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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


EU Shipment Status + Replacement Components


Greetings Kickstarter Backers,

We are getting closer to complete fulfillment. The EU board games have reached our fulfillment center in Estonia, and are currently stuck in customs.

Replacement components have shipped to those who reported in damaged components. If you sent in an inquiry for replacement parts, you should have already received them or will be getting them in the next week or two. If by then you do not receive the replacement components, please send an email to

EU backers, please continue to hang in there. The fulfillment and shipping to Europe has been far more difficult than we have expected. As soon as they clear customs we will have the games out to you and if there are any issues with your orders after they are received, please let us know.  

Thanks to all of our backers for joining us in this journey and we hope you join us again for our future projects!

Shipping Update and Playable Protagonist Robot Master Cards


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International Shipping Update



Australia / New Zealand
North America (Canada shipped and still shipping)
Europe (We are still waiting for confirmation on the arrival of the shipment to Estonia)
We know the boat has shipped weeks ago, we are still waiting on an arrival notice.

All others have shipped. If you are missing your order and have either received tracking or expect it should have arrived already, please e-mail with your inquiry. Also, if you received, missing, damaged or extra parts to your order, you can also e-mail the address above to help resolve the issue.

Shipping is nearly complete. We will make a major update as soon as the final few orders are finalized.

More Shipping!


Greetings Mega Fans!  

We would like to apologize for the radio silence for the last few days. We have been taking care of all of the shipping for international, problematic, and special orders and our entire staff has been at it full force.

We just finished shipping the last of our online and convention orders, Canadian orders have shipped and arrived to our fulfillment center, Mexico, and Middle American Orders have shipped and are shipping presently.

European orders have been shipped to our Shipping Facility in Estonia from China and will be arriving shortly. From there they will be fulfilled to Backers. We will be covering all duties and fees in Estonia so the customs, duties and fees will not be passed along to backers.

Australia and New Zealand have and are shipping as well. Those should be arriving to your door steps any day now if they haven't already arrived. We have been informed that the Time Man/Oil Man expansion games had a print error and did not include the 2 Mega Man character cards. We have already rush printed new cards and had 16,000 of them delivered to our warehouse. We will be sending these out shortly to all backers via regular postage.

Playable Robot Master character cards are being produced for those who had their orders held. We will be releasing the PDF as soon as the chaos subsides here in a few days for every backer to download and play with. We are looking into having cards printed for all backers as well, as it was our lack of clarity in this product being digital that confused our backers and fans, but they will not be able to print until after the Chinese New Year (end of February). For those of you who had your orders held, we are printing your cards in the US at a higher cost/higher card paper quality. 

$1,000 and $2,000 backers, your orders are ready to ship, however the specialty miniature that is exclusive to this level has to be finished and arrive to our warehouse before your orders can ship. We appreciate your patience on this matter. 

 In the mean time, if you have any questions or concerns about your shipment or your delivered products, please e-mail us at and we can take care of them for you. 

 The public release date in the United States for the game is February 12th. Stores will only be stocking the main game for now until expansion product is ready for release. 

That's it for now! We will keep updating you as things move along. We are also having meetings on Monday to discuss the possibility of Mega Man 2 in the future with updated rules and speedier game play. 

Thank you and blast on!

Shipping Update


Hello backers! Shane here with Jasco Games. While the president has been on the road for travel and in countless meetings, I have been working endlessly on fulfilling this board game. After answering hundreds of emails and shipping hundreds of orders, I can summarize quite a bit of what is going on internally.



1) Canadian orders have just been sent out yesterday afternoon. We sent a total of 5 pallets full of orders via freight to Canada, to our partners who will fulfill shipping from there. The reason for shipping it this way is to prevent individual customs issues for backers, since the orders will now be sent from Canada to Canada.

2) All Gencon pre-orders have been packaged and will be shipped today. Most Jasco Games online store orders were also fulfilled.

3) The rest of the international orders are the next step. EU orders are shipping directly from China to our UK branch. We will post an update when we are closer to that time frame. Orders shipping to other international countries such as Mexico and Australia should begin processing next week.

4) For backers who have received a tracking number but still shows the order is processing, this means that we have printed the label but have been holding the order in our warehouse due to extra components that needed to arrive before we ship it out. We just received two more containers full of Mega Man the Board Game related items, and we can begin completing held orders. We are purchasing bigger boxes today for orders that had too many components to fit inside the prepackaged box from China. We anticipate most of these held orders will be going out on Monday of next week, since we will be working the entire weekend on getting these orders packed and ready to go.



1) We have been getting lots of emails concerning missing Mega Man protagonist cards in the Time Man and Oil Man expansions. This seems to be a massive error, and we are looking into a solution.

2) If you have emailed pictures of damaged components to shane(at) , you have been put onto the "Damaged/Missing Components" spreadsheet. We plan to send out replacement components when the physical Robot Masters Protagonist cards enter our warehouse, to save on shipping. We do not have a current ETA on when they will arrive, but we are printing them in the US, which means that it should not take too long.

3) We have received some reports of the Kickstarter Exclusive Art prints arriving creased or damaged. While there is nothing we can do about replacing individual art prints (we cannot account for printer packaging error), we can most likely upload a high-quality image of the art print so that everyone can download and print it themselves if they would like. This would likely be uploaded with the images of the Robot Masters Protagonist cards very soon.


Thank you for taking the time to be a part of this experience. This has been quite the journey for us. Through all of the rough times we have fought through, seeing our backers happy and excited about the quality of our work makes it all worth it. There is much more work to be done, so stay tuned!