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Katalyka is a strategy game for 1-4 players that focuses on building a successful Stellar culture that spans across the entire Galaxy!
85 backers pledged $7,840 to help bring this project to life.

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Any opinions about Candy Realms?

Posted by Molly Friedrich (Creator)

 The first two batches of Candy Realms have been sent out and you should have had a month or so to try it out... I'm  curious if you like it!

For everyone who hasn't gotten it yet, rest assured I'm still sending out copies.

If those who got theirs would be willing to share their review,  positive or negative... it would help to show everyone that I am at least sending them out?

I don't want anyone to mistake Candy Realms as a cheap bone thrown at you... i spent more time and budget making Candy Realms than i did on Katalyka... and i stand by my claim that its absolutely a better and more enjoyable game than Katalyka!  I had years more experience behind me when i made it.

Also, there are a few people remaining who haven't updated or confirmed their address with me, I'm still sending out copies, so msg me and I'll add you to the next batch!

thanks you guys, i really wish you love the game, and if you don't, its ok to let me know.

Also, if you post your review as a video, send me a link and I'll add it to the Kickstarter for Candy Realms, which just relaunched yesterday. 

You have some of the only copies of the game,  so you are positioned to tell potential buyers if its worth their time or not!



More Games Mailed!

Posted by Molly Friedrich (Creator)

I had a big postal trip yesterday, and sent out a copy of Candy Realms to everyone that sent me their updated addresses last month.

If you are one of the backers still waiting to get anything, please send me your address just to make sure I have the current one, and I will add you to the list for mailing out next month!


Posted by Molly Friedrich (Creator)

Hey all!

Some of you may have seen the video claiming this Kickstarter is a failure and generally painting me up to look completely insane.  So I wanted to respond here and also let you all know to still expect a copy of Eternal War of the Candy Realms, PRINTED AND SENT AT MY LOSS, to apologize to everyone that didn't get a copy of Katalyka.

I've already sent out some copies of Candy Realms to you, and will be sending out more in a few weeks.  If your address has changed recently, please message me and let me know.


Why that game and not Katalyka?

Partly due to cost, but mostly because I feel its a better game in every aspect.  I stand by Katalyka being fun and a decent game.  The rumor that it has no end is BULL.  Every conflict either discards a card or removes a point from your character card's health, the numbers on the side with the skull at the bottom.  That's explained very clearly in the manual, so the guys who claimed to be REVIEWING it apparently didn't actually bother to read the manual?

Anyways, I've been working on game designs since I was a kid, my mom's friend Richard grew up in Lake Geneva, and occasionally played in a campaign run by Gary Gygax.  Richard introduced me to gaming when he gave me his copy of AD&D, and I was enamoured by tabletop gaming since.

My best childhood pal Matthew and I would design settings and game systems almost constantly.  Always on a search for a new refinement, an interesting culture, or a fun new gimmick to try.

Before I fell in love with music, or found my bio-father's centurion ring in the basement and became interested in gem collecting and jewelry, there was gaming.  Only Lego, sewing, and my appreciation of Transformers figures came before gaming, and gaming consumed those other interests in my teens and twenties.  So to have my first attempt at selling a game be considered a failure really bothers me.

I've sold over $20,000 of Lego parts on Bricklink over the years, I've sold over 1000 items on Etsy, I've been in gallery shows, magazines, and sold over 1000 novelty prop items on Ebay, and before this Kickstarter... I've only had one outspoken negative customer due to a personal emergency and her impatience.


So what went wrong?

I put some cool stuff into Katalyka, but it was too ambitious for my first project, and deciding to print it myself was probably the main mistake that lead to the budget problems and the partial failure.

I do admit that I wasn't able to send finished copies of the game to everyone before the budget ran out... but I never used "The Sun" or the voice (that I DID isolate on the 1350hz frequency of Carbon Monoxide) as EXCUSES for my partial failure on this Kickstarter.

I want to be clear that the budget ran out due to buying the wrong paper for the cards that ended up being too thick for my 4 color laser printer, having to buy a different printer to finish the cards, having to use more expensive ink, and not understanding that shipping charges are factored into the final backer amount of the Kickstarter.

Those are real world accidents and mistakes.  I really don't appreciate the video trying to take my report of some unusual events out of context and trying to twist it into making it appear that I went crazy and/or just ran off with your backing.

I didn't.  I still have all the receipts and I also documented myself using the materials I purchased to build a few stacks of finished copies of Katalyka, and I have receipts of sending out as many as I could, with a bunch of them sent out at my cost after the funding had all run out.

I'm not EXCUSING the failure to those of you who didn't get a copy.

THAT'S WHY I'M SENDING CANDY REALMS to those of you who haven't gotten Katalyka.  I just felt Katalyka wasn't my best work after I started playtesting Candy Realms, and if I'm going to be spending my money to send you a game... I want it to be MY BEST GAME YET... not the "only ok" one that no one seems to love.

