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Katalyka is a strategy game for 1-4 players that focuses on building a successful Stellar culture that spans across the entire Galaxy!
85 backers pledged $7,840 to help bring this project to life.

Materials Purchased & Expansion packs in the planning stages...

Wanted to update the backers to let you all know how progress is going with Katalyka!

I have started ordering the materials for the production side of the game... here's a couple of the more extreme examples:

200 lbs of glass stones!

$800 of 14 layer illustration board!

...and I got a business class color laser printer that makes BEAUTIFUL fast prints. (it was cheaper and more convenient than having this many color prints done at a business copy center)


During the design and writing stages of the game, I came up with a lot of territory that I want to eventually explore but that I couldn't fit into the main game, so I started keeping some notes for future expansion packs to add new kinds of avatars, factions, and technology to the game... so here is a brief preview of gameplay elements that could be added over the next couple years (some of these I know I want to make, and some of these may be subject to the editor's knife):

: Stellar Rings and Constellations - The Sangenists, The Protectorate, and The Subterfugitives :: Minor Cycle Uprising - The Flock, The Infernals, and the Sidhe : : Order of the Singularity Expansion - Supermen, Monsters and Madscience : : Circle of Life Expansion - Celebrities, Pirates, and Starships :: The Forgotten Expansion - Pirates, Crimelords, and Vigilantes :

I also have a small surprise brewing for the Kickstarter only expansion deck.

Anyways, I am going to grab lunch and get back to designing card layouts!  I hope everyone is having a great week.



    1. Creator Charles W. Phillips on September 1, 2011

      Make sure your accountant enters these costs on the books :-)