dice results... etc. I think labelling it as threat will only lead to confusion and is overcomplicating a simple mechanic.

      **********8th page**********

      Forcing players to start in different spaces is a smart rule. Makes people go on different paths (if you ebat ice mand you'll likely go to fire man next etc) while still allowing people to be on the same stage later in the game.

      Cross reference the challenge phase section (pg 10) in the "1. Reveal a challenge" Section. This is also where I would go over the anatomy of the challenge card if it were me. Less page flipping is good and will help people better comprehend what these cards mean.

      See Patricks excellent point on the wording of the play abilities section.

      Speaking of the play abilities section... It is not clear if you are only allowed to do one action... or as many actions as you want that add up to at most the number on the challenge card. Or maybe even just one of each type A,B and C. This whole section really needs some polishing as it is crucial to gameplay. The way you worded A. in particular implies you can only use ONE card from your hand.

      I also don't understand the last line... you must continue playing abilities until all players pass? I think what you are trying to say is this... and if so this is also what I would change the last sentence to say... "Each player takes turn performing one of the above actions until all players pass." In which case you should also change D to say "You may pass priority to the player on your left. Note: if all players pass then you will not be able to do anymore actions. However you may respond to someone elses action when priorty comes back to you as not everyone will have passed."

      **********9th page**********

      Reading section 5 I finally understand why you labelled it threat. I still would not do this and just say if you have any unused dice remaining. That said... unless I missed it you never mentioned how many dice you get each turn. I mean their are 12 dice... so do you get them all each turn? I would think it would be less than that and that their could be cards that give you extra dice for the turn etc...

      Again... this is where I would put the action card anatomy (with the part about how to play them!)

      It's good you describe the player and Dr.wily having seperate action points here... I'd leave this here and still correct the previous page per Patricks suggestion.

      That said... in the Dr.Wily section I think you could be clearer that ALL the other players share a SINGLE pool of points.

      The last bit of this Dr.Wily section also confirms my thoughts on the play abilities section of page 8... this really needs to be clearer in the playing abilities section. I would clean up the section on pg 8 (and leave this stuff on pg 9)... and perhaps reference the example shown on pg 9 in the section on pg 8. For example... at the end of the section on pg 8 say "Note: Refer to the example on pg 9 for an example of playing actions and passing priority."

      **********10th page**********

      Still sad you didn't base these off the actual game levels per previous suggestions here. It would have had all the same mechanics you are using... but would have been so immersive and awesome. Please consider it for your next expansion. You could even redo these MM1 cards at that time so it's all consistent.

      Change "If a new challenge seems too risky" to "If revealing a new challenge seems too risky". then add a sentence after this one saying "If you decide to reveal a new challenge card you must resolve it" This leaves less room for ambiguity.

      again... still not sure how much threat you start with each turn...

      For the 2 challenge requirement tile... what the heck does the "dr wily symbol stick" mean at the end of the challenge ability? Does that just mean they can't be rerolled? Does it make sense to put a box around Dr.wily (and hit icons where they show up on cards) to emphasize this is a dice roll result?

      For the minions... so if it just shows an image of a minion... there are no minions... but dr wily could add some? This needs to be made clearer.

      The "matching symbols" are at different rotations.... that could be confusing.... Why is it templated that way?

      **********11th page**********

      Huzzah! I know how much threat I have know! Seriosuly... this needs to come WAY earlier in the rules. I'd have the character card explanation much earlier. (maybe even on the 6th page before the gameplay section)... People playing their first game will do the game setup first and then likely will play through the first round with the rules to get a feel for it. I would not expect them to read through all these rules first and see this section before trying things out... so it's important to explain their characters to them when they will be selecting them.

      For the Note on energy pellets... Add this "So if you energy would drop below 0 before the energy pellets take effect, then you lose a life". Or atleast that is how I interpret that note.

      Even if you don't move the character card diagram earlier... the threat section needs to be earlier... and you should cross reference the character diagram wherever it ends up.

      And now I finally understand the threat terminology... okay... maybe leave it as is in the rules.

      So there is no penalty for death other than restarting the stage? Interesting. I would have though it would be worse than that. Maybe you lose all trophies atleast?

      **********12th page**********

      You should reference this example in the challenge phase section (currently page 10)...

      Again I'd clearly state that if you decide to continue on and flip a new card... you must resolve it fully.

      Again I think W space should be boss room.

      I'd have it say "Playing a Boss Battle round" instead of jsut "playing a battle round"

      I'd emphasize in the start of this section that Boss Battles are 1 on 1 fights unlike challenges and other players can't play cards against you in a boss battle (unlike the challenge phase) however they take turns controlling the boss against you.