I spent over 3 years designing Candy Realms, which was twice as long as the pre-production of Katalyka.  And its much more concise, has a stronger theme, tighter gameplay, better art, and a great unique twist.

So if I have to GIFT you to feel like I've fulfilled your backing, why gift you with the worse game?  I hope that seems reasonable to you.


What about "The Sun"?

As for the Sun, it did actually harass me a bit, but it also ended up communicating clear enough that I understand why it did... and there's no hard feelings on my part.

As for the accusation that I am racist, I am.  I firmly believe that blacks are SUPERIOR, because I've burned in U.V. as far back as I can remember.  I'd love to be able to run around outside and not burn.  My mom has a sun allergy worse than I do, to the point where she takes medication for it.  I didn't invent "race", so please don't expect me to pretend I don't burn in U.V.  Maybe that light sensitivity is what lead to the argument I got caught up between part of the Sun and carbon?  I don't know!

I did some research into c.o. and u.v. and I feel that I understand enough of what was occurring that I'm not really bothered by it any more.  I won't post about that here because its not appropriate or relevant to this Kickstarter.

Anyways, I get that Dan Ibbertson's channel is based on making comedy videos and not on strict journalistic integrity, so I'm not holding it against him.  I actually sent him a copy of Candy Realms to check out a few weeks ago, which he told me he did an un-boxing of during a livestream, and he likes the artwork but hasn't tried playing it as of this update.


Why is taking so long to send out Eternal War of the Candy Realms?

I wanted to take my time and show that I learned from my mistakes. I wanted to make sure I was providing the best game I could make at this point in my life.  I was disabled in a motorcycle accident in 2003 and live on $750 a month, which is mostly used on rent and food... so I can only afford to send out a handfull of games each month.  I wanted to playtest the game with a few different groups to make sure it was READY before I sent it to you.  I didn't update before this because I don't like to waste your time with an update unless I have something concrete to report. I have begun sending Candy Realms out, so when you get it please don't hesitate to tell me what you think about it!



If you haven't gotten a Katalyka, you won't get one.  But I have already started sending out copies of Eternal War of the Candy Realms, please accept it as my apology and attempt to fulfill my promise to you.

The Sun and the c.o. voice was NOT the cause of Katalyka's partial failure, my mistakes and resulting budget problems was.

I did not go crazy and/or run off with backer money.


Sorry so long, hope everyone is doing well!


Still shipping Katalyka & a gift coming your way.

Posted by Molly Friedrich (Creator)

Wanted to give you all an update to this project.

And tell you about a gift I'm sending.

Screen capture of work in progress
Screen capture of work in progress

Nothing bad to report any more!  The game is finished, copies are still being made, and I'm still shipping them out when I can afford to.  I thought the usps would allow me to ship them via media rate, but they didn't, and so it's costing a lot more for me to send them out to the backers (one copy sent cross country cost me $25, and I'm actually losing money on Katalyka now, because I didn't budget for such a high shipping cost), but do not fear... I am not asking for anything from you but patience, as the game IS shipping.  The shipping mistake is my fault, and im eating the cost from my own monthly budget.

In the mean time,  I have designed a new game... called Eternal War of the Candy Realms, and it's a much much smaller game.  Only about 85 cards, a couple dice, and a rules sheet.. it's like a cross between Candyland and Game of Thrones.  

It's going to be much more affordable for me to have printed professionally (so no more printing problems), and to mail, since it will fit neatly in a small, padded usps envelope (so no shipping cost woes).

 I think it's actually going to be more fun than Katalyka because it has such a wider and more easy going theme.  It's designed to be easy enough that kids and drunk adults can play it at parties, and the cards and rules are already done... and it looks spectacular imo.

The Lair of Ec'c
The Lair of Ec'c

Why am I telling you THIS?  Because everyone that backed Katalyka is going to get a free copy of Eternal War of the Candy Realms, for being so patient with my cross country move and the printing problems I was having, and the shipping miscalculation That have made this project crawl along at such a slow speed.

I took on more than I should have.  I wanted to make something really fantastic, and I guess my imagination ran away with it.  So this new game is my attempt to impress you with humor, great art, and efficiency in game design.  Ive attached a few preview images of Eternal War of the Candy Realms, and I hope you accept a free copy of the finished game, as a thanks for sticking with me.

I just want my backers to be happy... I never wanted 3 years of production issues.

Ive been spending all of my free time working very hard on Eternal War of the Candy Realms for most of this year, and I just finished the entire deck design a couple hours ago. 

This game is based on an idea I had when I was a kid, but didn't know how to do until a couple months ago.  I'm going to test it, do the rules sheet art, and then it will be ready for its first printing.

Im hoping that selling copies of Eternal War of the Candy Realms will enable me to afford to finish mailing out all of the copies of Katalyka to you much faster than my budget currently allows.


Seasons Greetings!

Posted by Molly Friedrich (Creator)
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