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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
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    1. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Not trying to rush you but your update makes it sound like things are mostly done so I thought there might be more to share on the game design (not art/approval) side of things. Guess not though so just share it when you can :- )

    2. ✩Don E✩

      I think I will hold off till MM is delivered besides 1st Jasco campaign was a rough experience. Best of luck though.

    3. Jasco Games 5-time creator on

      We will be going over graphics and rules as we're able to, so please be patient with that.

      For the color question, we're still in talks with the printer about which would be the best way to do it that is still economical. Currently, as it breaks down, the way that we asked was if they could do it so that there were multiple colored plastics, with little paint passes. They have given us rough estimates but are waiting until their engineers get everything done on their end to see how viable that is. Since every color constitutes a "step" in the painting process, it can add up quickly. Of course, things to keep in mind that each mold that you make is only so large, and therefore can only accommodate so many miniatures. These generally run several thousand dollars to create, and therefore they don't start cutting until everything is finalized.

    4. Justin on

      Also, what was the final outcome of coloring the minis? Did you have to compromise on the colors or were you able to get the number of colors you wanted?

    5. Brett Bringer of the Avalanche on

      Thanks for the update. I'll have to check out the other project.
      With regards to the MM board game. If things are pretty much done on your end could you please gives us a rules update as well as an update on how the challenge tiles have evolved?

    6. Michael (StarMigo) on

      I rather have the MM board game done well than quickly. Thank you for the update.