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The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
The Blue Bomber blasts his way into the board game world!
2,639 backers pledged $415,041 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


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Final Stretches


Greetings Blue Bomber Fans!

Things are getting down to the wire here with the project, and we're super excited on our end to have it finally completed and in your hands.

Printer Update:

We are currently working with the printer on packing each order individually in China during the assembly stage.  This will make it so that we can ship to backers immediately right away from when we receive it.  This hopefully saves us a little more time so we can get it to you guys right away.

The printer has told us it will be ready to ship sometime during the week of the 16th of November, assuming there's no extra hiccups along the way.  As soon as a boat is ready after that date it will ship.

What this means:

For those of you who haven't done your backerkit surveys, NOW IS THE TIME.  We cannot stress this enough.  If you haven't done it, there is a chance it will delay your getting your order in a timely manner. 

Anyone who needs address updates, NOW IS THE TIME.  We have been updating addresses with people for some time but if there's a question about your address please keep us informed as much as possible.

We will send out another update when the boat is on it's way!

Update from printer and video message from head of Jasco Games


Greetings Blue Bomber fans!  

We do apologize about the long time between updates.  Lately, we haven't had much to talk about, it's been really just waiting on the printer.  We have been waiting patiently trying to get a firm date from them.  However, we made a short video showing off some of the items from the box, as well as discussing the timetable.

 Special Dice:

There were some comments and concerns when we showed off the dice in one of the last updates, and we wanted to show off to people the special dice pack.  Now, this dice pack includes 4 Mega Man dice, 4 Dr. Wily Dice, and 4 dice from the game.  One of the reasons we did this was because there are plans for a dice game with the game dice in the future.  They're such awesome dice we want to have people get as much use out of them as possible.  

 Until next time!

Support our friends: BattleCon Online!


Our friends over at Level 99 Games are in the midst of their Kickstarter for BattleCon Online. We're huge fans of BattleCon and have collaborated with Level 99 Games in the past, so we wanted to give them a quick shout out! Consider supporting what looks like a great project and help them make an amazing game even cooler by bringing it online:

Printer Update and Gencon


Greetings Blue Bomber fans!

Well, we're here again to show you the progress on the Mega Man Board game.  For those of you who didn't make it to Gencon and didn't get to see the advanced copies we had there on display and demoing.

For those of you who did make it, thank you for checking it out!  The printer said that there would be a chance that it wasn't going to make it to Gencon and we were happy that it was there.

Gencon 2015

Gencon was great this year.  On Tuesday night, the printer reps arrived with a couple of copies of the board game hot off the presses.  These were all done with the intent to get it at Gencon, and the results were great!  You can view the video of us un-boxing the game for the first time here.

We were allowed to have one of the great tables from Geek Chic to present our game on.  Geek Chic had a very big presence at Gencon this year, not to mention they had taken over a store in the mall near the convention center where they were showing off their tables and selling games.  Jasco Games was proud to have Mega Man™: The Board Game front and center in their store on the Wednesday before Gencon.  It was also the main part of our booth, and very active all convention!  People would wait for their chance to demo the game and see it in all its boxed glory!

Jasco Booth at Gencon 2015 with employees and volunteers
Jasco Booth at Gencon 2015 with employees and volunteers

We did work on a game play demo while we were at Gencon as well, however that video isn't ready yet.

News from the Printer

It has been quiet for things such as a final date from the printer, but we have received these things from the printer in regards to the box setup.  For those that don't know, we don't often actually make the plastic inserts, it's up to the engineers at the factory to make these.  Then they give you a great shot of how the game will be assembled in the box.  We can confirm (from many re-boxing during Gencon) that all the items fit very well back into the box after being assembled.

The main box is put together in several steps.  They sent us a PDF of it here.

They also gave us pictures from the expansion box, and the stretch goal box. You can see them below:

 And the stretch goal box:

Dice prints have arrived!


Greetings Blue Bomber fans!

We have been quiet, as there has not been much to report since the game went into production.  We have been talking with the printer mostly about various totals, which doesn't make for interesting news.  For instance, there are over 150,000 Mega Man models being made for the base game alone!  

Manufacturing Update

So we have dice to behold! Here is a small video showing off the dice:

 As mentioned, these are top of the line dice, and extremely cool to see. One thing that we've worked towards this entire Kickstarter is having the highest quality game. Not only has it allowed us to solidify our relationship with Capcom, we want everything in this game to look as good as possible on the table.  We have some great plans for the future of our board game!

Board Game at Gencon 

As noted in the video, the printer has said that there is a 95% chance that we will have the board game to show off at Gencon.  We will not be selling those copies, they will be to show off only. If you will be at Gencon, feel free to drop by, demo the game in person and see the insides of the box!

Other News from Jasco 

For those that aren't aware, Jasco Games has acquired the license for Street Fighter! The quality of the Mega Man game was instrumental in us getting this license and we have our backers to thank for this!  While this isn't direct news about Mega Man in particular, the board game announcement at San Diego Comic Con mentioned how good the Mega Man figures looked and the head of licensing even commented how great they were.  One might ask what else this has to do with Mega Man, but we will be announcing something at Gencon in regards to how Street Fighter and Mega Man can interact in the future! We will also have sculpts of the Street Fighter early sculpts for display and showing off the future board game there.  Be sure to drop by and get a demo!