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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      I too am perfectly fine with delays if it ensures a good product. And as stated in the generic comments section... I think people are being to quick to judge on the overall delivery/quality of this project. Steady progress is being made and it looks like we are going to get some fantastic minis! Jasco is really doing a great job on the minis and providing good updates.
      I however do not think Jasco has been very good with communication here on KS. They have been excellent at it on FB and other mediums... but for some reason not so much on KS the original source for this project. I mean they post almost daily on the FB and answer comments regularly... yet I don't think I've seen them on the comments section here more than a couple times in the past 6 months (if that) and numerous questions/comments go ignored (and it's not like the comment section is busy either... it's quite easy to keep up with)
      I also am getting nervous about the gameplay as people have been commenting and asking about it for months and months with no update. The minis are coming along great but the gameplay is still a giant ?? in my mind. I hope they have been playtesting like crazy over the past year and refining things... but they seem to be avoiding this topic so it makes it seem like they have not.

    2. safyrejet on

      I'm with Pierre and Zachery. Jasco has been great in keeping us updated and the delays that have been are quite understandable. Capcom needs things to be just right with their characters. This project is FAR from what I'd consider needing to apologize in any way to the backers. Updates have been once a month if not more. If Jasco updated more "constantly" I think there'd be more people complaining about fluff and spammy updates. One of those can't please everyone things.

      Count me as one who would rather see the project further delayed and be sure that the final products are excellent vs seeing it rushed and subpar in quality. Just keep updating us as you make progress Jasco. And always thanks for all the pictures.

    3. Jason Elliott

      I agree with Charles R Sorrell III, go gold as an apology!

    4. Charles R Sorrell III on

      With all the delays and lack of regular constant updates. as sort of an apology to the backers I think it would be a good idea to add the remaining robot masters in gold it wouldn't be that big of an addition and it would help ease some of the tensions of yet another delay.

    5. Phil Hudson on

      I'm like a few others here and don't mind the delay, as long as it's to ensure quality.

      Although Mega Man looking like he's about to football spike his helmet into the ground in the first picture of the second design is priceless.

    6. Zachery Littell on

      Awesome progress pictures. I am getting more and more excited. The language and cultural barrier makes manufacturing anything a fun nightmare.

      I am getting a little tired of what seems to be the cries of kickstarter noobs. Projects tend to get delayed. Projects that use intellectual property that isn't theirs are destined to be delayed. Plus like someone else mentioned. This isn't even that delayed and has constant progress pictures and updates. Also the assumption that Jasco doesn't have multiple teams working on different projects or even downtime on this project is absurb. What delay would be caused by briefing a whole new team of people on the project and then get them involved without them getting in the way. If you have ever worked on a team working towards a project and a delay is involved... the moment your boss brings in a new person to help you out is the moment everyone lets out a groan of disapproval.

    7. Pierre Rivard on

      I can only assume Dustin has never worked in design... I've seen how tough it is to get things looking perfect, especially if you have to work through a language barrier or working with more than one person, or, worst yet, a committee or two, giving input at every step. All it takes is one misunderstood suggestion, or two contradictory suggestions, to cause a whole lot of headaches and set a project back. The more people are involved, the longer an art project will take, always. If anything, there have been many more updates than one would expect at this stage, since it's just tweaking and retweaking until Everyone at CapCom is satisfied, and has publicly made enough input into the project so all their co-workers know they were an important part of it.
      The Jasco team has been very clear about needing CapCom to approve every figure, and that it could cause delays. The estimate they gave us was also for a game with a few dozen less figurines that have been added with stretch goals. I'm pretty sure the total number has more than doubled. The project became a lot bigger than what it was when they gave us an estimated date.
      So far, the game is only three months late. They have been updating constantly, and responding to backers, and they have given us as many pictures as possible throughout the whole process. Very few projects I have backed have come close to this much communication with backers. Three months isn't even close to the delays I have seen on other projects. All of the reasons given for the delays make sense. And the progress of the physical product is clearly happening, and we can be pretty certain we will get the product eventually.

      This is kickstarter, not amazon, if you want something be a certain date, buy retail, because estimating a shipping date on a project this size, with multiple opportunities for delays, is almost impossible.

    8. Kurtis Smith on

      I feel your frustrations as I also work with external artists. Outsourcing is great and can save a lot of time when it works smoothly. When it doesn't, it can be quite time consuming to give feedback for corrections in a manner that will be properly understood. Worst of all is if you have a tight timeline that runs close to one of the many week to two week holidays overseas. Chinese New Year almost ends up being 3 weeks of absolutely nothing going on. And for manufacturing that is always a headache.

    9. Dustin Taylor on

      Sick of excuses. The manufacturer really didn't have enough common sense to not make the figure staring face down to the ground? Really tired of your excuse after excuse to why you fail to deliver on your promises. Yet your company continues to launch more projects left and right. And as little as you probably care, please know I will never again support your company in the future.

    10. Nicole Persram

      I like the slabs more than the pegs, the pegs look weird. But that's just me.

    11. Missing avatar

      Greg Brown on

      Glad things are being done right, keep up the good work, im looking forward to the final product

    12. Michael Merrill on

      Excellent update. Glad to see things are slowly but surely getting done.

      I think I agree with @Greg Plunket about the jump though.

    13. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Hahaha. I can't believe the original jumping pose. Too funny. Definitely makes it easier to see what's taking so long.

    14. Nathan McCullough

      Honestly - I'd rather have multiple shipments... if its going to be another five months or something for minis, I don't need them with the game.

    15. Hypercoyote on

      Heh, the problem with being an engineer is you assume everyone else can see the picture in your head. I love watching this unfold, keep up the good work guys, we're (well, I'm) waiting patiently.

    16. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys. It's really neat to see how much work goes into these minis.

    17. Missing avatar

      Greg Plunket on

      I definitely appreciate taking the extra time to make sure things are right rather than rushing for a deadline. I'd much rather have this take a bit longer to reach me than to have something get here quicker and be something I'm ultimately unhappy with.

      As far as the various Mega Mans you pictured above, I do have two comments.

      1) It really looks weird to me for the helmetless Mega Man to be on the tips of both his feet. Very strange moment in a walk to capture (if it's even a moment he would ever truly be in--I don't envision him walking in such a way that this pose is even possible). Otherwise, the sculpt looks great, and I can't wait to see a painted version (very curious to see which hair color Capcom tells you is the correct one).

      2) I certainly can understand the argument for keeping the jumping Mega Man touching the base, but I must agree with whomever it was that was arguing for that figure to be on stand like the other airborne characters. He would really look more like he is jumping if he were actually in the air.