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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      The age restriction is because of toy testing. If you say it's meant for people below 14 there is additional testing/steps one must take to stay safe. It has no bearing on skill to play the game.

    2. ocelotlrama on

      I have to wonder why this is for ages 14 and up...

    3. Ikalios

      His arm isn't held upside up. The shield is at the right position

    4. Eileen Lee on

      Is it just me or Protoman's Shield upside down?

    5. Nakano

      Wily's hair seems to have an empty spot.
      I'm still not sure whether Roll's eyes should nowadays be blue or green, but in Kotobukiya's older model they're green:
      Should the default deck of 40 cards be marked with some icon so it would be easier to revert back to the default deck? Or it's probably that the expansion cards are marked by set so works that way better.

    6. safyrejet on

      "Get to the choppa!" Great caption.

      @Fred, They did mention that not everything is correct on the sample colors...perhaps that is one of the incorrect samples.

    7. Angelbane on

      I hate to be a debbie downer but did they approve that color for the yellow devil? If the did they have never played the game. it needs to be a shade or 2 more orange. Otherwise the minis look awesome.

    8. Ikalios

      Nice update. Cant wait to see the rulebook. Miniatures are awesome, just scared they are too small. But I'm sure this perception will change when we'll get them

    9. Christopher Dyson on

      Excellent update. Thanks for showing everything off! Best of luck with hitting Q2!

    10. Missing avatar

      Christian Gilbert on

      Considering the number of figures that were added thanks to the stretch goals and that everything is done in China and approve by Capcom in Japan, I perfectly understand the delays that you guys encountered.

    11. Hypercoyote on

      Wow, lot of good stuff. For handpainted, those look really good. Those are really high quality pieces.

    12. Philip Campbell on

      Being one of the quite outspoken let me say this update definitely bought some good will in my books. Keep showing this progress level and you just might make your Q2 new date.

    13. Diggeh on

      Aw, I was kinda hoping these pieces would've been bigger. My Mega Man amiibo is going to tower over the poor Robot Masters. The Yellow Devil looks amazing though!

    14. ArchGeek on

      Awesome update. Can't wait for more!