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Color Approvals and Unique Game Piece

Posted by Jasco Games (Creator)

Hi everyone! While we’re entering the final stretch, we wanted to let you know about the latest progress on the board game. We’re happy to announce that the final graphics have been submitted to Capcom for their review. We've gone back and forth a few times and we’re hoping that everything is good to go this time around. Once we've gotten the final approvals, we’ll be releasing the rule book for the game.

Also, sometime next week, we’re going to be showing off a special unique game piece. We’re excited to show off more of the game and we hope you’re excited as well!

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    1. Snycher on

      I am also thankful for the more frequent updates. Keeps me from being sad. Out of everything I've backed this is still one of my most anticipated board games to play. Can't wait to see some rules so I get an idea of how the game plays now.

    2. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      That's great! Things are looking very promising now. Hopefully you get your approvals and we can peruse the rules next week!

    3. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      We did post something about plastic production, the list of stuff we were allowed the go ahead on came yesterday and we had scheduled the post for later. So yes, we'll chat about that a bit more in the future.

      We have had three batches of models sent to use from the factory now, and they're looking very, very good. Capcom was impressed as well with the quality and has made no comments other than color.

      The previous updates were for both mold and color, molding actually was very close right away, and we had some comments for them, but they weren't as much as we feared they might. The factory had some really good quality right away, we only had comments on a few of them for things like gaps or something else like a super visible mold line. The production samples with the color that have been sent are very, very good.

    4. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Great news Jasco (and thanks for the response). I'm surprised you didn't post an update for that though as that is a pretty good milestone. Hopefully you can get the remainder into full production soon!
      Have you done the QC checks with small batches already then to make sure it is consistent before releasing full production? I thought the previous updates were just single figures for mold/color approval. I could have misunderstood though.

    5. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      Several minis are in full production. We're waiting on the final color approvals for:
      Mega Man
      Sniper Joe
      Fire Man
      Oil Man

      Everything else has been started on the production and coloring process.

    6. Justin on

      "I am thankful for the more regular updates though so keep them coming Jasco! "


    7. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Yeah... at this point even Q3 is doubtful (As Justin says). I am thankful for the more regular updates though so keep them coming Jasco!
      Hopefully we can get those rules next week and an update on approvals in general. Are the minis almost ready to go into full production?

    8. Snycher on

      @Justin, you're probably right. It's very disappointing they're still waiting on approvals.....still.

    9. mark taylor on

      so disappointing

    10. Justin on

      Q2 is flat out impossible. That will never happen. Q3 is looking grim as well.

      If I were you I wouldn't even think about it. Just put it in the back of your mind. It'll get here when it gets here.

    11. Snycher on

      Sooooo. Still shooting for Q2? There's still so much we haven't seen.