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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.

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A great day for Mega Man!


It's a great day here in the office. While most of the crew who are normally here are off at Origins game convention, at least one guy who was left behind has been working diligently with Capcom on the board game. With that, we've hit another great milestone!

That's right folks! The game graphics are now fully approved! This is a great step as we now enter the final parts of production.

Next Steps

So what’s next, you might ask? Well, that's a good question. We've been asked by Capcom to give them a pre-production sample so that they may see the rest of the insides. They did say that if it doesn't hurt the production schedule too much, so we're checking with the factory on how much of a delay that might give. Thankfully, color miniatures have already been started, and we've been handing over approved graphics already so the production has been getting underway to try and shave more time off the total production schedule.

When will we have the game?

Another good question. Due to the fact that approvals kept going on and on, we aren't able to get this out in Q2, but we're going to wait to get a final date from the factory before we start setting expectations. We have asked for that and when we get it we will let everyone know. We're hoping to have a few extra pre-production copies to show people at Gencon, and to show off the game to people who are at the show.

What about...

Let me stop you right there. I know what you're going to ask now, and let me just put this right here:

Mega Man™: The Board Game Rulebook

So we apologize for the time it took to get this approved, but because it literally has aspects of all things in the game, it had to be approved at the end of the game. After countless edits, some slight wording changes and updated graphics, we hope you enjoy and it gets you ready for your first games!

Once again...

We do appreciate everyone's patience on this project. It has been an incredibly long and arduous project, and we've learned a lot about the process along the way. We sincerely want to thank our backers for being patient while this game has taken shape. We've discussed at length how to avoid long delays like this on future projects, and while we will have announcements for other projects in the future, we're still focused on getting this game into our backers hands.

Update on Approvals, Unique Game Piece

Greetings Blue Bomber Fans!

So in the last update we spoke about the unique game piece, and how we had submitted the final graphics. We finally heard back from Capcom on several things, and we're here to update you with results.

Graphics Approvals

So apparently there is a new producer for Mega Man at Capcom. There has been some interesting notes on our graphics, but for the most part it's simply centering on the dice. We were asked to revise one of the dice faces last time, and now they're coming back with another. Originally, for our “Run” dice face, we evidently used unofficial artwork, but the rest of the dice faces were approved; with this latest pushback, we were now told that the “Aim” dice face was unofficial and couldn’t be used, but we learned at the same time the original “Run” face was official. We have 'officially' pushed back saying if possible we'd like the original “Run” dice face that we were told wasn't official but apparently now is as well as keeping the “Aim” dice face. This seems to be the big hang up right now. We have some emails going back and forth but are waiting to hear from Capcom on our dice proposals.

Color Game Pieces

Oddly, as the person who writes this update was starting the process, I received an email from Capcom approvals. And good news! All the color pieces have been approved! So we've already started production on all of them. The saga of this was that one of the Mega Man's had skin color on his neck, and Capcom wanted it to not be skin colored. However, when we told the factory, they decided that it was actually supposed to be an entirely different thing based on some artwork they saw somewhere and changed all the Mega Man pieces neck guards to be the same color as his chest. This of course, was not what we wanted, and we had to go back to them and then it took them a little while to get the models back to the original state and fix the one in question. With Fire Man, they wanted the flames lighter, removing the eyebrows from Oil Man, adjusting the pink on Rush to be lighter, and Sniper Joe to have a silver belt buckle instead of gold.

They asked us to submit when we had all of them, so even though we had the updated non-Mega Man pieces, we had to wait until we got the updated Mega Man. Now that the game piece hurdle has been finally crossed, we are now just waiting on final graphics approval and we hope that comes quickly.

Unique Game Piece

For the highest backers, we offered a unique game piece. This is something that we're producing through other channels since we need significantly less, and so therefore it's been started later. We used models as a base that had already been approved to try and speed the process. As you can see below in the images, we are having the unique game piece be Mega Man on his faithful companion Rush!