      **********13th page**********

      Okay... you mention getting the robot master power... but you didn't really cover those in the rules... these should be better explained... as well as the elemental weakness system.

      Also... where the heck is the elemental weakness system? This is not clearly mentioned in the rules at all... This should be explained in the boss battle section.

      Add (sold seperately) after the phrase "If you have the yellow devil expansion"

      **********14th page**********

      I was right on stick! cool.... but I'd use a different 2 challenge example on pg 10 so as not to confuse people. It distracts from people understanding the challenge tiles.

      Why are they called resource symbols? They are not resources but weapon types... Shouldn't it be something like Weapon Element Types? Seems odd... Also... these were not covered in the rules at all and really should be.

      I'd make it say List of Core Box Minions.

      **********Quick Reference**********

      Please tell me this is a seperate sheet and not just a page in the rules... It'd be great if this was a double sided cardboard stock. Card faces could be on one side... and the other info on the other...

    24. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Okay... I had a chance to really read through the rules during my lunch break. Here are my comments (and not repeating the good points from Justin and Patrick below). Please note I made these as I read the rules so you can see how a new person to the game will react. In general I feel like this was not written to be read from front page to back in that order... which is not good in my opinion. In general everything is here... and the layout looks sharp... but you are relying on people flipping between pages a lot and the information you want is not always going to be in the first place you look. Often times terms are not even defined or discussed before you are using them. Threat being the best/biggest example. I didn't fully understand it until pg 11!

      Sorry these notes are extensive but a good set of rules goes a long way. I hope these comments help!

      **********2nd page**********
      Doesn't have a page number like the other pages (obviously the cover doesn't need a page number though)

      This sentence sounds odd "Players control their own hero AND control Dr.Wily's minions to keep their opponents from completing their challenges". At this point in the rules (likely the first thing people read) this is confusing. We don't even know what challenges are. I'd change it to "Players control their own hero during their turn but control Dr.Wily's minions during their opponents turn to try and hinder each others progress" or something along those lines.

      The formatting for player counts is odd... I'd have it say
      "Number of players:
      Core game: 2-6 players
      Core game with expansions (sold seperately): 2-8 players"

      Then add
      "Approximate game time: XX min per player" Fill in XX based on your own testing/experiences

      This info (player count and game time) should also come AFTER the paragraph currently below it. The goal of the game should be part of the game overview and then the player counts can follow that

      Under game contents... maybe you should say core game contents? I only say this because you mention the core game above... so it'd be good to be consistent. You also mention the expansions throughout the rules.

      Are you not including playable robot masters in the core game? That surprises me as it's a cheap but great way to enhance this. If you are including them I don't think I would label the robo master minis as trophies... but instead minis.... Is this perhaps something you plan to include in the 1st big expansion? Since right now people would need all 6 robot masters to play the game and can't use them as playable characters? That'd make some sense to me... in which case this is fine as is... but still might be better of without it since playable robot masters will be an option down the road.

      **********4th page**********

      Why did you switch from the nice blue/artistic backgrounds to a solid white one? It looks worse and will smudge easier. If you are worried about the artwork not standing out... just give it a white border or something so it still pops. This is true for most pages from here on out. Alternatively I also like the look of the quick reference (last page). You could do that on all pages (which allows the text etc to all be on white background) and it'd look a lot better and make the pages look more consistent. Not a big deal... but food for thought.

      "plotting his takeover of the world" sounds a little odd to me for some reason. This is more a preference but maybe "plotting to take over the world" reads better to me.

      Since you have the tin and oil man expansion shouldn't you be mentioning he made 8 robots? Not 6? You are already bringing up characters/minis not in the core box (proto man, roll, etc) so does it make sense to not mention them? I can see the flip side that it then seems odd they are not included in the game... This is a tough one.

      Looking at the wiki page:
      Does it make sense to mention Dr.Light built the 6(8) robot masters mainly to be used in the construction and maintenance of public works and then give a brief overview of the 6(8) robot masters too? It's all good stuff. Or is that over complicating things? I personally would love the backstory and the descriptions of the robot masters from the wiki are cool.

      Similarly... it wasn't really on oversight that Dr. Wily did not take Rock and Roll... from the wiki "When Dr. Wily arrived at Dr. Light's laboratory, he failed to realize Rock and Roll's potential, claiming that helper robots are as good as scrap metal to him" I think building as much flavor into this as possible is good. Even if you need to use a smaller font or skinny the margins a bit.

      **********5th page**********
      This is true of most of the pages following this one (counting this one). The columns are far too close together. You need to seperate them more and skinny down the margins on the edges.

