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Katalyka is a strategy game for 1-4 players that focuses on building a successful Stellar culture that spans across the entire Galaxy!
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Printing has begun!

Posted by Molly Friedrich (Creator)

Printing the cards has begun.

Solved the problem, by using the thick 125 lb cardstock that wasn't working on the laser printer by switching to my inkjet printer.

The print quality is not as professional as I was hoping (I got one of the better non-industrial 4 color laser printers, which WILL still be used to print everything other than the 4 card decks), but at least it IS getting printed. I am still going to try and find a better solution for the next batch.

Here is the final design for the backs of the 4 decks... now with the text logos on them.

Thanks to everyone for their patience, its been a crazy recent couple weeks, but yesterday the pressures and voices that were pounding down on me and making me feel locked up finally started lifting, and then I started getting a ton of people communicating with me in my journal on Deviant Art,

And so I checked and my journal on deviant art has had 6,500 views in the last two days, due to a post on Reddit, and it has been helping so much to have new perspectives, and it just feels good to finally not feel trapped inside the elements with little empathy to ease it or allow me to solve the printing issues.

Thanks for helping to ease these pressures on me!

So it is printing now, I have all the supplies, and hopefully you'll have your copy very soon!

Sorry again for this delay, its been a living nightmare the last few months... its the only thing I can call it.

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    1. Charles W. Phillips on

      You probably want Mayday 7041 Card Game size Penny Sleeves. But I won't know for sure until I have the cards in my hand.

    2. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Green on

      Thanks for the specs Molly. I'm an obsessive card sleever :-)

    3. Molly Friedrich 3-time creator on

      Geoffrey, the cards are right around 2.5 x 3.6 inches, which is almost exactly the same dimensions as a standard poker-style card.

    4. Marco Herden on

      Cheers! That sounds like quite some weight is lifting from your shoulders.

    5. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Green on

      Quick question.. what size are the cards?

    6. Ray Smith on

      Hooray for Molly!!!
      It's so great to hear you're doing better. Many of your fans are very concerned about you. The game is secondary. I hope it can be a catharsis and release of your creative spirit and not be the burden it had become.
      Best wishes, welcome back, and I greatly look forward to having your creation.