 We were waiting to make sure Capcom saw it first before we could show our backers, as they've requested to see things first lately.  However, now that they have seen it, we have it here to view.  They have some comments on how Mega Man is standing and some notes on Rush, you can see them here:

 Since we're not using a middle man this time for sculpts, our response time has improved greatly.  Today he gave us the following updates:

Color Approvals and Unique Game Piece


Hi everyone! While we’re entering the final stretch, we wanted to let you know about the latest progress on the board game. We’re happy to announce that the final graphics have been submitted to Capcom for their review. We've gone back and forth a few times and we’re hoping that everything is good to go this time around. Once we've gotten the final approvals, we’ll be releasing the rule book for the game.

Also, sometime next week, we’re going to be showing off a special unique game piece. We’re excited to show off more of the game and we hope you’re excited as well!

Mega Man Board Game White Sample Video


Hi Mega Man fans,

We’re happy to announce some news for the board game. While it might not be the most exciting update, we wanted to keep you up to date with the latest information as we get closer to our release window. Today’s update comes in an episode of The Joffice, our podcast. We receive the white sample of the Mega Man Board Game box. The white sample lets us ensure that all the components will fit safely into the box. As we note in the video, there will be some changes, but we just wanted to share so you can start to get an idea of how it will all come together. Enjoy!

New rounds of color approvals, typesetting update


Greeting Blue Bomber fans!

It’s been a very busy few weeks for us here at the Jasco Office. Obviously, there’s been a lot of UFS related news on our Facebook feeds, but some have asked about board game news. We’ve held off mostly because we’ve been busy working on the game to get it finished! Some good things to report, after working through several weeks and weekends, we have a few topics to cover today,:

Graphics and Typesetting:

The typesetting is essentially done. We’re going through adjusting type here and there (little things like spacing letters that run together, reviewing items for design reasons like widows/orphans and numbers, and a few other mundane things. We’re hoping that it will be in approvals very early next week. As we typeset, we realized while discussing with play testers that there was some confusion on cards, so we’ve adjusted graphics for some things which does mean approvals will look those over, but we’re hopeful that it doesn’t slow us down. Once the graphics with typesetting are approved, we’ll be able to finally send out the rulebook that our backers have been waiting for. We’re really excited to get this whole thing out the door.

Game pieces:

Plastic production has started, and the second round of color approvals have started. To might right, we actually have a pile of game pieces with the new colors how they’re going to appear in the box. Capcom has received them, and forwarded them to Japan for approvals, and we’re hoping for a positive result, as we discussed what colors should be used quite extensively to try and save time. The new pieces we have were painted with the tooling process and so therefore what things should look like in final production. They will all be in their own plastic bag to preserve the paint during transit.

The printer is busy making sure that all the components are going to fit in the box that they’ve talked about. They’re producing what they call a “white sample” where they just take blank white paper and cardboard and put it together and make sure all the components fit comfortably. We’re trying to gain ground on production time which is why we’ve asked them to start production of the game pieces. We’re hoping for no real adjustments on packaging, although since it would only adjust size a small amount, it shouldn’t require an extra round of approvals if anything was to change, only if the design actually changes significantly from the images.

Future Plans:

As this part of the board game is now winding down, in our down time we’ve been discussing the next expansion of the board game, and what the plans will be. We’re probably looking to Kickstarter for the expansion, however, internally, we agreed on several things, most notably that we’d like to get more production done up front. We’ve decided that we will have the game complete and the scope better defined for the future, but also to avoid potential delays that we’ve experienced with this project. We have learned quite a bit on this Kickstarter. Being this is our first board game, we’ve gotten advice from everyone we could, and while we padded the schedule for approvals, we have learned a lot along the way. So when we have a firm feel for Mega Man 2 Expansion, we’ll have more info for our backers. Also, we’ve got some special plans for Mega Man in the future that allow you to use the board game pieces for other things. Stay tuned for more info in the coming months!