      I'd change the end of the first column. Instead of "for easy expansion into future stages" ... I would say " for easy integration with future expansions (sold seperately)"

      And instead of saying "These spaces will be filled by future expansions". I'd say "These spaces may be filled with other robot masters included in various expansions (sold seperately)". You will already have the tin and oil man one out at release so no need for future.... and saying MAY is better wording. Will implies this core game is incomplete.

      See my previous thoughts on labelling the robot master minis as trophies.

      Calling the boss room the "W" space is weird to me. I'd label it the boss room. That's what it's called. The W is just Wily's insignia.

      The action card deck mechanics are odd to me. Why can you always draw back up to full? Seems like this overpowers the Dr.Wily side of things since they collectively could cycle a lot of cards. Does it make sense to only draw up to full at the start of each players turn? Or does that make pushing on too tough? I think it will force tougher choices if you don't immediately refill is all. Have you playtested both ways?

      **********6th page**********

      It seems odd not to go over character cards before the action/challenge cards... Especially since you mention starting health and lives on the previous page.

      Card Anatomy sounds weird to me. I'd just have two seperate sections. Action cards and challenge cards. Further... this is a weird section in general. You are going over the cards before people even know their use or how they resolve. For example reading the challenge cards section I still have no idea what it means or how to do a challenge. I know what each section of the card is called... but not what to do with it. This diagram of what the card is NEEDS to go along with the rules for doing a challenge. Otherwise people are going to have to be flipping back and forth a lot to figure out what the heck is going on.

      For the action cards... I'd reference the boss battle section here when you mention the boss battle ability as this is one instance where it makes sense to explain the card before the boss battle section (as you want this with the action card section). Cross references are goooooood.

    25. Griffinman01 on

      Great... Now the wait is gonna be that much harder. The rules look and sound much improved over the original iterations and really get the mega man feel. I really want to give this a shot and test everything out (oh who am I kidding, half of me just wants to play with the figures :P). Great job Jasco!

    26. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      No, it hasn't been submitted to print, we're preparing all files and we're grateful for people catching these things.

      It will be going off to the printer probably on Monday as we have several aspects that need to be separated for the printer.

      As for the part about challenges, in the challenge card anatomy it says what happens if you don't pass a challenge.

    27. Kris Dalman on

      Yeah hopefully it hasn't been sent off to print and we can all review it and find errors send them in to be fixed like some other kickstarter projects have done (Mutant Chronicles).

    28. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      @Joseph... I REALLY hope they have not sent these to printer and that we can edit it for them before hand. It would really help.
      @Jasco. This is a big part of the reason we were clamoring for these rules etc. You have a valuable resource here for rules back checking/edits... and now it might be too late for us to help and it is certainly too late to make changes if your fan base makes good mechanics suggestions.

    29. Joseph Le May

      You really ought to have shown us a rules doc before this; crowdsourcing edits can be really helpful.

      Also, your images are swapped on page ten. The "two challenge requirements" image has one challenge requirement on it, and vice versa.

    30. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Great news! And thanks for the rules. I do not have time to comb over them but as others suggested there is definitely some refinement needed. Hopefully we can all help in that department
      Bummed to see the challenge tile idea was not taken. Seems like you would have had plenty of time to implement it and it would have been amazing. What you have is not bad... But just could have been even more is all. Any reason why you didn't go that way?

    31. Justin on

      "we aren't able to get this out in Q2"

      LOL! Many of us told you that during the campaign.

      Is this right? -

      Also there are tons of funky alignment issues with that document. Not to mention major centering issues like the blue circle 13 on page 13.

      That document has a long way to go!

    32. Patrick Bartholomew on

      This is the rulebook after countless edits? Yikes! In the turn sequence alone there is a lot of vagueness. For example:

      Reveal a Challenge: doesn't say what to do if you failed a challenge. Do you discard the last turns challenge and draw a new one? Do you draw a new one and now have two challenges for that space? Do you not draw a new challenge, because you already have one?

      Play Abilities: as written "this is the total number of points that can be spent by you and your enemies to try and gain the upper hand.", could easily be interpreted as 'If there are two points to be spent and I spend them, then my opponents don't have any to spend. It only becomes clear that you both have that many points in the 'Example: Playing Action Cards' hint box on the next page. A better wording would be: "this is the total number of points that can be spent by you to try and gain the upper hand. Your enemies will, collectively, have the same number of points oppose you."

    33. Nathan McCullough

      I'm pleased with the rules, it sounds fun! thanks guys

      hopefully Mega Man 2 and more will come along later! :D

    34. Wheeljack on

      So... no release time frame yet, but... maybe before christmas this year? ;)

    35. Snycher on

      Best update I've ever seen!